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A wireless headset without speakers?  Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
A wireless headset without speakers? Discover how Sound Band can open your ears...
3,982 backers pledged $547,125 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator fmotta 2 days ago

      (at least relative to the honesty (two faces of Janus)- not related to forward and backward perspective...)

    2. Creator fmotta 2 days ago

      @Brad: lol - I think the appropriate mythical entity that would be appropriate for this project creator is Janus not Hydra.

    3. Creator Tyson Edwards 2 days ago

      Eh, spray paint is expensive! You'll get injection moulded plastic and be appreciative. In the words of one master of industry "I have altered our agreement. Pray that I do not alter it further."

    4. Creator Brad R 3 days ago

      Gordon sounds like a shill. I haven't heard anything from Hydra... err Hybra in months. You know they want our addresses but they never actually asked us for what color soundband that we wanted, or is that no longer an option?

    5. Creator Sebastian Krauß 3 days ago

      @ Gordon
      You seriously got confirmation? I asked twice for confirmation of my address via Kickstarter, once via comment right here. Heard nothing. Whether I'll ever get anything remains a mystery.

    6. Creator fmotta 3 days ago

      Maybe it is time for the creator to sell this "design" to soem capable person that can actually complete this project. Then he can return to used car sales, sign flipping, pan-handling, selling time shares, or whatever he did before. - Oh after REFUNDING OUR MONEY FROM SELLING THE DESIGN

    7. Creator Gordon Gekko 4 days ago

      I want and need this! Please do not issue me a refund! Also thanks for confirming my address!!!!!!

    8. Creator Jeanette Davis 4 days ago

      I refuse to confirm my address. I just want a refund. I invested in this at a time when it would have been a better option, that time has now passed. I'm just not into this now. Added the lies and deception this company have pulled and it's never going to be someone I want to do business with. Just stop now and refund....

    9. Creator Peter Eussen 5 days ago

      I dont want or need this anymore. Please provide me a refund

    10. Creator Paul Christopher 6 days ago

      @Joe Thiel

      I too would still like my refund. As more and more time passes, it becomes more apparent that we were right about this project from the time it closed until now. That this product was NOT viable and this campaign was based on a lie (not entrepreneurial exuberance). Tyson and Nathan have brought up great points. This product was a lie from the beginning and you holding onto our money that was solicited in such a manner is downright wrong.

    11. Creator Tyson Edwards 6 days ago

      Oh yeah, somehow I remember saying a year and change back that "perhaps the whole reason for the massive redesign was that the product was 'borrowed' technology that would need to be reimplemented as it could not be built cost effectively." Hmm... So, reverse engineering ones own spec sheets and designs that you have the actual ASICs for, or... ... ... So, Joe, care to comment on that Reverse Engineering phrase you used to describe your engineer's work over the past year?

    12. Creator Kevin K 7 days ago

      Amen Nathan haha. I don't trust sending Joe my address in a personal message anyways, so he can just process the refunds and be done with it. I'm even saving him shipping costs that way!

    13. Creator Nathan Vergin 7 days ago

      Joe Thiel in hindsight says that "From a financial and business perspective, I probably wouldn’t have tried to launch a high-tech product through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is good for products that have already been developed or just need an update and have a definable timeline"

      So Sound Band obviously was not adequately developed to a point were it was anywhere close to being feasible to manufacture despite Hybra's claims to the contrary during the campaign. The old "We Nailed It" lie that we all fell for. And you have never had a clear and realistic timeline for production of this because when you have no idea what you're doing it's hard to plan ahead.

      Hell, your new engineer "Bob" as the article states discovered that much of the original Sound Band design wasn’t viable and then had to spend a close to a year trying to get it all figured out and fix the problems in the design. He had to nearly reverse engineer your own product? Wait, what?!

      So once again we see that Hybra deceived prospective backers through grossly exaggerated claims as to the state of the product, its capabilities and its readiness to manufacture in order to lure more people into backing this mess of a project. It was a gamble that they could secure a lump of additional funding and then be able to turn the product around and get it to market in their unrealistic time frame before anyone noticed their deception. They gambled, they failed. We noticed.

