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APRIL RILEY: An Independent Feature Film's video poster

An outcast writing prodigy and his best friend attempt to woo a local teenage redhead with poetry, paintings, and peaches Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 27, 2011.

An outcast writing prodigy and his best friend attempt to woo a local teenage redhead with poetry, paintings, and peaches

About this project

SYNOPSIS   April Riley follows the adventures of Justin Brightman, an eccentric seventeen-year-old who has the misfortune to fall ardently in love with April Riley, a teenage vixen whose charms have enamored all the boys in town. Justin is certain that April Riley returns his affections and that they are destined to be together. However, Justin is also certain that peaches don’t have any fuzz on them, a fact which leads to his forced eviction from the local supermarket after a violent confrontation. At any rate, he is determined to write a love poem for April Riley in time for Kama Day, an imaginary holiday he has created with his best (and only) friend, Penny Anderson, a hopelessly depressed and lonely guitarist whose only ambition for Kama Day is to lose her virginity to Bryan, the arrogant lead singer of her band, SoulFire. As the two of them go on their journey together, they have animated conversations with paintings, evade the law at every turn, and learn the mystical connection between women and fractions. They also learn things about life, love, and each other that they never thought possible.

WHY SHOULD I HELP?   It happens to all of us at some point in our teenage years. A simple conversation stretches into the night, glances are exchanged, smiles are given, and before we know it, we’re in love with someone we barely know. We fret without end, agonizing over every detail, wondering if our affection is returned, or even acknowledged by the other party. April Riley follows one young man as he grapples with these common pangs of first love. Thus, April Riley is a film for anyone who has ever been 1) young, 2) in love, and/or 3) kicked out of a grocery store for yelling about peaches.

An early draft of the script was submitted to the 2010 Final Draft Big Break screenplay competition, where it achieved semifinalist status, placing in the top 5% of the more than 3500 scripts in competition. We shot this promo video in the Fall of 2010, to give you a sense of the story and characters. Since then, we’ve been engaged in pre-production, assembling a crew of young but ambitious filmmakers from Emerson College, and planning to shoot in New Jersey in July and August of 2011. While we own all of our own equipment, and the crew and cast will generously be donating their time and expertise, we still need to house and feed them, secure locations, and create the world of the film, which is where YOU come in. Every dollar donated will put food in our team’s mouths, roofs over their heads, and props on our sets. Our ultimate goal is to make this film a reality, and that dream can come true with your help.

Heartfelt thanks from writer George Murray, producer Jessie Kimball, executive producers Andrew Hutcheson and William Carlson, and cinematographer Shane Seibel.

HOW DO I HELP?     All you need to do is click on the gorgeous, inviting “Back This Project” button on the right of the screen, choose your donation amount/gift level, and revel in the satisfaction of knowing that you helped bring this story to life!

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    You (yes, you) will get a very special thanks in the closing credits of the film, and the heartwarming knowledge that you helped bring this story to life.

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    In addition to the special thanks you receive, you will also receive a copy of a specially-written poem exclusive to members of this donation level. Keep it in your drawer and pull it out whenever you want to feel accomplished!

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    In addition to everything above, you'll receive an official, beautifully-designed April Riley film poster. Hang it on your wall and brag to your friends about how much you helped!

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    If you pledge $50, you will get your very own copy of the April Riley DVD when it's released in addition to everything above! Watch it over and over again, with and without commentary! Check out the credits in slow motion to see your name! Press buttons on the menu!

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    The perks at the $75 level are the same at the $50 level EXCEPT instead of a regular poster, you will receive a high-quality art print poster SIGNED by members of the cast and crew! Put it up in your art gallery!

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    In addition to everything above, you will receive a special Level I Production Packet, replete with exclusive, behind-the-scenes material you won’t find anywhere else!

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    Whoa. This is getting crazy. If you donate $250 you will receive all of the above, PLUS a signed, 100% official copy of the entire script! That means you’ll have TWO super-cool, autographed pieces of April Riley memorabilia! If that weren't enough, you'll also become a certified Associate Producer! Way to go!

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    With a donation of $500, we will give you everything in all of the lower donation categories, AND an extra-special Level II Production packet, brimming with even more behind-the-scenes knowledge, PLUS a walk-on role in the film. You'll get to help Justin on his way to find true love. Isn't that cool?

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    You…you gave us a thousand dollars. Thank you so much. In honor you giving us the highest donation available, we will give you an Executive Producer Credit and personally arrange for a private screening of April Riley in your home town, with as many or few guests as you wish. You will have the privilege of seeing the completed film before anyone else! Of course, you'll also get all of the cool stuff we mentioned above! This is awesome!

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