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This Kickstarter will fund the 2013 launch of our role-playing and tabletop game. Join in and help us hit the (barren) ground running.
126 backers pledged $15,478 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Less Than Two Days Left! (Blog Roll)


We are very excited to be entering this final phase of the KS (and to get started on a few things once it is over ha ha), and a little of our enthusiasm has boiled over into the internet-

Matt at Gamer Goggles asked us a few questions at Gen Con- (Video)

Our friend Nick write a rather extensive write up about our demo game at 2nd City Warzone

Travis had a few questions that needed answering about our RPG system at RPGeek

Samson has some WIP paint job shots of some Stitchies

Jawaballs even gave us some love at his Warhammer 40k blog!

And the enormous help from the guys at Spruehammer.

I know I am missing a few links, but I wanted to thank everyone who gave us some free press this month, because we sorely needed it. A big thank you to news outlets like Tabletop FixBeasts of War, Tabletop Gaming News, and Roleplayers Chronicle for rolling out our news blasts when we sent them in. 

Hopefully we can round $12.5k before this Kickstarter finishes up, because I want every pledge to get some bonus Reclaimers! I think there is quite a few interesting heavy conversions you can do with that faction...


$10,000 Stretch Goal Hit! Bonus Drifters!

Hello all,

After furiously refreshing over the last few hours we are happy to annouce that we have hit the Bonus Drifter Stretch Goal! EVERY box set and hardcover rule book pledged for will now get a bonus Drifter, so we need to get to work on some cool sculpts for those bonus minis. Thanks again to all of your continued support, we are working hard to not let any of you down! 

The stretch goals keep coming, so it would be great to announce that we are handing out bonus Reclaimers in the near future. These last few weeks are going to be a blast!

Attached is a WIP shot of some Drifters by Sylvain Quirion, which some of you may have seen earlier incarnations of. Let us know if there is a specific conversion you would like to see down the line.


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The Last Stretch!

Hello everyone,

We are in our last week of what has been quite a learning experience, but above all, has been a lot of fun! We appreciate everyone who even entertained the idea of funding our project, and especially the backers who are willing to grow with us on our journey. While we may not be able to hand out as many freebies as established companies (who we completely respect and helped pave the way for small fries like us), but you are helping fund our dreams. This is what Kickstarter is all about, creating something from nothing, and we owe you all our thanks. Thank you. We mean it!

We are really rolling here, and it is all because of you. I hope that someday we can meet at a convention and I can thank you in person. Let's make this final week of our Kickstarter a great time!


Here is one of the greens we received this week, the Drifter Beast Handler by Dario Biancheri, which we hope you enjoy and are very proud of:

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Rules info!

Hello all,

We had a few people ask for specifics about rules, and while we aren't ready to show every single scrap of rules there is quite a bit out in the open: 

The quick start rules from our forum-

We also have quite a bit of rules discussion at or YouTube page, with more being added soon:

Hope that is enough to get you started!


The Uprisen Has a Cover Image!

Hello all! 

Check out the cover illustration for the Uprisen, drawn up by the very talented Jordan Grimmer (@jordan_grimmer if you are looking for a killer artist). The Uprisen itself is in the last phases of editing and will be laid out right after this Kickstarter campaign completes. We are very excited for this one :)

Thanks again for the support everyone!


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