      Remind me again why those Backers who have long wanted to get out from under this have not been refunded their money? Oh yeah, they supposedly spent it all... Regardless, I still want a refund and have no interest in ever using Sound Band.

    14. Creator Mithra on July 20

      Joe Dane reiterated the proposed production schedule that would mean an estimated 50 per day excluding weekends given the entire period. They have to settle on a final version. While there have been statements regarding changes it is hard to measure how that impacts production. Mainly because they've only manually produced a limited quantity of a slightly different version. I assume they want to avoid assembly by hand. Even with what has been shown there are still human steps in the process. That guessing game ignores all the other steps that may or may not have even occurred yet. After we are midway into it there likely will be some communication about adjusting the timeline.

    15. Creator Bryan Kim on July 20

      Hey Hybra team and Joe,

      I have been pretty patient these past 2 years as has a lot of people. I still haven't received a response re: address change. How can I get this done?

      Looking forward to receiving mine.


    16. Creator The Alamo on July 19

      This statement alone protects anyone who has screamed fraud:

      "That engineer, who has asked that we refer to him as “Bob” because he fears harassment from disgruntled backers if his real name is made public, discovered that much of the original Sound Band design wasn’t viable. Bob spent close to a year nearly reverse-engineering the project to fix what wasn’t working. Now, almost two years after the Kickstarter project closed, the Sound Band seems truly ready for prime time."

      Thus, the original Kickstarter was in fact FRAUD.
      What is that old saying; Fake it till you make it.

    17. Creator Gordon Gekko on July 19

      super deep Pascal

    18. Creator Paul Christopher on July 18

      Oh believe me I don't expect anything. It was just things that should be given to us through the updates. I have literally no hope that they'll go through the proper channels to get the things out to us.

    19. Creator Pascal Forget on July 18

      @Gordon Gekko I understand that for you, trolling the comments is a better use of your precious time. That tells a lot about your character.

    20. Creator Gordon Gekko on July 18

      The time some of you have put into being unhappy is just simply baffling...

    21. Creator Joe Dane on July 18

      @ Paul Christopher - from the February 3rd update, the timeline for shipment was:

      "Step 3: Begin production Ramp-up of PCBA and housing components. Runs will be in batches of 100 to ensure proper QC, test and pack. Estimated start date mid-late August and Completion date December 20th."

      Although an update now that the beta testing period has ended would be nice... What was the feedback? Any tweaks need to be done? Anything unanticipated? Are you still on pace for the next phases of production?

      Talk to us, Joe.

    22. Creator Tyson Edwards on July 18

      Paul, you honestly expect they are planning on submitting something for certifications, let alone testing by anyone? That's so cute!!!

    23. Creator Paul Christopher on July 18

      You know what I find to be almost comical (sarcasm) at this point? That we once again got a 'non-update' a month after the previous "update". No update on progress or anything. Just a link to an article that was already shared with is from a fellow backer. All I see is more stall tactics too. Joe did commit (If I recall correctly) through one of his comments to an august or September 2015 shipment date. If memory serves me well (and it usually does) then there should be some significant updates such and beta results, certifications for US and foreign markets, and a solidified manufacturing/shipment plan.

    24. Creator Jerry on July 17

      Just more stalling and stories.

    25. Creator royblumenthal on July 17


      Joe isn't the best poker player in the world. And I think when the media people are around, he probably just loves a good chat. So he probably said a few things he didn't mean to say.


      He has a super-powerful billionaire buddy -- Matty "The Mogul" Maroun -- who might think a couple of lawsuits would be a good investment to keep his reputation intact. These good folk might very well file a few lawsuits.

      In this kind of situation, it's unlikely they'll see the inside of a court. These types of litigators try to use intimidation and huge legal bills as their tool to get settlements out of their victims.

      If they want to waste their money, that's their business. Good luck to them. Unfortunately, if even ONE US-based person takes the trouble to go to their friendly local police station and open a case of fraud against Hybra, everything falls apart in the bluster department.

      Joe is probably counting on shipping his product, and using that as a way of squashing any fraud thoughts.

