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A wireless headset without speakers?  Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
3,982 backers pledged $547,125 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Don Gateley about 11 hours ago

      @Gordon Gekko: I'm the one that had the foresight not to invest (beyond enough to be an objective voice in the technical discussion.)

      It was never because I thought it was a scam or impossible or anything like that although it did look for a while that it was going to fail completely. I just expected it to have characteristics that wouldn't suit my taste. I may still be wrong about that, though, and Kudos to Joe for picking it up and pushing it through a tight spot.

    2. Creator Joe Dane about 12 hours ago

      @ LD - go to the main page if this project, click on the developer's info and choose to send a message.

    3. Creator LD about 17 hours ago

      Hi, don't see how to contact you with updated address. Please advise. Thanks

    4. Creator Chris C about 18 hours ago

      @Gordon Gekko
      I did not have any foresight, I was fortunate enough to experience the Soundband first hand over a year ago.
      It was then and only then that I realised I had not fully understood the personal down side to this technology.

      First hand experience is not usually considered foresight.

    5. Creator Gordon Gekko about 22 hours ago

      Chris, if we could only have your foresight.. and if you only had your foresight you would have never invested...

    6. Creator Chris C 2 days ago

      @Joe Dane
      Thank you for your reply
      I think the Soundband is going to be a very personal like/dislike thing.
      For me the biggest problem was my brains ability to multi task sounds.
      I found that the only way to clearly hear the music was to concentrate on the source, however by doing so my brain shut out the surrounding sounds which kind of defeats the purpose of not covering your ears.
      The only way around not having to concentrate so hard on the source, is of course to make it dominate, but that can only be achieved by increasing the volume and that creates sound leakage.

      That said, everyone has their own idea of the correct volume level, so we are back to personal like/dislike.

      Or if my wife is correct, only women can multitask so for them it will be perfect.
      That said, men are very adapt at ignoring background noise from the above, so possibly it may suit us all :-)

      On a serious note, I wish Joe well, but I have known for a long time that I will never personally use my Soundband.

    7. Creator Richard Fleming 2 days ago

      Sounds as though they'll be fine for my listening to podcasts as I walk and my younger son's gaming (its really difficult to get his attention without tapping him on the shoulder) but no use for use in the car - my wife and elder son get really irritated by sound leakage - or for listening to music.

    8. Creator Joe Dane 3 days ago

      @ Chris C - I've now had a chance to go back and re-read your review comment dated 5/9/14 after your visit with Hybra/SoundBand et al.

      It sounds as though we had a very similar experience, albeit that yours was more from a technical problem-solving aspect and mine was a "where are we now?" view. Both of our reviews read similar regarding the experience with Joe T. and the demonstration.

      Now, to answer your questions as best I can regarding the listening experience...

      If your goal is to listen to music at a volume to rattle your teeth, of course everyone around you is going to hear it. When I was there, Joe put the SoundBand on my niece first. I was approximately 12-15 feet away in a conference room. I know that they demonstrate it at a high volume to perhaps overcome the ambient room noise. From across the room, I heard the hiss of music leaching out.

      Was it clear enough so I could sing along? No, but you could hear the sound leaking out. If I could do it all over again, I would have had a variety of music and a variety of levels and done some informal walk around testing to see just how much/how clear it was.

      Your question about sitting on the train and not annoying someone next to you - good question and I'll have to give an "I'm not sure." To overcome ambient train noise, you're going to have to turn up the volume since you aren't blocking outside sound with buds or cans. The more volume, the more leakage. I anticipate it is going to be like sitting next to someone with iPhone earbuds gong way too loud. The unknown though is whether the final version with padding behind the piezo and the encapsulation will damper any extraneous vibration enough to cut down on the sound leaking from the device (vs that which is going to happen based on the gramophone phenomenon of the pinna). Same thing with a phone conversation. At reasonable volume, I don't think it will be broadcast clearly for all to hear.... assuming it is prevented from emanating from the earpiece itself. I did discuss that aspect with Joe and he did indicate they knew padding would be necessary and was to be implemented in the final version. What I will say though is that the sound was quite clear. I personally wished for more depth and more bass to it (which is interesting since you said you thought the bass was good).

