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The 2nd edition to the cult Survival Horror RPG - Outbreak: Undead is here. Play Yourself as a Character and test your Survival Plan!
The 2nd edition to the cult Survival Horror RPG - Outbreak: Undead is here. Play Yourself as a Character and test your Survival Plan!
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Civilization Begins with Order, Grows with Liberty...

Posted by Hunters Books (Creator)
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And Dies with Chaos.

Greetings Survivors,

As we continue to move towards delivering your Add-Ons and Stretch Goals, we hoped to take this opportunity to reach out with word of a new project, Icarus. 

Ever wonder how the world ended? Or why? Explore the apocalypse for yourself with Icarus, a new collaborative storytelling game from Hunters Entertainment that just funded on Kickstarter.

Create your own version of the city-nation Icarus and tell the story of it’s fall from glory in a GM-less card and dice driven system. Play as key characters in the collapse and together uncover how the city falls. 

Perfect as a session 0 for Outbreak: Undead or for fleshing out any post-apocalypse. Players come together to create a world at large that is worthy of indepth exploration.

The glory of Icarus only lasts a moment, the collapse is coming! 

Come and see for yourself: 

The Radio Cracks to Life!

Posted by Hunters Books (Creator)

Slight Delay, Back With News!

Greetings Survivors!  First off, sorry for the delay in getting this update out to you.  We've been working to get things in place so that this update had something nice and special for you but hit some snags on it, but we're here now!

Digital Gamemaster's Guide Inbound!

And here is the big thing that was causing all the hold up.  We're very please to let you all know that the Outbreak: Undead.. 2nd Edition Gamemaster's Guide is all completed!  We've sent files off to the printers to get the physical books printing so we'll be able to get those out to you all as planned.  That also means we've had a chance to get the digital PDF of the book ready to go as well.

As you're likely well aware, over the last few days has been working on a server migration which has caused the site to be intermittently accessible.  This impacted our ability to get files uploaded to the site for distribution, and we've been working through that the past couple days.  The good news is we've managed to finish working our way through it today, and have run through the process of getting the emails going out to backers to grab their copies.

IMPORTANT!  With the fact that is still in the process of sorting out all of the issues we the servers we do have some concerns that these emails might not process as expected.  If you do not receive your email from containing the download link for your backer copy of the book within 24 hours please let us know so we can reprocess the fulfillment!

This marks the final portion of the core rules being available to our amazing community, and we really couldn't be more excited to see what you all think!

The Rest of the Project Continues!

So, with that news out there you might be asking yourself about the other outstanding parts of the project.  So, let us take a quick moment to address that:

  • As we have noted in previous updates the Accessories (Decks, Tokens, etc) are all designed and running through the production pipeline so they can be ready to go for fulfillment at the same time as the physical copies of the Gamemaster's Guide!
  • The Syrinscape Soundset is in production, we're working on sorting out a few special custom recordings that we'd like to include in the set.  We've gotten to play around with an early version of the set already, and we think you're really going to love it.
  • Both of the Strain Series books that we unlocked over the course of the campaign are well into development as we have previously noted, and are now coming back up the pipeline in order to finish them both off and get them out to all of you.  You can expect to see these start releasing later in the year.

That pretty well covers the rest of the remaining products from the campaign still in the pipeline.  Thanks for your patience and continued support!

The Rag and Bone Man Came...

Posted by Hunters Books (Creator)
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End of the Year Update

Posted by Hunters Books (Creator)

Here is an update on all the Pending Content for the campaign since the last update (as the stuff that is already out you don’t need much of an update on):


INTRO MANUAL - So, we updated the Quick Start Guide and added on the scenario “Tri-County Precinct” to make a fully fledged Intro Manual for the game which is available free for download. You can pick that up on the Hunters Entertainment Website or on DTRPG right now!    

SPEW-AI 2.0 - So, we have technically released this out into the wild, but you should be aware that we have identified some bugs going on with it since it was pushed live that mean you may want to hold off for a little while yet (unless you just want to play around with it of course - consider it something of a sneak peek at the moment). Presently, the Skill calculations are incorrect and produce results that are much higher than they should be, and the Gestalt Point tracking tab is not spitting out formatted information making it very ugly to look at. We’ll be working with our developer to get this sorted out and we’ll make an announcement once all the bugs have been cleared so you can start actively using it. You can find it here:


GAMEMASTER’S GUIDE - As we’ve mentioned some before in comments, we did have some issues with some of the contracted designers not fulfilling deadlines we provided which caused some delay in the layout of the project. This, as a result, caused a delay in the delivery of the PDF which we originally projected to be Mid November. After dealing with the whole situation and getting things back on track we’re now projecting a PDF release of the book for early January. With that said, we are going to earnestly try to provide a backer only “first look” of the book sometime before that so you aren’t far off now.  

ARCADE MODE STANDALONE - No real update on this at the moment, but again it is simply something supplemental we’ve decided we’ll do. The content that is core to the campaign is obviously far more important to us, so this remains on the back burner until we have a bigger chunk of the materials out to you all.  

PHYSICAL ACCESSORIES - Again, not much of an update to give on this compared to the past update. The design for them is all set, and we should be good to ship these out with the Gamemaster’s Guide as previously noted.  

STRAIN SERIES: CHIMERA & ZOMBV - These have been sitting on the backburner for a little while as we’ve been focused on the core content, though both were well into development before this happened. As we approach the close of the core content work these will soon be moving back into active development and should release over the course of 2019. Also, we may have some plans in mind that would allow backers to get involved some in the final development of some of the content for these products, but we’ll discuss that more down the road.

SHORT STORY - We’ve decided on a home for the short story by Jennifer Brozek, and that will be the Gamemaster’s Guide. We think it serves as some good flavor to get the creative juices flowing for the aspiring GM. That means, much like the book itself, you’ll have this pretty soon and we’re excited for you to be able to check it out.

SYRINSCAPE SOUNDSET - We’re very pleased to let you all know that the process for this is well underway since the last update, and the team have been doing a review of the initial set for the past couple days so we can pass on our first review notes. We’ve also scheduled a recording session to get some of our more ‘Defined’ opponents in place. Gluttons, Banshees, Etc. Needless to say, things are coming along nicely, and we’re very excited that we should be able to see some fairly quick turnaround on this awesome addition to the OU toolset.

Hunters Entertainment DISCORD!

Posted by Hunters Books (Creator)

Hey Survivors!

We've had some feedback that not everyone wants to use facebook groups or public social media to discuss the elements/rules/merits of Outbreak: Undead. We honestly respect and fully endorse privacy (as good preppers should), and as a result. Have made a private discord channel which we are giving to YOU our backers first.

Join us!
Join us!

Hope to see you there Survivors!