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This Kickstarter will fund the 2013 launch of our role-playing and tabletop game. Join in and help us hit the (barren) ground running.
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Adepticon next weekend!

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update this time. 

We have shipped out about half of the rulebooks, and all models should have been shipped last month. Please get in touch if you are missing models, especially anything prior to Reclaimers. I am VERY happy to have these books going out, and we sincerely hope that you'll like it, and want to play the game. Please let us know what you like, and what you don't like once its in your hands. 

We will be at Adepticon, next weekend ( and will have a list of who we haven't sent rulebooks to yet, and if you're still waiting for one, we can hand it to you there. 

Come and check us out in the Harry Carrey ballroom, and we'll run you through a demo or two!



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    1. Missing avatar

      SerialMoM on


      I am also a dissappointed backer I have recieved some minis but neither stretch goal minis ( 5 I have recieved) neither the rulebook neither the 60$ credit not even thesecuity agents i pledged for. I am mailing Matthew mail after mail and only very seldom reciev answers. Tha I received the minis was a mail fight and now I have to fight for the second half of my 195$ pledge.

      Please send me the stuff which is missing to fullfill your obligations.

      To build up a community you have to build up trust in your customers. My trust in you and your project is fading and fading, although I love the minis and love the content of the pdf i read.

      I hope you get your project up and running. I know you do it not as Our main job, but nevertheless you need to satisfy your customers.

    2. Victor Garrison on

      Thanks. I'm inboxing you, which I should have done in the first place.

    3. Hyacinth Games 4-time creator on

      I'm sorry that you have negative feelings about this kickstarter. To be honest, it's been a double-edged sword for us as well. Our initial quotes for the hardcover book came in at around four times more than we had anticipated, and we would have needed over $20,000 to do a viable print run that we could then turn around and sell to distributors. We searched high and low for additional funding, and felt very under the gun to produce the product.

      What you hold in your hands is admittedly a compromise for us. It was either get something out, or get nothing out. In the society and culture of today's gamers, people are simply looking for the next big trend, and games come and go like a flash in the pan. We are hoping to be different and to build on something that we strongly believe in.

      We have over 4000 hours invested into the development of the book that you hold in your hands, and I'd ask you to please read through it before passing judgement simply based on dark pictures.

      Basically, we gave you that softcover for free, and will be giving you the $60 credit to get something else from our store. We are looking to expand into other game lines, and possibly distribution as well. So on top of the stretch goals (with a retail of about $35), which will ship after Adepticon, you have a $20 softcover book, AND a $60 credit. That will amount to around $125 for a $60 pledge. If you feel that's still unfair, feel free to message me, and we can try to figure something out for you.

      Sven, I am messaging you now to try to resolve your issue.

      Thanks for your comments.

    4. Sven Finke on

      Here I am, haven't received a thing...

    5. Victor Garrison on

      I apologize ahead of time that I'm going to sound negative, but I'm really disappointed about how this KS has panned out. This was the 2nd undelivered KS in 3(?) years for the HC color rulebook. The softcover copy I just received is poorly done. The beautiful artwork that really excited me about pledging, is dark and muddy. I don't see a Hardcover color copy seeing a print run without another KS....Maybe I'm wrong. I hope so...but at this point, I have a $60 credit and unshipped stretch goals for a game that you've kinda killed my interest in.