      I did pledge to Joe not to discuss a couple of other aspects of the final design but I believe after our conversation it should help both the fit, sound quality and *some* of the sound leakage.

      So - I do believe your review from last year was fair & accurate. Have there been changes since then that I believe (of course, based on my non-technical background) will help? Yes. The straight piezo vs. the curved I believe will give greater contact, better more consistent sound and can then lead to less volume for the same clarity and less leakage.

      Also, seeing the various configurations of the earpieces, shorter and longer cables, different battery sizes and weights all trying to find that "sweet spot" of comfort and contact, there have been improvements. Again, knowing the dedication and commitment to the project, the final version I believe will be better than what I saw. The beta version I put on lacked the fit and finish and final tooling/materials of what will roll off the production line, but I believe they are making every decision and fix/tweak with an eye towards making what they release to backers the best that it can be.

      If you're in an outdoor environment where you're not concerned about sound leaking, but want the open ear experience (dog walking, biking, etc), then I think things will be fine. Could you do the "discrete gaming" in a coffee shop like the video? If there was enough ambient noise to drown out your SoundBand hiss, then yes. What about Skyping or other video chatting? Because of the natural speech patterns and pauses, I think it would probably be more acceptable than people that insist on holding their phone up and jabbering away when it's not next to their ear.

      But would you be able to listen to Vivaldi while studying in the library and not get kicked out? Not likely. Jut the physics behind how they're producing sound.

      It will probably take a little adjustment to actually use a SoundBand. We're used to earbuds or headphones blocking out the ambient noise for us. Now, you're going to have to train your brain in a way to focus on the sound you want. No different than tuning out a TV in a sports bar when you're having a conversation with someone at your table. But if you wanted background music and were in a place where the leakage wasn't an issue? These'll do just fine.

    9. Creator Joe Dane 3 days ago

      @ Chris C - I remember your review, but not all the details. I've got some major scrolling to do to find it & compare notes. I'll certainly get back to you on that. Too bad it couldn't have been you or I to have listened to both for a true comparison, but I'll do what I can.

    10. Creator royblumenthal 3 days ago

      Hi @Joe Dane...

      Thanks a ton for your review. (And I hope your dad's medical issues are solved and sorted.)

      For me, the most important part of your review is the "reality" side of things.

      My sabre-rattling about fraud has always been around my perception, and a mounting body of circumstantial evidence, that Sound Band was never a real product, and that backers had been duped from day one.

      When @Chris C visited the company, I felt a brief surge of optimism that things were back on track. This optimism dissolved once the old patterns of Hybra-miscommunications resumed.

      Now, with your visit, coupled with better communication from @Joe Thiel, my optimism levels are going up again.

      Regarding the product itself...

      I've never cared too much about the audio fidelity. What attracted me to this product was the idea that I could walk my dogs wearing this, and remain safe. The same goes for cycling. Given what you've written, it seems as if it will work for those activities.

      Regarding the claims Hybra made for Sound Band in the campaign, I have no doubt that they over-promised significantly. Their "nailed it" claims certainly influenced me to back the project. I truly expected an amazing set of dog-walking cans by Christmas that year. There are many backers who truly expected a set of Hi-Fi cans by Christmas that year.

      The old chestnut about this being Kickstarter and not a convenience store certainly applies in terms of time frames and quality of product.

      But communication has been a massive problem in this project. The communication is what turned this thing from a standard, run-of-the-mill, Kickstarter-project-gone-south situation into a bunch of backers calling for fraud investigations.

      It makes a difference that a few non-aligned people have talked to Joe and verified that there is something positive going on in the background.

      At the same time, this is about Joe continuing with transparent communication. People are willing to forgive. But that doesn't just happen. And it certainly doesn't happen if communication dries up again.

      The onus isn't on backers to cut Joe some slack.

      The onus is on Joe to tell the truth, show the truth, and share the process.

