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A wireless headset without speakers?  Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
3,982 backers pledged $547,125 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Pascal Forget 1 day ago

      If your name is not on the list yet...

      Consolidated List of People Wanting A Sound Band Refund
      *Add Your Name If You Want Your Money Back*
      Please copy-and-paste this list, including the header above, and this preamble, and add your Kickstarter username to the top of the numbered section.
      Over the months, many people in these forums have publicly requested a refund from Hybra Advance Technology Inc / Joe Thiel. These requests have been easy to miss, because there are thousands of comments.
      Also, whenever someone Googles this product, or its originators, this list appears in the search results. A case of "reaping what you sow".
      301. Johan Andersson
      300. Darren Ong
      299. Rey Espinueva
      298. James Oon
      297. Sonya Imas
      296. Andrew Malovrh
      295. Kev Lawson
      294. Ad Herlihy
      293. christhechris
      292. Joshue Martin
      291.LC. W.
      290. Robert W.
      289. Matthew Hunt
      288. Tung Hock Ong
      287. Han Zheguang
      286. Oleg Ilyenchenko
      285. Steffen Beth
      284. Eduard Hildebrandt
      283. Chuck Brewer
      282. Ryan Webster
      281. Alex117
      280. Abdulwahab Al-Refai
      279. Kevin P
      278. James T
      277.Wong Xin Hui George
      276. Andrei Nacu
      275. Bolagnaise
      274. Chris Burch
      273. Nimbral
      272. Mohit Gupta
      271. Tyler Baur
      270. Tobias Lind
      269. Taylor Erickson
      268. Philip Ho
      267. Nick Sakellariou
      266. Niel Heesakkers
      265. Nicholas Ho
      264. Ng Chun Kai
      263. Nicolas HUMBERT
      262. Zsolt Varga
      261. Yann Quélo
      260. Michael Reingruber
      259. Jared Stricklin
      258. WYLin.D
      257. fmotta
      256. Arthur Thomas
      255. Felipe Gordillo Corvalán
      254. Ja-On Hillman
      253. John Mandelker
      252. June Yoon
      251. Manuel Schweiger
      250. Abdullah Al Ahmed
      249. Ryan Hamilton
      248. Sasathorn Phaspinyo
      247. Andrew Yuen
      246. Peter Dahmen
      245. Mark S
      244. Jonghyeon Noh
      243. Ephraim Yu
      242. Jayson Gawthorpe
      241. Matthew Hudson
      240. Haitham AlBader
      239. Tim Hay
      238. JS
      237. Chris W
      236. Richard Sargent
      235. Daniel Wiget
      234. Erik Broman
      233. Hampus Tångring
      232. Dan Prendergast
      231. Joshua Ames
      230. Sebastian Brandt
      229. Nicholas Chan
      228. Filip L'Hommelet
      227. Deleted (by Jaap Vijn)
      226. Manlio Lo Giudice
      225. Frank Feldmann
      224. Matt Ellis
      223. Matt Williams
      222. Loraine Wiley
      221. Frank Wiley
      220. Paul Wee
      219. Ricky Liu
      218. Randy King
      217. Roger Peterson
      216. Dotan Saguy
      215. Ow Yong Hon Shen, Sean
      214. Lee Teck Koon
      213. Ken Salomon
      212. Zafeer Dossa
      211. Steven Zhao
      210. Andy
      209. Amen Duggal
      208. Kin Kei, Fung
      207. Derek Howe
      206. Rick Blaiklock
      205. Kendal Edwards
      204. Alexandre Sadeck Cunha
      203. James Oon
      202. Zack Heins
      201. Stacy Cobb
      200. Antonio Lopez
      199. Kent Spillner
      198. Chad McMillan
      197. Qingbo Jiang
      196. Peter E
      195. Harry
      194. Lisa Granger
      193. Sean
      192. Tom Stewart
      191. Mike Parker
      190. Cindi Parker
      189. Edward Liao
      188. Ronald Phelps
      187. Alexander Geleijns
      186. Matthew Smart
      185. Kevin Driscoll
      184. W. Laging
      183. Amanda O
      182. Kejul Patel
      181. Darryl Wu
      180. Andrew Do
      179. Cameron Pollard
      178. Sebastian Krauß
      177. Amirfarzad Azidhak
      176. Pontianak
      175. Garron Lewis
      174. Lim Hong Yew
      173. Stephen Wong
