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Help us make a modular 28mm scale gladiator arena and a range of accessories which can be used for a variety of miniatures games.
Help us make a modular 28mm scale gladiator arena and a range of accessories which can be used for a variety of miniatures games.
88 backers pledged £7,428 to help bring this project to life.

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Gladiator Game

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Shipping; tokens and lots more pictures!



Apologies for being a little quieter than expected over the last couple of weeks but rest assured that we have been working really hard to complete all of the physical and digital rewards.  We're a little behind schedule but arenas have started to ship out so we're on the home straight now.

Unfortunately we had some delays getting the outstanding status token images from our artist but we now have the complete set and we think that they were really worth the wait.  These additional designs weren't available when we sent our last update:

Orders including status tokens will be available to ship from Monday.

Both sets of equipment tokens are also finished and are shown below.  We ended up with more designs than we were expecting so the exotic weapons set will now include 25 tokens instead of 15 as a thank you for your patience.  When the tokens eventually go on general sale, both equipment token packs will be priced at £5.00

Orders including equipment tokens will be available to ship from Wednesday.

The first version of our painting and assembly guide is now available for download using the link below.  We'll be adding a little more information in due course and if you have any hints or tips you would like to share with other backers, please let us know.

Here's a video of the dice roller section in action:

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Replay with sound
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We've also got a picture of the staircase which is available as an add-on:

The extra-large Facade is also shipping in in the next few days.  This massive model has a round arena floor 66cm (26") in diameter and is suited to larger scale models like the 54mm plastics shown below.

We still have lots of backers who haven't told us what arena configuration or add-ons they want.  It's possible that emails to or from us have ended up in spam folders so if you haven't heard from us please do send us a message on Kickstarter and we'll confirm all of your details and provide a shipping date.

If you have already received your arena, please let us know if you have any questions or problems.  We would also love to see photos of your arenas in action.

And finally, here's another image of the recommended configuration for the long lozenge arena:


Dave, Kris, Lisa & Cathy
Hurlbat Limited

Production & Shipping Update


Dear Backers,

Welcome to the first of our new weekly updates.

Mosaic Floor (£6,250 stretch goal)

The mosaic floor for the Emperor's Box is ready and shown below.  This is printed on metal sheet and will be included with all painted and unpainted Emperor's Boxes.

Paint Recommendations

We’ve had some interest in Army Painter and Model Mates sprays and paints following our last update so here’s a quick list of what products we used for our pre-painted arenas. The painting guide will have more detailed information but this may be helpful for coming up with a shopping list if you’re in the UK and interested in adding some hobby supplies to your pledge.

Army Painter Sprays

  • Skeleton Bone – Stonework
  • Desert Yellow – Arena floors and building bases
  • Gun Metal – Fences and torches
  • Uniform Grey – Entrance pillars
  • Dragon Red – Base coat for roof tiles
  • Matt Varnish – Arena floors

Model Mates Weathering Sprays

  • Mud Brown – Stonework
  • Oil Brown – Arena floors

Army Painter Warpaints

  • Lava Orange; Daemonic Yellow – Torch flames
  • Tanned Flesh; Pure Red; Matt Black – Terracotta roof tiles
  • Weapon Bronze; Matt Black – Grills, grates and other worn metalwork
  • Crystal Blue; Green Skin; Greedy Gold; Dragon Red; Daemonic Yellow – Various stonework and fence decorations

Dice Roller (Premium Straight Section)

Based on backer feedback, we added a new premium straight section - the Dice Roller.

The section can be one of your choices for a ten or twelve section arena or chosen as an add-on.  If you're not sure what this section is for, the roof comes off, you can drop dice in the top and they come out into the small courtyard area at the back, without the risk of them going all over the floor.

Painted photos to follow!

Now Shipping!

Completed pledges are being backed into boxes right now and we will be sending out the first wave of rewards next week.  You will receive an email confirmation when your rewards ship.

Thank you for everyone who has been in touch over the last few days on confirm reward selection.  More emails have been sent out today and we will be continuing to send out reminder emails directly and via Kickstarter where we still need information before we can ship your rewards.

Best wishes,

Hurlbat Limited
Dave, Kris, Lisa & Cathy
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Please complete your surveys!