    11. Creator Chris C 3 days ago

      @Joe Dane
      Sorry for some of the auto correct issues like "fell" not "feel".
      I really should put on glasses before typing with fat fingers :-)

    12. Creator Chris C 3 days ago

      @Joe Dane
      Thanks for the update.
      Now based on your own experience, what if anything do you fell has change since my visit last year.
      I'm talking only about the Soundband and it's listening experience only.
      The reason I ask is because I've always stated that Soundband was not a personal audio devise because others around you could clearly hear the sound also, however Joe has stated this has improved, was that your experience?
      Could you sit on a train and not annoy the passenger next to you?
      Could you have a telephone conversation without people close to you hearing both sides of the conversation?
      Also the sound around you detracts from your listening experience and was my main concern would you say that's a fair comment.
      So I guess I'm saying, do you think my review last year was fair and accurate or have things improved?

    13. Creator Gordon Gekko 3 days ago

      Thanks for taking the time to write that! You have raised some good points. I for one am not expecting "the best sound ever" if I did I would not have bought a product that left my ears open!

      Looking forward to getting these around my ears and riding my bike with them!!

    14. Creator Joe Dane 4 days ago

      Apologies in advance for the long post. I'll give the TL;DR:

      Joe T is a real guy, the SoundBand is a real product and I fully expect they will produce and ship within the time frames they have now given.

      Now the longer version:

      Due to unfortunate family issue, i was out in Michigan recently and I had a chance to meet with Joe at his company's headquarters in Warren. My brother and his daughter (she’s 18) went with me. I will tell you that you couldn’t find a nicer, more open and hospitable host than Joe. He gave us the tour of the facilities, discussed some of the other aspects of the company and their ongoing projects. He was totally open to having us visit, took time out of his I’m sure busy day and was nothing short of gracious. If times were different with my family, I’d have a beer with the guy any day of the week. He responded to my request to visit almost immediately, gave me his cell number and even rescheduled meetings to work with our schedule with my dad’s medical issues. Great guy.

      They brought out two black plastic trays with previous iterations of the SoundBand to show, along with what is the “almost final” version that has been sent out to the official Kickstarter beta testers, so we had a chance to discuss it and test it out.

      I realize that there is nothing that is going to satisfy the angry backers that want Joe and anyone associated with SoundBand strung up by their thumbs. But I'm a backer, had an opportunity to meet with Joe T. and discuss he project, Kickstarter in general and try out the SoundBand. I wasn't going to pass that up.

      I took a while to let things gel and have had other obligations before posting, but here are my thoughts and some predictions.

      First - I have no doubt that they have been working on the product, continue to work on it and that they are in fact going to fulfill the backers’ pledges. I did put on the most recent version and yep - it plays music just as advertised. The music, while relatively clear, lacks any sort of depth. I guess it’s just the physical limitations of using the ear as a megaphone to then produce and simultaneously capture sound. They said that boosting the bass output is merely a “software tweak”, but for the average consumer that wants to listen to music and have a rich sound experience…. this is going to fall short. The sound quality just isn't like a conventional pair of headphones or earbuds. My brother had the same sort of reaction. He had with him a pair of wireless Beats earphones and aside from the “open ear” aspect of SoundBand, he couldn’t fathom why he could be convinced to buy SoundBand over a more conventional, much better sounding pair of earphones. His simple answer? I like music, but I don’t turn it up so loud that I can’t hear what’s going on around me. Problem solved.

      The trap that was set by even having this as a Kickstarter project to begin with. Joe was clear that he disagreed with raising funds via Kickstarter. Too bad he wasn’t more vocal and emphatic. Angel investors or equity partners may have been a much better way to go. Now, they’ve got thousands of consumers expecting a consumer-ready product that sounds as good as conventional headphones/earbuds, but they won't. The backlash on sound quality alone is going to hurt them.

      Joe is clearly passionate about this (and many of his other ventures with the various companies he’s involved in) and has a big vision of what other uses SoundBand may have where open ear listening may be important…

      The gramophone effect is pretty substantial. The beta unit they demonstrated had the now straight piezoelectric component. It makes decent contact with the back of the ear to produce the sound (and better than a curved one would be since every ear shape and size is different). When the final version is released after beta testing feedback, I believe it will be as good as it can be. However, you just can’t get around the fact that in order to make sound that the user can hear, it has to produce sound that others can hear as well. Part of the final version will include foam/padding/something behind the piezoelectric component that will dampen that part of the sound leakage, as well as the final coating/encapsulation of the earpiece that should also help…. But without hearing a version with those in place, it’s hard to say how much if any that will lessen the gramophone effect. I assume somewhat, but there is always going to be some sound leakage depending on volume.

