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Hi there! We are Jonathan & Aaron, comic creators on a mission to get the first volume of our webcomic, Husband&Husband in print!
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The Rainbow Road

Posted by Husband & Husband (Creator)

Hey guys!

I think I've figured out a fun way to let the world know how much you all mean to us. As soon as you get a chance, can you drop your Instagram handle below so we can tag you in something special? 

We'll be posting this on all of our other social media as well (links below) but the other accounts don't have that great of a tagging feature. If you don't want to be tagged, no worries! And if you'd like to send us your handle in private you can send us a message too!

More to come, take care! :)

This will be posted at:

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      Floris Jan Donders on

      Looking forward!
      Instagram @fjdonders

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Looking forward to seeing the final product!!

      Instagram handle : cszkutak

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Instagram: @justin_polic


    5. Missing avatar

      Michael O'Byrne on

      you boys deserve every happiness ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael O'Byrne on

      you boys deserve every happiness ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ross Karabelas on

      Instagram: @rosscokara

    8. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Dirks on

      Instagram: ben_jammin03

    9. Missing avatar

      Rocky Cooley on

      Instagram: rdcool13

    10. Jason Sanabria on

      Instagram @halfbloodprinceoffools

    11. Missing avatar

      Jessie Roussel on

      Instagram @JRoussel

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Brent on

      Instagram @robertb78

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Brent on

      Instagram @robertb78

    14. Todd McCuen on

      Instagram: @itodd5400

    15. Quentin Greif on

      Instagram: @quentingreif

    16. Mikhaël Bois on

      Hehe =P

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Washko on

      Insta: @thegayguyde

    18. Missing avatar

      Tony T on

      So very excited for you all!
      IG, and Twitter: TheTonyTiger

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      Jason Mitchell Kahn on

      Very happy to support fellow writers on the subject!
      @MrJasonMitchell (for both insta and twitter)

    20. Lawrence Bell

      Feel free to use any of the 3 below...
      Instagram = @lshbear
      Twitter = @LSHBear
      Facebook = Lshbear

    21. Missing avatar

      Donna Pindell on

      My instagram is: sia_donna

    22. Ceri Sell on

      IG : rainbowgroove
      Twitter : @gypsyrainbow

    23. Missing avatar

      Justin Colucci on

      Super awesome guys! :)
      IG: @polychrome_pen
      Twitter: @PolychromePen

    24. Missing avatar

      Zachery Ambrose on

      Sweet! can't wait!
      IG: babygot_zach
      Twitter: ZachandEvan

    25. Missing avatar

      Jesse Hinostroza Jr on

      Congratulations guys!
      IG: jesse_studio1417

    26. Missing avatar

      Beth Romero on

      Hey Husbands! Congratulations! I am @muddlingduck

    27. Missing avatar

      Wilberth Ismael Leo Pech on

      Hi guys!! My Instagram: wilberthleo

    28. Andy Liegl on

      IG: @yourfriendandy

    29. Morgan Torchy on

      Instagram: m_erkrwecpa

    30. Darin Cordell on

      IG: made_of_star_stuff

    31. Missing avatar

      Patricia Genovese on

      Patricia Genovese. Instagram: cmcgenojnewman

    32. Tom Wolfe on

      Congratulations, guys! IG: trwolfie

    33. Armando Gutierrez on

      I don't want to be tagged but congrats guys!

    34. Missing avatar

      Tom Fuhrmann on

      Instagram: @tdapisa ❤️

    35. Missing avatar

      Dan Brophy on

      Instagram: @brophydan

    36. Joey Geier on

      My IG handle is joeygeier

    37. Missing avatar

      Charlie D Monk on

      Instagram: charlie.d.monk

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Instagram: @dandanthehuman

    39. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      My instagram handle is jbman5k

    40. Missing avatar

      Frank van Dijk on

      Instagram: @frank079