Thank you for your patience during the long gap between updates. We’re back with a major update which should hopefully address a lot of outstanding questions.

Reward Selection & Final Invoices

As part of our campaign planning we decided that rather than using a third-party survey tool, we would write to backers individually to collect information about reward selection, especially for the arena kits where a great number of permutations are possible. Unfortunately to date we have only received responses to about 45% of our backer survey emails which is making it very hard for us to plan our production, particularly for pre-painted arenas which is where we have had the lowest response rate and the longest production lead-time.

If we haven’t heard back from you yet, we will be sending follow-up emails over the next few days.  If you haven't received an email please check your spam folders or contact us at

Our original intention was to ship all the rewards in one go in order to ensure that backers got their rewards at the same time but in order to fulfill rewards before the end of August, we will start to ship orders for completed surveys from next week and further orders will ship in the order that completed surveys are returned.

It’s definitely been a lesson learned for us to have a better process for gathering reward information for future campaigns. If you have been trying to tell us what you want or have been confused by the choices available or how they have been presented then please accept our apologies.

If you have chosen your rewards but did not include shipping costs with your pledge then you will shortly be receiving a Paypal invoice to the email address you have provided us with and this will need to be paid before your items can ship.

Suggested Arena Layouts

Have you pledged for a complete arena kit but not sure what buildings to choose? Perhaps we’ve spoilt you for choice so please take a look at our suggested configurations below:

Eight Section Arena (Round)

  • 5 x Stone Terrace (Curved)
  • 1 x Editor’s Box (Curved)
  • 1 x Holding Cell (Curved) 
  • 1 x (Entrance (Curved)

Ten Section Arena (Short Lozenge)

  • 1 x Grand Double Entrance
  • 1 x Holding Cell (Straight)
  • 1 x Emperor’s Box
  • 6 x Stone Terrace (Curved)

Twelve Section Arena (Long Lozenge)

  • 1 x Grand Double entrance
  • 1 x Holding Cell (Curved)
  • 1 x Emperor's Box
  • 1 x 1/2 sized stone terrace (pack of 2) (Straight)
  • 2 x stone terrace (Straight)
  • 5 x Stone terrace (Curved)

Twelve Section Arena (Square)

  • 1 x Entrance (Straight)
  • 1 x Emperor's Box
  • 2 x Holding Cell (Curved)
  • 2 x Straight Stone Terrace
  • 6 x Curved Stone Terrace

Hopefully that will give you some inspiration. We will have photos of all four recommended layouts available soon and these will be included on our retail packaging. Our recommended retailer package is two of the eight section arena and one each of the other three layouts.

Reward Production

We are pleased to announce that the production of orders where reward selections have been provided is nearing completion. Where we don’t have reward selections, we’re continuing to produce stocks of the most popular designs, such as curved stone terraces.


It's not too late to boost your rewards with add-ons and many of our arena pledges included a £10.00 credit which can be applied to any of the items below:

In our painting guide we have been recommending Army Painter Acrylic Primers for base coating our models and ModelMates weathering sprays for making them look a little more lived in.  For UK backers only (due to shipping restrictions) we can offer both ranges at a discounted price when shipped with your rewards.  Since these are third-party products, we can't accept add-on credit towards their purchase but please do contact us for details if you would like to include some sprays from either range with your order.

Token Designs

We’ve got some good news on gaming accessories. Originally we intended to design the status tokens ourselves but due to our over-funding, we’ve been able to commission a freelance illustrator who has produced some great bespoke designs:

We will start manufacturing these tokens as soon as we get the complete set of designs.

PDF Rewards

Good progress has been made towards finalising our PDF rewards.

We’re compiling photographs and information for dozens of miniatures ranges and rules for our gladiator gaming guide. As we work through our orders for painted arenas we’re taking photographs and writing up our painting and assembly guide. Finally, we were originally planning on producing banner designs ourselves but these are also now going to be outsourced to a freelance illustrator.


If you haven’t already, please do like our Facebook page where you can see product previews and other announcements including regular production updates.

Thank you for your patience with this long update. As we move towards completing our campaign we will sending out updates on a weekly basis to keep them a little more manageable.


Hurlbat Limited
Dave, Kris, Lisa & Cathy

Manufacturing Update #3


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