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This Kickstarter will fund the 2013 launch of our role-playing and tabletop game. Join in and help us hit the (barren) ground running.
126 backers pledged $15,478 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Wreck Age Update

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

Hello pledges,

We here at Hyacinth hope you had a nice holiday season and your 2013 is off to a great start!

We prefer to release updates with substance, so our apologies for going dark on here these last few weeks. We have been extremely busy on all fronts, but have had little to show up until now.

If you would like to check on our pulse you can always follow the little morsels of info at:, or That being said, we hope this update is worth the wait, as it has some substance to it!

The Stakers box set is currently being finished up at the caster and will be shipping to us next week. This marks the completion of our first box set, and we are aiming to release another box set a month for the next three months, with Drifters being next on the docket, Stitchers after that, and Reclaimers finishing up our initial offerings in late April or early May.

We will be printing limited screen printed boxes for Kickstarter pledges in the upcoming weeks. If you have pledged for one box set and are interested in Stakers, or all 4 box sets, we will be sending out surveys as soon as that initial box set is ready.

If you ordered all 4 box sets, we will be shipping them to you as they are completed.

The book is coming along at a steady pace, and a number of chapters are now being edited.

The basic outline of the book looks something like this:

What is a Wreck Age, and a RPG and table top skirmish game? (in editing)
8 pages

2 pages

3: How Year Zero came to be (in editing)
A: Current Day
B: The Big Push
C: Exodus
D: Collapse/Darkness
16 pages

4: The Resurgence (in editing)
4 pages

5: The People Left Behind (Alphabetical) (all major factions in editing)
A: Hy Plains Drifters
B: Reclaimers
C: Stakers
D: Stitchmen
E: Church of Fun
F: The Arhk
G: The Vale
H: Unicephalon
I: Other Factions
70 pages

6: Building A Community
A: Rebuilding after collapse
B: Example (and floating) communities
C: Combat vs Compromise
4 pages

Community and Character Creation 8 pages (revisions)
A: Stats and Skills 12 pages (in editing)
B: Unique and example characters 6 pages
C: Assets (mercenaries) (for table top) 2 pages

Community and Character Advancement (revisions)
16 pages

Flora and Fauna (in editing)
24 Pages

Game Mechanics (in playtesting/editing)
60 pages

7: Technology/Scavenging
A: Goods necessary for community survival or growth
B: Weaponry of Year Zero
8 pages

Gear (in editing)
A: Weapons (by type)
B: Survival Gear
C: Misc
12 pages

Hobby Section
16 Pages

Game Information
A: Disasters for a community (both natural and otherwise) 4 pages
B: GM Tools (For RPG) 10 pages
C: Misc 8 pages

The Spider’s Lair (revisions/playtesting)
30 pages

A: Combat mechanics 3 pages
B: Skill Tests 2 pages
C: Character and Community Sheets 2 pages

Closing Comments
A: References and inspiration
B: Creative commons
C: Web info/products sheet
6 pages

Here is a short sample from the Stakers section of the book. We will have this laid out and be able to show everyone this entire chapter in the next week. This specific section addresses how the Stakers avoid becoming a bunch of inbred monsters;
'Now that surplus is an actual possibility with the Resurgence in full
swing, populations have been growing at an unprecedented rate.
Children no longer starve at the levels that they did during the Dark
Times, and with survival and surplus comes a higher birth rate. This
has led to the practice of younger children being traded between
communities in order to add some variety to a communities’ gene pool.
Stakers forsake their xenophobia with these new additions, and treat
them as equals in their community, as long as they adhere to the
culture and mores of their new home. Often, families trade an equal
number of males and females with each other, unless there is a
disparity of a gender in one of the communities. The sexes are prized
equally, the generally monogamous nature of the Stakers minimizing the
breeding impact of either sex. '

Speaking of monsters, our RPG group has been play testing the Spider, the introductory RPG adventure for our rulebook. This intro module is intended to show players a small slice of Year Zero. Here's a short excerpt from their briefing:
'The affliction that plagues us is so ancient that we only see mention
of it in the histories, but we have cross referenced the material and
believe it to be a strain of 'small pox'. The name itself gives little
insight to the terrible damage that the organism creates in a human
host. Productivity and morale have suffered greatly since its
introduction to the Data Haven, as you well know.'

'Our research has also uncovered a medical facility lost to time that
may have answers to the erasure of this malady. The Center for Disease
Control was once home to the most powerful weapons to counterattack
plague on this continent, but it is located in the great lost city of
Atlanta, of which little is known to us. We have sent a number of
surveyor teams to Atlanta over the past decade, some were lost, others
found nothing but the picked clean bones of a gone era. We now send
you to discover the location of the Center for Disease control and to
return with a full appraisal and, if it exists, any technology or
knowledge that can be used to fight this small pox. We acknowledge
that the probability of your success is low, and knowing that have
dispatched other parties to investigate other means of eradicating the
disease, but the rewards may outweigh the risks in your mission.'

Furthermore, quickstart rules are in progress, and should be posted on our website in the next week. This will give you the bare-bones basics for a shoot-out or other basic combat scenario.

Playtesting has been going full-force, with scenarios and RPG modules being tested on a regular weekly basis.