      My predictions?

      They’ll get the feedback from the beta testers, implement any changes they need to in order to finalize the product and send it out within the most recently announced time frame. When asked what could delay it further, I got the quick “you never know about suppliers” line, but they both uttered the confident line that they would be delivering as indicated in recent updates.

      Then they’ll get some backlash. Those that have been rattling their sabers about fraud will continue to do so. They’ll compare the “we nailed it” claim of sound quality to what they have in their hands. Hybra will take it in the teeth for a while.

      The question is - will they continue along trying to make this a consumer product or fulfill Kickstarter backers and take it in a new direction and under a different brand. I personally think they should start a new company that buys the license/rights/whatever to the SoundBand and reintroduces it for the commercial applications they discussed.

      When Joe put the SoundBand on me and let me listen, I asked him, “Let’s not BS each other - this is never going to sound as good as even a cheap pair of earbuds, right?” He readily agreed - it’s a different way of producing sound and it has its limitations. The follow up questions/conversation is - given that, is this really a consumer product? What marketing or what angle of this product would convince someone, especially the big music consumers in the 16-35 range, that they should pay the same for a SoundBand that they would for a conventional set of bluetooth earphones and get much, much better sound? There definitely is a niche for the SoundBand and I am looking forward to getting mine.

    15. Creator Gordon Gekko 4 days ago


    16. Creator Chris C 7 days ago


      Thank you for the prompt reply.

      That said, I would be keen to see the answers from you team regarding items 5 & 10.
      I would guess, if you are looking at shipping starting the end of August that item 5 is already sorted, but if not please be aware and I'm sure you will be, that customs will not release goods into the EU that don't have the correct accreditation's (CE)

      The EU loves its regulations

    17. Creator royblumenthal on June 24

      This is good communication. Keep it flowing, Joe. Thanks for answering the hard questions.

    18. Creator Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. on June 24

      Dear Backers,
      We are doing everything in our power to begin shipping end of August to Beginning of September 2015.


    19. Creator Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. on June 24

      1) No waves does not have a version for the 4.0 BLE chipset, essentially 8670 only previous versions. They have no plans to develop a suite for this chipset. We have used alternative technology to accomplish the same benefits.
      2). 3.5mm jack is not necessary and is to large to implement in the design. Charge while wearing already is implemented and 3.5mm to micro-usb will be available.
      3) SDK is open and all backers will have access. SDK will not be open after kickstarter launch and will be exclusive to kickstarter backers.
      4) Sound Band will be compatible with Android, Apple, RIM, and Windows operating systems upon release!**
      Will this still be true? YES

    20. Creator Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. on June 24

      We promised Xconomy that we would let them exclusively run the story until the launch and I have to keep that promise. Sarah and engineering did meet last week and she tested the new Beta units. I have a phone interview scheduled and I am sure the story will run shortly after that. As soon as we launch I am sure we will have many Media channels interested in our story. At that time we will open up the entire project to everyone.


    21. Creator Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. on June 24

      1.) 12
      2.) 7 Beta backers have come forward and signed test agreement and 6 were shipped. One backer is local in Detroit and I have asked them to come to our offices to provide the video reaction Roy has requested. If the remaining backers do not come forward we will request the Vegas Trip backers be testers and maybe do some sort of online raffle. We are building 25 more units for media and additional testing. We have had numerous responses and are in regular communication with testers.
      3.) 4 from US (1 military), 1 Canada, 2 Australia
      4.) We have explained that each backer has 30 to 45 days. Then we will need some time to implement minor changes. Then we will swing into 200 batch unit production.
      5.)I will defer to our engineering for this question and will get a response from them.
      6.) Yes SDK will be open and we look forward to improvements.
      7.) As stated in numerous previous posts the whole DMA and face of the earpiece will be covered with a thin membrane and totally sweat proof. The entire band was designed to be sweatproof, including the microphone.
      8.) The highest capacity battery, in the smallest configuration, required tooling and we felt it easier to send out an off the shelf design for now. The final versions will include the newer battery.
      9.) We will request consent from the backers to reveal their results. If they agree we will make the information public. So far the responses have been very detailed and have included pictures and video details. Currently we are very happy with the feedback.
      10.) Again I will defer this to engineering and get back as soon as they formally answer.