      He's probably hoping we'll all be thrilled with the device, and that we'll drop all thoughts of holding him and his company to account.

      I think Joe just can't help himself when it comes to the press. And I think he genuinely believes he has a shot at winning some lawsuits.

      His best course of action would be to do the following:

      1. Communicate with backers pleasantly, sincerely, and OFTEN.

      2. Drop the braggadocio. If he pisses off the wrong American backer, he could face a world of pain. He is by no means out of the woods. Regardless of whether or not he delivers, the claims made in the KickStarter campaign were incorrect. He should be focusing on making his backers HAPPY. He should not be starting a dick-waving war.

      3. He should share weekly video updates showing progress.

      4. He should make sure that the Sound Band is unbelievably awesome.

      5. He should refund backers who don't want the product. The refund should come BEFORE he ships. He should absolutely NOT gamble on people loving the product. See point 2 above. The easiest way to get rid of negative people is to give them what they're asking for.

      6. He should use the KickStarter address survey to solicit shipping addresses from backers. Anything else risks pissing off backers. See point 2 above. His current insistence on using the private messaging system is pure trouble. For him. Not for us.

      Come on, Joe. You're a crap poker player. So stop playing poker. How about just playing it straight?

    26. Creator Tyson Edwards on July 17

      Good point, Roy! A filing fee in a jurisdiction would be at least as much as you've paid them to "make" said "product"... And if they don't have money to refund people as it would prevent them from actually "producing" "product" to "ship" to "people" "this" "fall", than they obviously don't have the funds to bring a lawsuit, even a self represented, small claims defamation of character lawsuit against anyone! Just saying... Because if said lawsuits did start rolling, than it would be extremely obvious that funds did exist to issue refunds to customers...

    27. Creator royblumenthal on July 17

      David B...

      They can threaten as much as they want. Let them start suing.

    28. Creator David B. on July 16

      I did read it carefully, aghast. You are making plans to sue people who got rightfully upset that they were lied to. Bewildering is an understatement. Can you imagine if Blizzard sued people for mouthing off on their forums? If Microsoft did it? IBM?
      Nope. But that doesn't matter. I just want a guarantee that when I return the Soundband, unopened, I will get my money back. The less I have to do with Hybra, the better. What an absolute fool I was to back this project. What a fool.

    29. Creator Tyson Edwards on July 15

      The "if all goes according to plan" is just another round of cya for when things don't go "according to plan" and "well, we gave it a good shot, and we failed... Sorry, it sucks, but in our beta testing we found issues that we would be unable to recover from, so 2 weeks ago we filed for bankruptcy. Have a super Christmas everybody!"

    30. Creator Tiago Pereir on July 15

      I am so scared of the "...if all goes according to plan"...

    31. Creator Nutt Prasertmake on July 15

      Hello, I didn't get in touch with the project for a long time and i'm low tech man...
      I think I need to confirm my shipping address. But I couldn't find where to do.

    32. Creator Ad Herlihy on July 14

      If these ever do actually ship they better blow my goddamn face off with how epic they are after all this.

    33. Creator Joe Cudahy on July 14

      @HYBRA Joe stay focused and prove all the naysayers wrong!! #soundbandstrong

    34. Creator Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. on July 14

      Please read it carefully. The reporter says I alluded to legal action. Well I can assure you I did not. I simply stated what is written in the article. We’ve been a little more forward in saying, ‘Don’t come on here saying stuff if you don’t have proof.’ We’ve been kind of stern about it,” he said. “We’re going to have to defend [negative comments] at some point. It’s not fun, and I’m not looking forward to it, but we have to do it.” Never did I allude to anything other than my comment.

    35. Creator David B. on July 14

      Jesus. Every time I think that the customer service of this company cannot get worse, I am proven wrong.

      Even the concept of suing someone for their comments here shows an abject lack of customer focus. Even if I had considered using my Soundband, I would not not now. It will be returned, unopened. I no longer wish to do business with a company that holds its customers in such contempt.

