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This Kickstarter will fund the 2013 launch of our role-playing and tabletop game. Join in and help us hit the (barren) ground running.
126 backers pledged $15,478 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Kickstarter Update 7/25/13

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

Time for another Kickstarter update!

Nick here again and the most important thing to announce is that the Drifter box sets are finally shipping tomorrow after a short delay. I know today is 10 days after the recently announced release date, but they are mostly packaged up and ready to go to the post office tomorrow.

With that said, we’re getting everything organized so that we can release our third Faction box set on August 15th, and hopefully work out the kinks to prevent another 10 day shipping delay. You all should know which faction is next, but I put together this short teaser anyway.

Last week I was editing the Basic Rules and this has continued into this week. Naomi has moved onto working on editing the Staker and Caravaneer sections of the book. Here’s an excerpt from the Caravaneers, one of the Minor Factions:

Barter and trade are thriving again during the Resurgence. One of the integral parts of this cross-country trade is the Caravans that wander the rugged patchwork of trails and crumbling highways that still exist. They travel from isolated outposts into towns and cities to exchange goods and services, or to entertain and disseminate news. While Caravaneers are often seen as opportunists, each Caravan sets their own limits as to what they will use for barter. While many Caravaneers will maintain some semblance of morality, some will gladly traffic in narcotics or slaves if it suits them. In times of desperation even the most honorable merchant may see the boundaries of these morals tested, and an unscrupulous merchant may stoop to great depths of callousness to ensure their continued survival. Everything has a value to someone, and even though an item may have little worth in one area, Caravaneers are willing to transport them across great distance to an interested community where the item is needed. These roving bands of merchants and mercenaries see this accrued wealth as the key to living beyond basic subsistence.

Anton released the Drifter Stat Cards, and is doing re-writes to the Rules Introduction and Narrator Chapter. Here’s a link to those Drifter Stat Cards:

For the next couple of weeks we’ll be furiously preparing for GenCon so expect that to figure heavily into our update next week!

As always, thank you for your support and patience.

-Nick, Anton, and Matt.

Update for the week of 7/18/13

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

Kickstarter Update time again. The big news in the last week is that Drifters are now available and will be on their way to backers, stores, and distributors shortly. Here’s a shot of the box art:  

 And you can order these models here:!/~/product/category=0&id=25847940

The Drifter Box Set comes with 9 models including 4 Locusts, 3 Berserkers, 1 Beast Master, and 1 Explodaboar, along with all 9 full color stat cards to use in the game. If you would like your friendly local gaming store to carry Wreck-Age please contact Matt handles all of our distribution as well as our budding Pioneer program that is designed to get people running demos of Wreck-Age in your region. Would you like to get involved in running demonstrations of Wreck-Age? Hit up Matt!

Speaking of gaming stores, last weekend we were invited down to Next Dimension Games, a brand new gaming store here in Chicago, to do an interview and run a demo. We really enjoy doing this sort of thing if we can as it allows us to support each other. Next Dimension Games are focusing on miniature war gaming and board games and carry Wreck-Age and a bunch of other smaller independent gaming products. If you’re in Chicago stop by Next Dimension Games at 2934 N Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois 60657.

 Last week Anton submitted what has been dubbed Rules Document A to the rest of us at Hyacinth. Rules Document A is essentially the Basic Rules to the game. I’ve spent the last week scouring through the document looking for areas that need tweaking, better examples, or still contain fragments pertaining to old rules that have since been simplified. Since this document has gone through so many iterations this pass through the document is extremely important to a high quality finished product. Our goal is to get this document finished and released as a PDF very soon so that people can get playing and commenting while we work on preening and polishing the other areas of the book.

Matt and Naomi have been working on editing and condensing the various sections of the book. Anton spent the last week designing the Drifter box art, stat cards, and going through various documents to be finalized for editing. Yesterday I sat down with a local sculptor to discuss the issues with the three Reclaimers that we received that were not designed for proper casting. He’s going to submit a time estimate in a few days but he has a fantastic understanding of design and the molding/casting process and had a lot of great ideas on how to make these models work while maintaining the aesthetic. More on this as it develops. And finally, in a tiny bit of free time I had, I painted up a couple of the limited edition Wreck-Age Barricades that came with the Adepticon 2013 Exclusive Starter Set. Here’s a couple pics from on my painting table.: 

As always, thanks for reading and your support for this project! Nick, Matt, and Anton.