      Very Best,

    22. Creator Chris C on June 23

      Would you mind answering the following:

      1. How many Beta Soundbands were made?

      2. How many were shipped to Beta testers?

      3. How many of the testers were in the USA compared to ROTW?

      4. The timeframe they have to respond with comments prior to full manufacture commencing?

      5. Where are you with FCC & the EU CE mark compliance?

      6. Will the SDK still be open source to developers and if so when will it be available?

      7. With the back of the DMA not being over moulded, and the design changes to date, what is the status with water/sweat/moisture resilience of the Soundband?

      8. If longer life batteries are available, why did they not ship in the beta test units or will their inclusion require a design modification to the housing?

      9. Will the Beta testers responses be available to view in an update or will this be withheld under an NDA

      10. As some people can have allergic reactions to silicon compounds, are you able to share the compound being used to over mould the DMA?

      Many Thanks

    23. Creator Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. on June 23

      Dear backers,
      I see there is much activity and good comments here. I am back in the office this week, after my personal family leave last week, and will catch up as soon as I can.

      Very Best,

    24. Creator Richard Fleming on June 22

      @fmotta - but when he does resume communicating a bit - people immediately resume throwing acid - that may be normal (dumbass) human behaviour but it not a good way to encourage Joe to keep communicating.

    25. Creator Kevin K on June 21

      @Russell - Hybra claims to have sent out test samples to the beta backers; however, none of them have ever turned up to show that it actually happened. They have made numerous changes to the design. There is still no release window. That about sums it up.

    26. Creator Russell Sakolsky on June 21

      It's been a while since I've checked in on the kickstarter projects i've pledged to (life got in the way.)

      If somebody doesn't mind, could you give me a quick synopsis of what the current state of the project is?

    27. Creator Benedikt Dressler on June 20

      Folks- even I dislike losing money in any way- but isn´t such a Kickstarter-backing the chance to be part of the project? BUT: Any project can fail! So please help the Hybra-people by being polite and hold in mind that failure can be (I hope not in this case) a part of every Kickstarter project. I agree with fmotta!
      Hang on, Soundband-Team!

    28. Creator Haimon Alves on June 20

      I did not receive anything from you

    29. Creator fmotta on June 20

      @Richard: I think the solution for maintaining few upset posts had past when this project creator started misrepresenting status between his long durations of silence. Doing these things are at least an 80% sure chance of upsetting backers.

    30. Creator Richard Fleming on June 18

      Note - I am not implying all of the comments are attacks - many of the more recent ones are reasonable - its just that some are bad enough to get in the way of reading/replying to the OK ones.

    31. Creator Richard Fleming on June 18

      With the amount of bile spat by certain of the backers in the column it's unlikely that any creator would bother to keep reading long enough to pick out the reasonable questions and answer them. Not saying that there is not reason to be a little pissed off - just that Joe is unlikely to put his head into this column with all the attack dogs jumping up and down to bite it off.

    32. Creator Leewelo Lorekeeper on June 18

      They do have about 3000 addresses in various formats to feed in their database.
      That can be time consuming.

    33. Creator Kazuma on June 18

      And then all of a sudden, silence.......

    34. Creator dqpb on June 16


    35. Creator dqpb on June 16


      Did you in the end utilizing the MAXX bass technology for the lower end frequency's as described in the campaign page?

    36. Creator lee perring on June 16

      Meh I just want a refund still :(. 3 hour charge times for 2 to 3 hours is pretty poor and even with it being an engineering sample I can't see you really improving this significantly, saying 5 hours is desirable doesn't mean you will deliver it based on previous false claims :(
      You should be doing what Panasonic does with their water resistant bone conduction earphones, they use a single AAA battery (you charge it) which gives over 5 hours battery life and can be charged quickly if people buy reasonable chargers, it also supports AptX for higher quality audio which should drain it more but they still manage 5 hours.