      172. Joe Dane
      171. Ron Cashman
      170. Ricardo J. Johan
      169. Donald Berg
      168. Stephen Aleksei kac
      167. John Ahn
      166. David Anton Gunawan
      165. Lim Kay Kheng
      164. Jean-Guy Niquet
      163. F Leonardo
      162. Matt Hong
      161. Jong Sung Foh
      160. Neil Lasher
      159. Rand Chua
      158. Steven Bélanger
      157. Daniel B
      156. Jeffry Moore
      155. Billy the Kid
      154. Ashutosh Srivastava
      153. Dave Le
      152. Jeremy Anderson
      151. Bandar Alsaif
      150. Christopher Briggs
      149. TSAI, WEN CHENG
      148. Jariturpeinen
      147. User01
      146. Simon W
      145. Ivan Karpan
      144. Michael Ahmels
      143. Vitor Yukio Yonekura
      142. Robert Grdadolnik
      141. Ganji
      140. Andre Paquin
      139. RobS
      138. Karen Tan
      137. Robertus
      136. Mohammad Firouz
      135. ShihHsuanChen
      134. Yessika Woo
      133. Tad Helke
      132. Síle Griffin
      131. Soo Kuan
      130. Sheldon Wellborn
      129. Biagio Battagliese
      128. CWong85
      127. J.Cristello
      126. William K
      125. L Warble
      124. Ilia Tivin
      123. Minh Nguyen
      122. Overlord Xonrad
      121. Neal Reese
      120. Maurice Schekkerman
      119. Tim Breemersch
      118. Minh Nguyen
      117. Ryan Jones
      116. Rebel Way Studios
      115. Idontexist
      114. Michael Brandt
      113. Josh Williams
      112. mikuri naoya
      111. Glenn Goa
      110. Mohammed Alwosh
      109. Harry F
      108. Harrison F
      107. Mark Kramarzewski
      106. Matthew Basaraba
      105. Tracy Sadler
      104. Bradley Richards
      103. Gareth Davies
      102. Harold Bottoms
      101. 13vrod
      100. Ron Mirasol (note: got credit card charge-back)
      99. Sui Kei Wong
      98. Derek Cory (Pledged for 2)
      97. Stephen Loiaconi
      96. Pao-Lan Ladouceur
      95. Candace Glover
      94. Ric Carter
      93. Benjamin W
      92. Tim Sparrow
      91. Jessay
      90. Dennis van der Pool
      89. Kim Schmidt
      88. Robert Newell (Freakstirer)
      87. Stephen Weatherington
      86. Eddy Sanders
      85. Pam Russek
      84. Josh Foshee
      83. Elana DeLozier
      82. Patric Sun
      81. Mona Swanson-Speed
      80. Matthew B
      79. ZzmadzZ
      78. ikalios
      77. Trogdor
      76. Kevin Ooi
      75. Christopher Nardini
      74. Stephen Nardini
      73. Sam Schlam
      72. Edward Kwan
      71. Luca D'Addezio
      70. Malc Foy
      69. James Tan
      68. Derek Cory
      67. Tellin
      66. Wam50
      65. Brian Olsen
      64. stuart king
      63. Rohan
      62. Sydney Tam
      61. Gabriel Arana
      60. GSMyers
      59. BJ Van Gundy
      58. Jack Edler
      57. Pascal Forget
      56. TJC
      55. Lewis Phillips
      54. Manuel Festas Franco
      53. Michael Doran
      52. Alper Torun
      51. Nicola Yeo
      50. Lee Perring
      49. Christopher F
      48. Felix Heberle
      47. Voinea Razvan Cristian
      46. Vxx Tokyo
      45. Anthony Bolanos
      44. Eduardo Malpeli
      43. Timoteo Guillermo
      42. Gary Bracey
      41. Steve LeVine
      40. Antoine Crouzet
      39. Alper Atik
      38. Chi-Hime
      37. Vikram Deo
      36. raged
      35. Michelle Zamora
      34. Ron Bublitz
      33. Ian Howell
      32. John McAthey
      31. Douglas Rose (from update 48 comments)
      30. Chris Hogan
      29. Carlos G.
      28. Mr. B
      27. Sulaiman J
      26. Virtually Real
      25. Amanda Johnson
      24. Tyson Edwards
      23. Jens Dam
      22. James Collier
      21. Daniel S
      20. Derek Knoble
      19. James Lyons
      18. Alex Warto
      17. Jeanette Davis
      15. Nimoucha
      14. Arry Tanusondjaja
      13. fatoad
      12. Jim Driscoll
      11. Charles Rose
      10. David B.
      09. Leewelo Lorekeeper
      08. Jonatan K
      07. William Ackerman
      06. Kevin K
      05. Paul C
      04. Nathan Vergin
      03. Luke Kane
      02. Dave H
      01. Roy Blumenthal