Wreck Age Update 7/10/13

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)
Nick here again to talk about what is going on with Wreck-Age. Since last week was the 4th of July we didn’t all get as much time in on Wreck-Age projects as a normal week, but progress is always being made. This week Anton submitted what he thinks is his final draft of the rules for Matt and I to read over and dissect. Our editor Naomi is scouring various sections of the book. Naomi and Matt were working last night on the Reclaimers section of the book. I spent some time pruning the Staker section of the book and fleshing out the Caravaneer section. Photographer Lisa and I set up scenery and lights and took 100 photos of our Drifters, painted by Samson, to be used for promotion and use in the hobby section of the rule book. This all ties into the big news this week: we are closing in on finally getting the Drifter Box Sets done. This means we will be shipping them out to our backers who are waiting, as well as making them available to individuals, distributors, and stores starting July 15th.

Here is a video that I put together to show off the Drifter models and the obligatory promo shot:

Also, to make room for the incoming Drifter Box Sets we need to clear out some space in our store room. We found a bunch of the Adepticon 2013 Exclusive Drifter box art that needs to go. This box set contains the exact same models as the incoming Drifter Boxes, but features temporary box art that had no models displayed, and interim Stat Cards that used model silhouettes for some of the models instead of actual photos. None of these things impair the function of the models or cards, it is strictly an aesthetic difference. Still, we can’t keep around boxes that say “Adepticon Exclusive” so we are offering those up for those on a budget, or you can elect to take an Adepticon Exclusive box set instead of the standard as your KS Reward. You can order the Adepticon Exclusive Drifter Box Sets here:!/~/product/category=0&id=25462270

Our next box set will be Stitchmen, and that will be coming up quick. We also need to reprint the Stakers box art for GenCon, and expect another rule book update soon. Thanks for reading. -Nick, Matt, and Anton.

Wreck Age Update 7/03/13

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

Nick here again to keep you updated on the latest at Hyacinth Games and Wreck-Age. We are endeavoring to ensure you are all informed as to what is going on with us in a much more transparent manner, so let’s talk about what took place last week.

The week began with a video that I put together showing off a lot of the development that has taken place in the last 2 years, and that paints a picture of what the next year will hopefully look like. I know when I watch it I get excited for the months ahead, and we hope you do as well.

We ran an event at Brainstorm Comics here in Chicago to highlight a few of the developments in the rules, and see how people enjoyed them. We’ve made a lot of changes to the rules in the last 6 months or so based upon play testing and feedback from our friends and fans. If you’ve played any games using the Wreck-Age Quick Start Rules on our website or that you picked up at Adepticon, you may have noted that Fighting was a series of opposed rolls fought out across 3 back to back rounds. Feedback showed that this confused people and dragged out the game unnecessarily, so we re-wrote Fighting completely. The response to the changes has been two thumbs up, so that’s a step in the right direction we think.

One of the things people ask a lot about is how we intend to apply the fusion of RPG and skirmish war game elements. We played a scenario involving a 6 player crew trying to escape the clutches of their Stitchmen oppressors and a seventh person controlled the Stitchers. I acted as Narrator setting the scene with background and descriptions. The play group seemed to enjoy the flexibility of dragging fallen comrades, searching rooms for clues and weapons, stealing weapons from their enemies and using them against them. These bits of dramatic action add a lot of depth to the game and push the players into even greater feats of bravery and treachery than the dispassionate approach most war games take, and I feel that really sets us apart.

Another concept that made its debut last Thursday was Parlay. Parlay allows your players (and Narrator Characters as well) the ability to use their Renown to intimidate, seduce, and cajole. Parlay is an Action that uses a variable number of Action Points depending on the difficulty of a variety of common requests and demands. You can throw insults at your opponents to try and work them up into a blind rage so they attack you, or you can simply demand that they drop their weapon. The idea was to introduce a mechanic that allowed for those cinematic moments when the action pauses as the two sides reload weapons and try to catch their breath. One side yells out from behind cover and tries to convince the other to lay down their weapons, or even switch teams. Of course, we didn’t want to remove your control over your Player Character in these situations so we chose to differentiate between Player Characters, Characters, and Narrator Characters and create a designation called Free Will. Free Will prevents you from acting against your will with the character that represents you in the game. However, any other members of your crew or community who happen to be around, like henchmen, hired guns, and other additional characters you acquire along the way don’t necessarily have that loyalty. Life in Wreck-Age is about survival. What’s cool is, if you always wanted to have a, “Luke, I am your father!” moment in your games, Parlay allows for that to happen.