      Can't see a 3.5mm jack and the colour options are different to what we were originally offered, just spec after spec keeps changing from the initial idea it's just getting worse :(.

      i recall the claim that was made for a refund if we didn't like the update awhile back or if you missed the deadline and you did miss it, I also didn't like the update. I appreciate it looks like you're trying to recover this project but i still don't like what's happened and it's not like the original idea really so it's hard to see why you won't refund it.

      Claim all you want but this is probably one of the worst kickstarters, it probably sounds pretty crap if it ever arrives. Wish I just waited 2 years and picked up the Panasonic ones for $100 ha

    37. Creator royblumenthal on June 16

      C'mon, Joe... Surprise us. Delight us! Show us a video journal! (Even if you have to film it in your mom's basement, with the cat locked out in the yard.) Will you do it, Joe?

    38. Creator Kazuma on June 16

      150% agreed with Roy. "A video journal sharing the trials and tribulations of the team." would be a very nice idea and starting to point to get some of our trust back.

    39. Creator royblumenthal on June 16

      Hi Joe...

      If I'm not mistaken, Kevin appears to have offered a list of Hybra employees who backed the project, against the KickStarter rules.…

      I have to admit that I'm feeling very confused. I was under the impression that this proof has actually been dealt with in this forum on more than one occasion. This is all information you KNOW we have. Are you looking for other information? Are you fishing to find out what other proof we have of other "backers"?

      Come on Joe. Pull the other leg. How stupid do you think we are?

      Here's the thing though, Joe. YOU'RE the one who has to convince THE BACKERS that there are no fraudulent "backers". YOU'RE the one who claims to be working incessantly on a product. YOU'RE the one claiming you have a list of verified addresses that amounts to 70% of backers.

      Let's get real here, Joe. 70% of backers don't even log into Kickstarter.

      And before you cry, "Prove it, basement dwelling kitty-stroker!" I'll get in first...

      YOU prove it. You've got the info right there in your world class database. Prove it. C'mon, Joe. Prove it.

      And while I'm on the subject of you proving things, where are the videos showing the day-to-day operations of the mighty Hybra team?

      You want people to believe you, then stop exercising your typing fingers, and press record on your phone's video camera. PROVE that Hybra is a going concern. SHOW US.

      The more you talk, the more you apart to lose control of your emotions. The more sarcastic and caustic you appear to become.

      You've been caught out in too many entrepreneurial overstatements for people to simply say, "Ah... Joe's a man of his word."

      C'mon, Joe. Be honest. If YOU were a backer (I don't mean the kind of backer who claims his wife is the actual backer, even though his name is the backer's name -- I mean an ACTUAL backer), wouldn't you think this whole situation smells a bit rotten?

      You're an intelligent man. A man of the world. Don't you think you'd be saying, "Hmmm. Kickstarter surveys. That seems like a tried and tested way to solicit mailing addresses. Hmmmm. A video journal sharing the trials and tribulations of the team. That seems like a great way for a company to prove that it's real. Hmmmmm. Answering questions with openness and transparency... What a great way to get people on one's side."

      Hmm? Not so?

      What's REALLY going on, Joe? Are the Feds a-knockin' at your door? Is this a burst of activity to fool someone into believing that you're completely above board and free from guile?

      Or is Matty's lawyer guiding you? (Tell them you need more guidance. Your responses fall apart without their initial scripting.)

      You've got a nice beta tester's manual written up, Joe. I'll give you that. But what you don't have is a set of photos of your beta tester's testing their beta tester's test units. Why is that, Joe?

    40. Creator Dave H. on June 16


      You> If you are referring to bluetooth and FCC they are complete. The BLE module design and antenna design is already FCC approved.

      Does this mean that the SB has not been submitted for testing by an accredited laboratory and you are relying on the certification of the BLE module as the sole certification for this product?

      If the above is not the case and the SB has an FCCID of its own, would you mind providing it so that we may look it up in the database? I guess while I'm asking, can we have the FCCID for the BLE module as well?

