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Softcover books are here! Shipping news, and final kickstarter fulfillment question.

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)

The first printing of softcover rulebooks has arrived! We're really pleased with how it came out, and we think you'll really like it, once you get your hands on it.

Matt has been shipping packages over the last few weeks, and has most of the Reclaimers out. He is now starting on the process of shipping the softcover books to backers. Sometime soon after, we will be sending out your $60 codes for our web store, but we're trying to figure out the best way to fulfill that final stage of this kickstarter. We can't afford a "run on the bank" so to speak with only 45 days or so until Adepticon, as that would leave us with no stock for our biggest convention of the year. 

We are trying to figure out what the best course of action would be, and we'd love your input. Should we trickle codes out now little by little, wait until after Adepticon (April 3rd-6th) when we have a little more cash on hand and can take the hit, or perhaps something else that we haven't considered yet?



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    1. Hyacinth Games 4-time creator on

      Ok, well NOW it sounds like we've got a consensus. ;)

      Thanks for weighing in everyone!

      Be on the lookout for softcover book in the next week or so, as Matt mails them out, and for your codes after Adepticon. If we make enough money at Adepticon, there's a chance of the hardcover soon after, but we want to call this kickstarter fulfilled ASAP, so that we don't owe people stuff for the rest of our lives... ;)

    2. Missing avatar


      After works for me.

    3. Jordan S

      After adepticon is good with me.

    4. Missing avatar

      Greg Morse on

      No rush here; after adepticon is quite alright.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lane on

      Go ahead and make some waves at Adepticon, boys. We can wait for our books.

    6. Chris Snyder

      I'll wait.

    7. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      after adepticon

    8. Brian Carlson on

      I'm fine waiting until after adepticon. Waited this long and I would rather help you guys out spread the word.

    9. Phasmtis

      I agree with the others, I can wait until after adepticon for $60 code. Well, a color hardcover would be cool, but I guess I can use that money to buy other products.

    10. Hyacinth Games 4-time creator on

      Thanks for the comments! Obviously, we're far from a consensus here, so we'll wait for some more people to chime in. In regards to your query Michael, there's an outside chance of a short run hardcover being done, but after getting the quotes (from the seventh or eighth place), it looks like it will probably have to be black and white inside pages to be doable, which is a shame, because we really love the color art work that's throughout the book. Obviously, we'd still need the funds to cover everything, but this last quote means that it isn't outside the realm of possibility. They came in with the cheapest price by a considerable sum, while still maintaining excellent quality. We'd definitely have to wait until after Adepticon to be able to see if we could afford it regardless.

    11. Nathan Reed

      Hold the codes till after adepticon.

    12. Matt S. on

      I'd suggest the fairest way to proceed is to issue all the codes after Adepticon, rather than trickle out the codes little by little.

    13. Michael Fienen on

      Good timing, I was literally just about to check in and see where things were on the print books. Glad to hear they're going out soon.

      For my part, I'm not sure I'm too picky about how you issue the codes. Obviously doing them right away isn't much good if it means running you out of inventory, and possibly hurting the company such that you can't fulfill. I've waiting this long, a bit longer isn't really gonna make or break me.

      I'm also in the camp where I might hold my code for a while on the chance that you figure out a solution for a hard back. I know that's a long shot, and I might be in the minority in that thinking, though.