    2. Creator Heather Cipriano 2 days ago

      I don't know if there will be an inventory of how many people want a refund of their pledge because of their failure to deliver. Add me to that list if there is, I want a full refund. I think we've waited long enough.

    3. Creator royblumenthal on August 22

      "How many Joe Thiels does it take to change a light bulb?"

      "Oh, Roy, you're just too funny!"

      "Oh, you're too kind."

    4. Creator royblumenthal on August 22

      "Hey, Roy... Where did you hear that knock knock joke?"

      "On my Sound Band. Noooooooooooooooooot."

    5. Creator royblumenthal on August 21

      Knock knock.

      Who's there?

      Sound Band.

      Sound Band who?

      Bwahahaha. Got you.

    6. Creator fmotta on August 19

      @Tyson: Maybe the principals of Hybra own a mortgage and IP that an investment firm wants to possess so that they can give them to someone capable.

    7. Creator Tyson Edwards on August 18

      @Neil Lasher, per Joe's earlier comments on why refunds weren't possible, no that money no longer exists because it was spent to buy the parts to make these boards that are only now getting designed and finalized so it's all gone, and there's all new money in the form of investment to ensure the company remains able to fulfill its previous obligations. Why someone would invest in this company, what they'd want in return or why they haven't brought a lawsuit against multiple parties for breaching their fiduciary duties and publicly disclosing said breaches in the running of this fluster cluck is beyond me.

    8. Creator Neil Lasher on August 18

      I just wonder. How much if the $547k is left? After all this time, split up of partners , retooling costs, salaries, overheads. Is there even enough money to buy the parts and raw materials?

      I get it we are still 6 months away from shipping. Between now and then you have to produce 4000 of these. Assemble them. Test them Pack them, Post them.

      As a manufacturer I would guess without automation these will take you 30 mins a pop. (Solder, assemble, charge, test.pack, label, post) Thats 2000 hours or at 40 hours a week, almost a year! OK there are two of you, 6 months. Better start now!!! Oh you not made the parts yet?

    9. Creator Brad R on August 17

      For being such a short update, I swear they used over-mold more times than any other update, including the update where they swore up and down that over-molding was the solution.

    10. Creator Mr. B on August 17

      For being crap, this isn't even useful as fertilizer.
      What a waste.

    11. Creator Jeanette Davis on August 17

      My excitement level is nil! I just want a refund....

    12. Creator Michael Doran on August 17

      Seriously, how hard is it to take a picture of something? We all have movie studios on our phones now. Show us a picture, Hybra!

    13. Creator Zack Alawan on August 17

      Everytime I get an update, I realize that I've already forgotten about this terrible project.

    14. Creator KPK02 on August 17

      I can't claim to consistently read the comments here so I apologize if this has already been posted. I found it an interesting read on this sort of technology. Looks like it's from some research in Japan.