    41. Creator Kazuma on June 16

      Sorry to butt in, but it seems like the lesson that should have been learned from a year ago hasn't reached Joe. Correct me if I am wrong, but if I remembered correctly, I read from an online article (can't remember which website was it), that Joe is "already a changed man, for the good." Reading through the responses of Joe from the comments of the backers seems like familiar. Is this the proper way to response to your "Investors"? Most of the comments from my fellow backers, are sure enough, hurtful, but still.

      Remember Joe, the decisions that you made landed you in this situation.

    42. Creator The Alamo on June 16

      Sorry about to extra post. My phone is going beserk

    43. Creator The Alamo on June 16

      I have a few questions:

      1) Waves MaxxBass®
      Will this technology still be used?

      2). Wired/wireless option + charging while in-use, both via a 3.5-mm jack
      Will this be available?

      3) We're offering an open software development kit (SDK) so anyone can create cool Sound Band apps.
      When will this be available?

      4) Sound Band will be compatible with Android, Apple, RIM, and Windows operating systems upon release!**
      Will this still be true?

    44. Creator The Alamo on June 16

      I have a few questions:
      1) - Sound Band will be compatible with Android, Apple, RIM, and Windows operating systems upon release!** . Will this still be true?

      2) We're offering an open software development kit (SDK) so anyone can create cool Sound Band apps.
      When will this be available?

      3) Wired/wireless option + charging while in-use, both via a 3.5-mm jack
      This was a stretch goal. Will the final unit still include this.


    45. Creator Kevin K on June 16

      @Hybra - The account is in your name Joe, not your wife's so that excuse doesn't work. Besides your wife would not have been commenting on behalf of Hybra from that account. In case you can't remember, that occurred when YOU deleted the Hybra account.

      I am a man of my word and here is some additional proof of your team backing their own project against the Terms and Conditions:

      Marty Stevensen (Director of Operations):
      Mike Dudek (Art Director):
      Tony Marsigilia (VP of Marketing and Sales):

      EVEN $1 backed by you or your team is against the terms and conditions.

    46. Creator The Alamo on June 16

      I also have a couple of other questions that I have been wondering about:
      1) Waves MaxxBass®, will you still be utilizing this?
      2) Wired/wireless option + charging while in-use, both via a 3.5-mm jack was supposed to be included as a stretch goal. Is this still true?
      3) We're offering an open software development kit (SDK) so anyone can create cool Sound Band apps. When will this be available?

    47. Creator Paul Christopher on June 16

      @Joe Thiel

      Provide proof that the soundband has passed all FCC and bluetooth tests.

    48. Creator The Alamo on June 16

      Will you be inviting any other media outlets to view your accomplishments? ie....local TV news/print newspapers?
      I would be VERY curious to hear from a major news outlet that has never sampled the SoundBand before. Sarah's new opinion would be helpful comparatively, but a major new source would be equally valuable.

    49. Creator BJ Van Gundy on June 16

      @Joe Thanks for your not so thoughtful response.

      1) You used what is called a "straw man" in your first post to me. I did not in any way even bring up you or your wife backing the project, but you responded as though I did as somehow answering me. I don't know what to even make of such a silly answer but to call it vapid.

      2) You aren't (and haven't) explained in any detail questions asked. As I pointed out, in my 100+ projects backed, NO ONE has said that they must use an archaic and tedious system for collection addresses rather than the numerous efficient methods available. You haven't actually explained anything.

      3) Or else what Joe? When you say "you better" you must have an "or else what" to follow. I'm curious. Or else what?

      In closing. You are right. It IS my opinion. One formed from almost 2 years of observation of pathetic management, decision making, and communication. That is how opinions are formed.

      As far as solid documentation, I submit 6432 Comments, the Campaign main page and the updates since the beginning as supporting evidence. Do you have any evidence to support that you've run this project well? or honestly? or with good communication (other than since about April 3 2015?)

    50. Creator Chris C on June 16

      In fairness, it was Ryan & Meagan who initially insisted that I signed a very restrictive NDA, I don't know if that was with Joe's knowledge or not, however after their departure Joe was happy for me to visit without an NDA being required.
      So to be clear, Joe is correct he did allow my visit without the requirement of an NDA.

      What happened to the chilled out, learnt not to take it all personally guy the last press article talked about? :-)))

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