In April, we will be hosting a large multi-player event at Adepticon 2013 (, called: The Battle For Tenpike. It will be our first foray into large scale skirmish battles (with more than three players) and we're looking forward to it. We hope to see some of you there!

Miniatures Update

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

We are on schedule with 3 of them, but the Reclaimers are currently missing somewhere between our sculptor in France and customs in the US.

The sculptor (Gautier Giroud) has been extremely on top of things, but right now, we're just playing the waiting game. At this point, we're still being told by the French postal system that the package is being returned, but it was originally shipped about 4 months ago, so obviously, we are nervous about it.

We sincerely hope to have these in our hands soon, but right now, it's all up to the post office/s.

We currently have 6 of the 7 models mastered, with the last one being mastered this week. Once these are done, we'll be ready for the production molds, which is the second step in the casting process. We will be posting pictures of the contents of this one very soon.

We currently have 7 of the 9 minis mastered, with one more being mastered this week, and the final one still needing to be sculpted.

We have 2 greens in the works, which should be done this week or next. We are converting a few of the already released minis, due to being a bit unhappy with a couple of aspects, which will bring the total to 5, and finally, the BPU, which is being digitally worked on by our very talented and hard-working KingKostas.
From there, we will be digitally printing it, and potentially adding a few conventional details to it as well.

In other news:

Security Forces:
These are still being sculpted, we have had some changes that needed to be done, but we hope to have these finished by the end of the month at the latest, and shipping to us from Italy.

This blister of two Vagrants is mastered and on it's way to us.

These are mastered and in hand.

We also have a surprise, that we've been tight lipped about; we have two vendor carts, which were shown many many months ago... They are finally mastered, and will be put into production as soon as they are painted up.

All of these (Vendor cart, Caravaneers and Vagrants) will be getting these painted up by the gifted Sam Lenz, and will be put on sale by the end of the year.

We also have the first of the ArHK troopers sculpted, but we're waiting to show that until the Spring, when the rest of the box set will be ready.

We have concept art in the can for Unicephalon, the ArHK, and are starting on the Vale and the Church of Fun with Kostas as soon as we have the book a little closer to completion (another post on that coming in another few days).

This will be updated here if you want to follow our progress:

A quick update

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

We've been working very hard behind the scenes, without much of an update for a few weeks.

Playtesting is in full swing, and tabletop and RPG scenarios will be going out to those who have already signed up via email either tonight or tomorrow. We're looking forward to your feedback on everything.

Matt is putting the finishing touched on his project The Uprisen. It's a stand-alone sandbox adventure that will be sent out via PDF to anyone who pledged for it in the few weeks, and will be available for purchase on DriveThruRPG shortly after that.

In model news; we have had a ton of masters and greens flowing into our hands.

First, the bad news; Our package from France that included the Reclaimers has been returned. It's currently in postal limbo, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for it's safe return to the land of wine and cheese. From there, assuming it makes it back in one piece, we'll be getting it shipped with a freight carrier, rather than the postal service, and we hope to have them in our hands in the next month or so.

We just got the masters for the Caravaneers, the 2 versions of the vendor cart (which we weren't able to include in this kickstarter), and some digital weapons casts.

Attached, you'll find a picture of some metal masters of the digital prints. They're being sent to our sculptors tomorrow to integrate into some of the models, like the Stitchmen, the Stakers, and the Security Forces blister.

From top to bottom we have:

Narco Gun

Web Caster

Staker launcher/shotgun

and then 3 Staker rifles.

We also have another Stitcher rifle done, and an ARhK assault rifle. More on those in the future.

As always, join the discussion at:

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November, public playtesting

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Progress Report 10/8/12

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

Hello all,

It has been a busy few weeks post Kickstarter here at Hyacinth, And I am sure you would like to know how much progress there has been! 

Sculpting has had the most momentum- with four new models at the caster, six just arrived in the mail, and four more in customs limbo waiting to be released into our greedy mitts. We hopefully will have some new WIP greens to show off in the next update, alongside some pretty painted figures of the stuff we are getting back. 

Writing and illustration for the book are in full swing, which I honestly wish I could show off more. But there wouldn't be much magic in cracking open the book then, would there? Let's just say if you like our fluff and art so far, I think you will love what you see in the finished product. 

The Uprisen is being edited and laid out in the next few weeks, with a hopeful release in the first week of November. I am particularly excited to get this out, it being my baby and all. For many of you the Uprisen will be the first time you see the current incarnation of our rules, albeit a bit simplified than what will be in the main rule book, which is very exciting for us. 

Midwesterners heading to Rock Con should come by for a demo on Friday or Saturday, as we will be there rolling some dice and exploding some boars. I am about 0-50 for demos, so if you are in a winning mood look for the chubby funster rolling snake eyes over and over. This will probably be our last convention for 2012 as we work on the box sets and rule book, not that there is much left of the year!

Well, I hope to have a meatier (with images) update for you soon, but I didn't want you guys to think we had abandoned you and run off with your pledge money. The Bahamas are nice this time of year too. 


PS: Our good friends at On the Lamb Games (who we hope are our demo table neighbors at Adepticon again this year) have a Kickstarter going. It is very JRPG oriented, if that is your thing!