Last Thursday at Brainstorm was a great night because we got to see a bunch of our ideas implemented in the public eye and receive immediate feedback. Additionally, the scenario we played may be the basis for a “dungeon crawler” style board game down the line if we can get that far. Thank you to everyone who came out to check it out and support us. And thank you to Brainstorm for hosting. Enough about mechanics though. People have been asking about the Reclaimers, and we just got the master back for the only one out of the four that arrived ready to cast. I’m hoping to sit down with a local sculptor this week to discuss the necessary changes to the other three.

This week we’re working on the rule book some more and starting to dig in to get ready for GenCon at the end of the summer. Hopefully next week we’ll be making an announcement about the long awaited Drifter and/or Stitcher box sets. As always, watch the Wreck-Age forum for up to the minute developments.

-Nick, Matt, and Anton

Hyacinth Games

June Update

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

Hi, I'm Nick, the newest addition to the Hyacinth Games team.

I was looking at the Kickstarter page and the last update we that we posted was right after Adepticon in April, and that's just too long between updates.

That being said, I'd like to make sure you're all apprised of what's been going on at Hyacinth Games on the Wreck-Age projects that you've backed. Be assured we've been diligently working along this entire time.

First, I'd like to show you this image that you may have seen this image floating around. Kostas has been working on the finishing touches on the cover art for the rule book and hopefully it will be done soon. This isn't all that Kostas has been working on, but its too soon to reveal some of his other work just yet.

At Adepticon we dropped a batch of models with Sam to paint up for featuring in our demo games as well as the Hobby Section of the rule book and on our Drifter and Stitcher box art. They've been returned to us and look great. Here's a sampling of what he sent us:

Anton and I have been meeting to streamline some of the rules. We're putting the polish on the what we believe to be a very dynamic and detailed rule set that will give everyone a greater breadth of options than other skirmish rule sets.

Meanwhile, our play testers are helping us work out some refined mechanics to ensure the core elements of the game are easy to learn and understand.

We're hosting an event at Brainstorm Comics here in Chicago on June 27th at 7PM that will hopefully put some of the rule revisions through the paces. If you're local we encourage you to stop by and check it out. Brainstorm Comics 1579 N. Milwaukee, Suite 321, Chicago, IL 60622 We encourage you to come by and talk to us, check out the brand new Brainstorm location, and maybe pick up some comics.

Back to the rule book, Naomi is knee deep in editing the book and Anton has begun work on the layout. There is still some back and forth going on as we revise rules and those excerpts have to be edited again.

Matt, Anton, and Carl had developed an introductory adventure called the Omen, and we're going to be including it in the rulebook. I've spent the last week making some tweaks and making sure it works equally well for those who want to play through the events as an RPG adventure, or those who want to play through them strictly as skirmish scenarios.

One of the aspects of Wreck-Age we really chosen to emphasize is the fusion of RPG and skirmish war game play. We want a seamless transition from one to the other and back again to cater to a variety of gaming and hobby interests. We've elected to release the book initially in PDF and soft cover form to get it out there as soon as possible.

We're hoping to have the completed PDF online in mid August and the soft cover rule book out in September. At this stage the timing of the release of a physical copy of the rule book depends on our financial situation.

One of our biggest obstacles at the moment is that we're broke. We've been looking for investors but things are very much up in the air right now. We're undaunted, however, and are moving forward under the assumption that it will work itself out somehow.

Similarly, the Drifter and Stitcher box sets made their first appearance at Adepticon but temporary box art because we didn't have photo quality shots of either faction's models at the time. The goal is to have both boxes out in mid July, but like the rule book, our success really depends on the ability to cover the cost of printing the boxes.

We really want to have the box sets available in time for GenCon so we have our fingers crossed. Finally, the long lost Reclaimer models were finally returned to the sculptor in France this spring and are now finally in our hands. They are gorgeous models but they have some undercuts that will make them impossible to reproduce at this time. We're talking with a local sculptor about correcting the issues, but it might take come time. We're pushing the release of the Reclaimers back to October 15th to hopefully coincide with our first adventure supplement: The Spider.

With the aforementioned money issues that might be wishful thinking, but we haven't given up on the dream or the backers.

Finally, we'd like to encourage you all to peruse the Wreck-Age Forum, Not only is this a great place to find out the latest developments and works in progress, its also a place to build community, discuss the game, make suggestions, and share your inspirations. Hopefully we will see you there.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your support and patience!

-Nick, Anton, Matt,