      (Sound transmission by cartilage conduction in ear with fibrotic aural atresia)

    15. Creator Gordon Gekko on August 16

      Hope we are still looking good for December 20th! Looking forward to using this! Love the new light weight looking design, can't wait to see a non rendered version!

    16. Creator Kevin K on August 16

      @John McAthey - That is correct. Honestly, based on the CAD drawings and other info, it isn't the product we backed anymore and I wouldn't want it.

    17. Creator John McAthey on August 15

      @Kevin K - So... basically nothing new ... Told one thing, and getting/showing another thing...

      Maybe 2017 will the the lucky year :P

    18. Creator Kevin K on August 14

      @John McAthey - Big design changes, Hybra's engineer also admitted the design and tech that was marketed to us during the campaign was not functional and took a year to reverse engineer.

      Hybra claims to be getting closer to producing a new version, but nothing more than CAD drawings. No items or refunds thus far.

    19. Creator John McAthey on August 14

      So what has been going on with this project?

      Have people started to get their refunds/items yet?

    20. Creator Mithra on August 12

      @mikuri naoya: It's like the beginning all over again. I paraphrase Tyson Edwards in the update comments they have not settled on what they are going to produce. Maybe next update we get another design change. You cannot buy the parts for the thing you are going to produce if you do not know what that is. Joe Dane quoted their prior timeline of starting the production in mid-August. I do not see how that happens. Maybe revisionist history will work this out.

    21. Creator mikuri naoya on August 10


    22. Creator Scott on August 9

      @ Nathan Vergin

      Really? the newer band in CAD looks better than the one they showed as ver 3.0. they just put a coat of glossy plastic over it. the wire is prone to breaking in 3.0, and overall it isnt adjustable at all. the internal upgrades are MUCH better compared to what the original demo was.

    23. Creator Scott on August 9

      @ Dave H. email me and we can talk about having your SB shipped to me and I can paypal you some money for it.

    24. Creator Haitham Albader on August 8

      Dear Sir

      Please I need refund of $135.00 please see below and please send it to my PayPal U.S.A
      My username for PayPal is :

      Thank you
      Haitham AlBader

      Pledge Summary
      $135.00 USD
      One Sound Band, no t-shirt. (While the "I'm with the Band" t-shirts are awesome, there are some who feel their t-shirt collections are already too big!) Choose from onyx, jasper, or sterling finishes. (one Sound Band - retail value = $189)
      Dec 2013
      Within the US

      thank you

    25. Creator Brad R on August 6

      The list was of people who wanted a refund, nobody on said list ever got refunded nor has anybody else for that matter.

    26. Creator Ron Cashman on August 6

      Yep i would like a refund can't remember if my name is on the list !

    27. Creator royblumenthal on August 4

      Hi Joe...

      Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease refund my Sound Band money. I don't want it anymore. It's not the thing I pledged to support. Please just do the right thing. Please. Please.


    28. Creator Dave H. on August 3

      It is pretty clear that Hybra’s hands are tied. Kickstarter policy stipulates that if a project fails to deliver, then refunds *must* be given to all of the backers. I don’t know where the $547K that was raised went, but it’s clear that Hybra no longer has much if any of that money left. Hybra’s corporate name has taken a beating and is popping up in any online searches with a path that leads right back to this disastrous project. Never more will Hybra be able to attempt to market itself as a venue for inventors or small business people to use to bring their products to market (remember their original website).

