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Hi there! We are Jonathan & Aaron, comic creators on a mission to get the first volume of our webcomic, Husband&Husband in print!
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Books Have Arrived!

Posted by Husband & Husband (Creator)

You guys! 

Our living room is FULL of books! Haha! Which means in the next couple of weeks, those books will be shipping all over the WORLD!  

I'm so excited to get these babies in your hands! 

There's just a few things:

1. There are a small handful of backer reports not filled out yet, so if you haven't had the chance to fill it out, the sooner you get me your address info (and drawing requests for $50+ rewards, if you have a preference), the sooner I can get it to your doorstep :)

2. These books came SO much faster than I thought, which means I'm going to start shipping them ASAP. I'll be working my hands to the bone signing, drawing, and packaging all these books, and my goal is to have them in everyone's hands way earlier than the original August date. :) 

3. We hit the higher stretch goal, which means everyone who gets a book, gets an enamel pin! These are still in production, so rather than wait for them to be sent here, I'm going to ship the books first, and the pins in a separate shipment, so don't be alarmed if you're missing the pin from the first shipment. :) I think it's more important to get these books to you as soon as possible :)

4. If you have an address change, go ahead and email me (if we haven't discussed already up until now). Email address is

If you need anything, I'll be barricaded in my room, so please shoot me an email at 

I'm so excited with how this turned out. Thank you again so much for all of the help and making this a real thing! <3 Can't wait to share it with you all! <3


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    1. Missing avatar

      Burt Huffman on

      This is exciting, Guys...! Can't wait..!!

    2. Daniel G on

      Great News. So excited for you. Hope the printer marked this Volume 1 as I would hope you have a long run of sequels. Cheers guys.

    3. Husband & Husband 5-time creator on

      Christian - Thanks Christian! Ahhh so excited I'm gonna BURST! :D

    4. Husband & Husband 5-time creator on

      Donna - Knowing Merlin, he'd probably either cushion my fall, or push more books on top of us. Hahaha ;) I'm so excited though! Been h=busting out drawings left and right! We'll have to snap a pic or vlog some of the action :D

    5. Husband & Husband 5-time creator on

      Ross - HAHAHA OMG That's hilarious! Dying laughing over here HAHAHA! You're like "uuuhhhh yeah sure...we'll get it one day..."

    6. Missing avatar

      Ross on

      Great news. I still have to wait until September to read it, because it's a gift for my husbands birthday. I almost blew the surprise once, by watching the video with you opening your 1st copy of it, and he's behind saying "oh let's one".

    7. Missing avatar

      Donna Pindell on

      So excited. Don't let the books bury you, Jonathan, Cliff, Amanda, Koda or Merlin. I would miss you all.❤