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This Kickstarter will fund the 2013 launch of our role-playing and tabletop game. Join in and help us hit the (barren) ground running.
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Wreck Age Spring 2015 Update.

Posted by Hyacinth Games (Creator)
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Hi everyone! We've been quiet on the Kickstarter front, but working like maniacal capybaras behind the scenes. Wreck Age has got a lot of stuff in the pipeline moving forward, and we hope that you're finding the game fun and enjoyable so far. If you have any questions or comments about how anything in game works, what you'd like to see, or any other ideas or suggestions, we'd love to hear your feedback.  

Kicking off this game has been a huge learning process for us as a company, and we definitely made some mistakes and over-commitments on these first few go arounds. We have worked really hard to try to rectify those errors, one of the biggest ones of which was the inclusion of the hardcover book into our pledges. Once we got going, the quotes we were getting back were close to $20,000, which was way out of the realm of what we could do financially. However in the last few years, the rise in quality of short-run publishing has given us a few new options. So this is still going to happen. We have sent out softcovers and $60 coupons to anyone who has pledged for those hardcovers, but we realize that it still doesn't put the item that you wanted into your hand. We've spent a lot of time going over how to make it happen, what makes the most sense, and we've come up with the following: 

We're going to wait, and make it better.  

I know, that sounds counterintuitive. But hear us out. The content in the softcover was our first foray into the product development of a new (and hopefully exciting) RPG and tabletop miniatures game. However, it's not without it's issues. We have updated some of those issues through an FAQ and errata document, and brought in concepts like Renown that somehow were left out of the initial printing (Anton's fault).  

Additionally, we have some other really cool content on the horizon, and we want to include it as well to make the (eventual) hardcover that much better. 

We're working on rules for vehicles and battlesuits, as well as squad mechanics for the ARHK and Church of Fun. But don't worry, Wreck Age is, and will always be a skirmish game at heart. We're not looking to up the model counts and sell you hundreds of figures at higher and higher prices. We're looking to keep the buy in very low (always less than $100, and ideally, less than $50). 

So what's the solution? 

We're thinking it might be Kickstarter again.  Hopefully that didn't elicit groans from too many of you. We realize that's the place that the hobby (industry?) is in right now, and it's also a good way for us to promote our new products. We're admittedly not the best users of social media just yet, but we're getting better... Kickstarter, in many ways is just another form of social media, especially for the tabletop gaming and RPG crowd/s. So we need to stay in your face, otherwise, you might just forget about us... and that would make us sad.  

However, we're not going to offer pledges for the hardcovers again. Those are going to have to be funded from our regular sales. We don't think it's fair to offer the same thing over and over, and then have trouble delivering it. So here's the general plan for the next year or so... we'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

We want to build up a community of gamers. People who want to get together and play Wreck Age (or any post-apocalypse tabletop or RPG games for that matter). We are trying our hardest to give you those tools, to get together and play in a make believe world that we gave you the basic mechanics and models for. From there, it's really up to you. As such, we'd love to have YOUR involvement in this project. We are looking for people interested in writing up scenarios that they want to play, talk about models that they might want to see for our factions, and show us your gaming sessions and painted models. One great example of people taking Wreck Age and making it thier own comes from a group of gamers in New York:

This is getting long-winded, isn't it? Ok. 

So... here's the plan: in July or August, we're going to be running a kickstarter for the following: 

  • Switch City campaign sourcebook 
  • Uprisen Sandbox adventure book (PDFs will be sent to anyone who pledged for the hardcover) 
  • Shangri LA campaign sourcebook 
  • Along with 6-12 miniatures in total to go along with the various individuals in those books. Furthermore, Anton has written a novel set in the Wreck Age universe, and we may be offering that as a stretch goal.

Those will hopefully be shipping by year's end. 

From there, we have another larger kickstarter in mind for the winter time (4th qt 2015 or 1st qt 2016). That will feature the following: 

  • An expansion featuring 4 "new" factions, which you may already be slightly familiar with: the ARHK, Unicephalon, Church of Fun, and the Vale. It will also feature a little more background on some places and details not talked about in the core book (Esperanza, Aus Town, the Argosy River Pirates, the Guilders, Caravaneers, and so forth. There will be rules for squad combat (which will be used primarily by the ARHK and Church of Fun), vehicle rules (including campaign rules for maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades for said vehicles), as well as community advancement and customization rules. 
  • Battlesuit models. At least 2 distinct battlesuits, with add ons, and weapon options. 
  • Vehicle models. As of now, we're talking about at least one specific vehicle for each of the 4 current factions, plus possibly a "generic" post-collapse vehicle that can be customized with sprues and extra bits that we'll be producing. 
  • At least 4 new faction box sets of 5 models each for these factions, along with new scenarios, special rules, and supporting media.

From there, we will FINALLY be working on the hardcover, including updated rules from the softcover book, and integrating them with the expansion we're working on. This will allow for 8 fully playable factions, battlesuit and vehicle rules, as well as an expanded hobby section and as much more stuff as we can fit in it. 

 So, we really hope that this will be worth the wait for those that are keeping an eye on it. We don't expect everyone to be elated with this delay, and we understand. We also want to try to make this hardcover the absolute best that we can make it, which is going to require a bit more time (and unfortunately, money). 

Now, we're not hitting you up asking for that money, at least not without setting clear and decisive goals for how we can deliver the final product that we feel we still owe the people who supported us and helped us start our company. 

 We hope that at least some of this announcement will be exciting, rather than frustrating. And we hope that our growing pains aren't being felt too painfully on your end. 

 Thanks again for all of your support and patience, and we look forward to seeing you in the Wilds. 

~Hyacinth Games

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      Your miniatures are seeing a lot of use in my shadowrun games. Probably pick up more in future