      Hybra has to produce something or Joe will be sued and for the rest of his days will be working to refund backer pledges plus the penalties and legal fees. The push has been on to salvage what they can of their reputation and keep the wolves at bay. They absolutely must be able to say, after much work we did actually deliver a product. We may be nearing the end of this project where the backers actually get a sound band. No, not the SB that was initially offered, in the colours offered or even in the form factor it was offered, but a SB nonetheless. It may work well or it may not. It originally sounded like this device could be worn while jogging or cycling. Maybe it can be, maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      On several occasions Hybra has attempted to remove this project out from under Kickstarter. First was the failed user portal that sank when the first band of crooks walked the plank. Most recently, Hybra’s requests for shipping addresses to be sent directly to them via comments from Kickstarter but bypassing the tools that KS makes available to creators for just such a purpose. I am not satisfied with Hybra’s reasoning for doing this and at this point I don’t much care. I do not want a SB any longer. I have wanted a refund since delay day 46 almost two years ago and have requested such on numerous occasions. I no longer want the originally proposed device and I want this itineration of the SB even less. The SB in its current form is not at I signed up for, and some two years later it is pretty clear that the original campaign was a shell game. It’s that simple. Hybra protestations about over exuberant claims and honest mistakes notwithstanding. I will not be providing my updated address by any process that does not make use of the KS tools. Even if at this late date, Hybra does send out a KS survey request, I probably will not respond. It is stupid to pay to ship me something, that I then have to pay to send right back. Wasted money on both ends of this deal.

      The last time I saw the refund list, there were some 301 names on it. In rough figures 300 X $120 = $36,000.00. Money Hybra does not have nor do I expect them to have this type of petty cash anytime soon if 301 people return their devices. Refunds are dependent on Hybra selling SB’s to people other than backers and at this late juncture, with the product they actually have, I think retail sales will be an uphill battle based on what their competitors currently have on offer. So I can see why Hybra is not offering refunds nor do I expect them to be able to offer refunds anytime soon even if the device is returned as Hybra has promised in the past. I believe they are counting on many just tossing the SB in a drawer and forgetting about it, not being bothered to make the trip to the post office to send it back.

      I am not prepared to spend one more dime on this project. I live on an island in the middle of the ocean with no organised postal system. To get the SB from Hybra in the first place I will have to pay courier charges from Miami to me. Then I will have to pay courier charges back to Hybra. This will easily cost me more than $150 in shipping charges not even taking into account the cost of the taxes to import this device onto my island in the first place. The proposed refund procedure will cost me more than my original pledge and just getting the device because it couldn’t be delivered while I still lived in North America will cost me at least $100 more.

      Hey Joe, please pass the hat around Team Hybra and see if you can scrape together enough to refund my pledge or I guess just donate my SB to street urchin in Detroit because I’m not paying to receive it or send it back.

    29. Creator Trogdor on August 3

      I do believe that the offer still stands to refund after returning the item.
      I'll [hopefully] get this thing, try it out and, if not happy, will return.

      Don't care so much for looks as I do for function/durability/usability.

    30. Creator Nathan Vergin on August 3

      I agree, the renders look horrible. It looks very cheap compared to the lies that we were sold on during the campaign. I believe more effort was put into those lies being spun in order to trick potential backers into funding this than was actually put into designing it.

      All things considered, it is not unrealistic to expect that the backers who want out of this to be refunded. We were deceived from the start. If that isn't grounds for refunds then I don't know what is. We were sold on something that was not feasible (according to their new engineer), was obviously not ready for production as we were told and now doesn't have anywhere near the sleekness or polish as what we backed. Just issue refunds to those that want out and be done with it.

    31. Creator vrysen on August 3

      Please issue a refund. I can no longer use this.

    32. Creator Jerry on August 2

      incredible crappy looking final design please just send us a refund.

    33. Creator Jeanette Davis on August 1

      So how underwhelmed are you by the latest update. Sorry, but this is now looking cheap and nasty. Not what I expected from the original (now we know fake) initial promised design.

    34. Creator Scott on August 1

      Anyone interested in selling their soundband when it's released email me now

    35. Creator royblumenthal on August 1

      I'm loving the regular video updates showing all of the intense behind-the-scenes-work going on in the Hybra offices.

      That's one thing you have to admire about Joe... He really knows how to communicate.

    36. Creator Stan Abe on August 1

      My shipping address has changed since the last survey. My new shipping address is
      Stan Abe
      716 N. Avon St.
      Burbank, CA
      Thank you.

    37. Creator fmotta on July 29

      (at least relative to the honesty (two faces of Janus)- not related to forward and backward perspective...)