    36. Creator Jens Dam on July 14

      I have yet to see PROOF of an alleged collage even existing.
      I am also dying to see the PROOF of people living with cats in their mom's basement.
      Come on Joe
      ‘Don’t come on here saying stuff if you don’t have proof.’

      Have a nice week. Hybra and Joe too.

    37. Creator royblumenthal on July 14

      It is not up to backers to provide proof of anything. It is up to Joe to provide proof that what he claims is in fact so.

      Threatening to sue backers is one thing. Suing them is an entirely different thing. Winning against them is something else entirely.

      It would be better for Joe if he could keep his temper under control, and just send out Kickstarter address surveys when he's ready to ship.

      And he should provide refunds to those who ask for them. If he can't afford refunds, good chance he can't afford multiple lawsuits.

    38. Creator Pascal Forget on July 12

      @Hybra WHAT???
      "Asked how his relationship with angry Kickstarter backers has improved, Thiel alluded to possible legal action in the future. “We’ve been a little more forward in saying, ‘Don’t come on here saying stuff if you don’t have proof.’ We’ve been kind of stern about it,” he said. “We’re going to have to defend [negative comments] at some point. It’s not fun, and I’m not looking forward to it, but we have to do it.”

      YOU are considering suing your backers?

    39. Creator Pascal Forget on July 12

      @Joe Dane @Hybra : How come it seems so hard to write a proper update instead of having your backers magically discover an article about the Sound Band?

      According to the article, "Sound Band units will be sent to all the remaining Kickstarter backers—by the end of the year, Thiel said, if all goes according to plan."...

      ... That would make the Sound Band only 2 years late. IF everything is going according to your "plan"...

    40. Creator Chris C on July 11

      Did not think of stadium use, now that would be a perfect application for Soundband, hats off to you for that one.

      That said, imagine a Soundband 2, more affordable but with a DAB radio built in to the fob, stadium users would jump for that.
      Or even a one ear hook version with an AM/FM radio built into the area behind the Piezo, they would love that at Golf tournaments.

      I have a use for my Soundband after all.

    41. Creator Pascal Forget on July 9

      @Hybra: Is it that hard to take a few pictures of the SoundBand and put them in an update, for the benefit of your backers? Or is it because the SoundBand still only exist in your imagination? "The final version of the SB earpiece is solid and filled with a material to reduce sound transfer and the piezo supports also use this material to reduce sound transfer to the housing. Additionally, the piezo cavity is not open in the final version. The piezo and face of the earpiece are covered with a very soft rubber membrane that reduces the echo/projection affect of the piezo."

    42. Creator Chris Corke on July 8

      I haven't moved, do I need to updater my address? BTW, your website is down.

    43. Creator Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. on July 7

      Thank You for your nice comment. We have many solutions for most of the issues discussed in this forum. Just to comment on one. Sound leakage is cause mainly by the original hollow housing and the cavity/pocket the piezo rests in. The final version of the SB earpiece is solid and filled with a material to reduce sound transfer and the piezo supports also use this material to reduce sound transfer to the housing. Additionally, the piezo cavity is not open in the final version. The piezo and face of the earpiece are covered with a very soft rubber membrane that reduces the echo/projection affect of the piezo. Furthermore, we have a new design we are testing to eliminate the sound projection completely, improve contact to the ear surfaces, reduce or eliminate ambient sound, and increase volume. Becasue of time constraints, This simple SB accesory will not be included with this version of the unit, but you can be assured, if it works as we think it will, all KS backers will get one to try out.

      Very Best,

    44. Creator Don Gateley on July 1

      @Gordon Gekko: I'm the one that had the foresight not to invest (beyond enough to be an objective voice in the technical discussion.)

      It was never because I thought it was a scam or impossible or anything like that although it did look for a while that it was going to fail completely. I just expected it to have characteristics that wouldn't suit my taste. I may still be wrong about that, though, and Kudos to Joe for picking it up and pushing it through a tight spot.

    45. Creator Joe Dane on July 1

      @ LD - go to the main page if this project, click on the developer's info and choose to send a message.

    46. Creator LD on July 1

      Hi, don't see how to contact you with updated address. Please advise. Thanks

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