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Rulebook is DONE!

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)
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So after a tremendous amount of effort, we have finally completed the core rulebook! If you purchased it, we will be sending you a download code for the PDF by tomorrow, and we will be sending out printed copies once the printer gets it back to us, which we anticipate being about a month. This is a small format softcover book, and if you ordered the hardcover, we will be shipping you the softcover, a download code for the PDF, AND a $60 coupon for our site next month. You can hold on to that code for when we eventually are able to print the hardcover (we will need to gather a considerable amount of money), or use it for anything else we have on our site. To be perfectly honest, we greatly over-extended ourselves on this Kickstarter, but we hope that the inclusion of the free softcover book (which has a retail price of $20), and the PDF will help make the wait worth it to all of you.

As a new company, we want to really thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we worked to overcome this ambitious task, and we hope that you'll enjoy playing Wreck Age as much as we enjoyed making it.

We ask that if you wish to share copies of the PDF with others, that you contact us for a version that has a splash page indicating that this practice is officially sanctioned by us. Obviously, if you know friends that are interested, we're firm believers of the "try before you buy" concept, which is why we are publishing under a Creative Commons license.

PDFs will be going up on Drive Thru RPG and on several other sites (including our own) around the end of the week.

Thanks again for believing in, having patience with, and supporting us.

The Hyacinth Games team...

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    1. Hyacinth Games 4-time creator on

      Ed, please contact us at:, and we'll help you resolve it.

      Richard, we expect to be sending out the coupons in small batches starting in the next week, with the largest amount after Adepticon (in April), so that we don't have a run on our store, which would leave us with no stock left to sell at what is our best convention of the season.

    2. Richard Logue on

      Thank you for the $60 coupon (I'll be receiving). I'll definitely be using it as soon as I can! I'm, of course, a bit disappointed that I won't be getting an awesome hardback, but I totally get that there were problems and that you all over-extended. I think that's a common pitfall in these Kickstarter projects. I do appreciate the goodwill gesture of the coupon, though!

    3. Ed Kowalczewski

      I still can't find the KS version.

    4. Ed Kowalczewski

      Still searching for it.

    5. david morgans on

      Ahah! Found it now.
      No need for a refund, since I didn't actually redeem the code (or buy the wrong one).
      Thanks for the quick response.

    6. Hyacinth Games 4-time creator on

      David, you downloaded the wrong version. We have one for Kickstarter folks, and another for regular ordering. Get in touch and we'll get you a refund for the $2.

    7. david morgans on

      Is there a reason why the coupon doesn't actually cover all the pdf rulebook ($10 voucher, $12 rulebook)?

    8. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      Looking forward to reading the pdf.