    38. Creator fmotta on July 29

      @Brad: lol - I think the appropriate mythical entity that would be appropriate for this project creator is Janus not Hydra.

    39. Creator Tyson Edwards on July 29

      Eh, spray paint is expensive! You'll get injection moulded plastic and be appreciative. In the words of one master of industry "I have altered our agreement. Pray that I do not alter it further."

    40. Creator Brad R on July 28

      Gordon sounds like a shill. I haven't heard anything from Hydra... err Hybra in months. You know they want our addresses but they never actually asked us for what color soundband that we wanted, or is that no longer an option?

    41. Creator Sebastian Krauß on July 28

      @ Gordon
      You seriously got confirmation? I asked twice for confirmation of my address via Kickstarter, once via comment right here. Heard nothing. Whether I'll ever get anything remains a mystery.

    42. Creator fmotta on July 28

      Maybe it is time for the creator to sell this "design" to soem capable person that can actually complete this project. Then he can return to used car sales, sign flipping, pan-handling, selling time shares, or whatever he did before. - Oh after REFUNDING OUR MONEY FROM SELLING THE DESIGN

    43. Creator Gordon Gekko on July 27

      I want and need this! Please do not issue me a refund! Also thanks for confirming my address!!!!!!

    44. Creator Jeanette Davis on July 27

      I refuse to confirm my address. I just want a refund. I invested in this at a time when it would have been a better option, that time has now passed. I'm just not into this now. Added the lies and deception this company have pulled and it's never going to be someone I want to do business with. Just stop now and refund....

    45. Creator Peter Eussen on July 26

      I dont want or need this anymore. Please provide me a refund

    46. Creator Paul Christopher on July 25

      @Joe Thiel

      I too would still like my refund. As more and more time passes, it becomes more apparent that we were right about this project from the time it closed until now. That this product was NOT viable and this campaign was based on a lie (not entrepreneurial exuberance). Tyson and Nathan have brought up great points. This product was a lie from the beginning and you holding onto our money that was solicited in such a manner is downright wrong.

    47. Creator Tyson Edwards on July 25

      Oh yeah, somehow I remember saying a year and change back that "perhaps the whole reason for the massive redesign was that the product was 'borrowed' technology that would need to be reimplemented as it could not be built cost effectively." Hmm... So, reverse engineering ones own spec sheets and designs that you have the actual ASICs for, or... ... ... So, Joe, care to comment on that Reverse Engineering phrase you used to describe your engineer's work over the past year?

    48. Creator Kevin K on July 24

      Amen Nathan haha. I don't trust sending Joe my address in a personal message anyways, so he can just process the refunds and be done with it. I'm even saving him shipping costs that way!

    49. Creator Nathan Vergin on July 24

      Joe Thiel in hindsight says that "From a financial and business perspective, I probably wouldn’t have tried to launch a high-tech product through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is good for products that have already been developed or just need an update and have a definable timeline"

      So Sound Band obviously was not adequately developed to a point were it was anywhere close to being feasible to manufacture despite Hybra's claims to the contrary during the campaign. The old "We Nailed It" lie that we all fell for. And you have never had a clear and realistic timeline for production of this because when you have no idea what you're doing it's hard to plan ahead.

      Hell, your new engineer "Bob" as the article states discovered that much of the original Sound Band design wasn’t viable and then had to spend a close to a year trying to get it all figured out and fix the problems in the design. He had to nearly reverse engineer your own product? Wait, what?!

      So once again we see that Hybra deceived prospective backers through grossly exaggerated claims as to the state of the product, its capabilities and its readiness to manufacture in order to lure more people into backing this mess of a project. It was a gamble that they could secure a lump of additional funding and then be able to turn the product around and get it to market in their unrealistic time frame before anyone noticed their deception. They gambled, they failed. We noticed.

      Remind me again why those Backers who have long wanted to get out from under this have not been refunded their money? Oh yeah, they supposedly spent it all... Regardless, I still want a refund and have no interest in ever using Sound Band.

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