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The 2nd edition to the cult Survival Horror RPG - Outbreak: Undead is here. Play Yourself as a Character and test your Survival Plan!
The 2nd edition to the cult Survival Horror RPG - Outbreak: Undead is here. Play Yourself as a Character and test your Survival Plan!
589 backers pledged $59,295 to help bring this project to life.

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July Project Update

Posted by Alex Huilman (Collaborator)

Greetings to you survivors all around the globe!

Making Packages

This month we don't have some long and drawn out update for you, just a real quick check-in to let you know that things are still on schedule.  Product is in the warehouses (except one of our US warehouses) as we previously noted, and is being sorted into individual shipments to be sent out to all of you.  

As just a real quick reminder, this shipment will be the remainder of all the physical products still outstanding on the project leaving just a few more digital items to go (and ones we anticipated being the last bits of the project).  That does mean you'll still have a little more content coming your way down the road yet, and we'll continue to provide you updates until all Stretch Goals are also in your hands.

US Backers - All packages should be shipped by end of next week

EU/CA Backers - We have a few items that need to be shipped to both Canada and Europe to see things through

AU Backers - All packages should be out by end of next week

Rest of World - They should go out with the US packages.

Backpacks - Once we know everything is on the way. We'll start shipping Bug out bags (they're in my storage unit as we speak).

GenCon Bound

In case you somehow weren't aware, Hunters Entertainment will be at GenCon this year as usual.  We have a whole slew of events going on including livestreams, game sessions, developer signings, and much more.  We even added more game sessions because all of them sold out nearly immediately, so if you missed out on the first batch be sure to hop on to the GC website to grab a ticket to one of the new offerings.  You can find a list of all the Hunters Entertainment offerings (excluding the developer signings, individual links for those to follow) following this link.

If you'd like to stop by one of our developer signings, here is the list of those:


And that about covers it for this update.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns don't hesitate to reach out.  As always, keep on surviving!

Shipping Details Update!

Posted by Alex Huilman (Collaborator)

Greeting Survivors around the globe.  We're back with a second update for this month, albeit a quick one, to bring you up to speed on the shipping situation.

Shipping Charges

We wanted to advise that on July 1st we will be charging cards for shipping.  So those of you who are getting physical products from this project you should see that hit your cards then.  We wanted to be sure to give you a little bit of a lead on this so you can be sure to have everything in order for that to process.

Fulfillment Beginning

The reason for processing the charges for shipping is that we will be running through fulfillment of your products over July here.  Yep, it is that time now so we're pretty excited to know you'll all have your books and accessories soon!  This will still leave our digital Stretch Goals left to fulfill, but we touched on that in the last update.


So, that covers this update, as promised just a quick little one to keep you all up to speed.  Keep on surviving!

June Check-in Update

Posted by Alex Huilman (Collaborator)

Hello again all of you wonderful survivors around the world!

As promised, we've got another monthly update for you on the status of the project and the remaining content.  Since we're getting toward the end this will, again, be a fairly quick rundown.

Core Products

So, this was the part that gave us a little bit of a delay in getting the update rolled out to you.  As it turns out, and is something we generally account for, there were some delays with things and we have been provided with an updated date to expect the content to make it to our US warehouses of July 9th.  Specifically, the cards and the dice were the culprits here.  

So, this is of course a delay, but it wasn't a overly drastic one.  As we noted in the previous update, once these products hit our warehouse we'll immediately begin the process of parceling it out to send out to our backers.  This is normally around a two week process to get things out domestically, but we'll of course let you know if anything comes up that slows the process just like with the shipping situation.  For our international backers, it is normally around a 4-6 week process to get everything out to you fine folks.

That should give you a general idea of when to be expecting your content.  We'll let you know if anything changes along the way.

Stretch Goals

For the two Strain Series supplements, we've at this point got things moved along to the editing process.  The timing on this can vary a bit, and as these mark the first official supplements for the line we're sorting out some things about how we expect the flow of these books to go which does extend the editing process a bit.  At this exact time we're not comfortable tossing out a specific date, though we hope to be able to do so by our next monthly check-in.

As for the Syrinscape soundset we did encounter some issues on the recording side for a couple of specific effects we wanted to include.  We've made the call to cut our loses for now on those particular effects and get the ball rolling forward with all the other great content cooked up for the set.  We are exploring options with the team at Syrinscape about potentially expanding on the pack at a later date so we can sort out the issues with the recordings and get these additional effects added in.  We'll let you know the status of that when we can comment further, but in any case we've got this progressing forward so we can get it out to all of you - and you can add that extra spice to your games.


That should just about cover it for this month.  As a quick little bonus, we do have some pictures to share with you of the proofs we got on the items.  For this round of sharing we'll do the dice, GM tokens, and the Player Placard.  Enjoy, and keep on surviving!

The final design of the official Outbreak dice set.
The final design of the official Outbreak dice set.
The GM tokens featuring Damage and Risk.
The GM tokens featuring Damage and Risk.
The final design of the Player Placard mat.
The final design of the Player Placard mat.

May Check-in Time!

Posted by Alex Huilman (Collaborator)

Greeting to all you survivors out there!

We're back again with your monthly check-in until we have this project fully completed and out to you.  As normal, this will be pretty quick with a focus on getting you the details.

Core Content

So, the remaining physical products.  We've had a few questions ping in on this since the last update, and we're happy to let you know the last of the physical products are on their way to the warehouses and are slated to arrive on the 20th.  At that point it will be a matter of splitting out the product for your individual shipments and sending them out.  In other words, we're not too far off now from you having the Gamemaster's Guide and all the accessories in your hands!  Once the products start rolling out for shipment we'll do a followup update here on the Project to let you all know, and that will likely come between this monthly update and the next.

As a quick note, for those outside of the US, while we are getting much closer to fulfillment we do anticipate it taking slightly longer to get into your hands simply due to the logistics of the shipping.  We'll be keeping you appraised, of course.

Stretch Goals

For the last of the Stretch Goal content we still have three items on the docket yet.  On the Syrinscape Soundset we're looking to get some studio time in here soon to be able to record a few special items we're going to need for that.  The first of our Strain Series books, ZOMBV, will be closing out the remaining development by the end of this month and will be moving into the Editing and Layout side of the process.  For our second Strain Series book, Chimera, the development side of that is now sitting at 50% of the desired page count, thus keeping it on target to follow right along ZOMBV in the pipeline.


Thanks for popping in for this quick rundown of the remaining content.  We're getting much closer now to having this project fully closed out.  Thanks again to all of you amazing folks for supporting us and bringing the 2nd Edition to life!

Your April Checkin

Posted by Alex Huilman (Collaborator)

Hey Survivors, 

We just wanted to drop by with a quick line to let you all know that the remaining physical products are arriving in our warehouses, and once everything has arrived at all locations we'll begin the process of getting your shipments out.  There are still a few things running on the production line yet, specifically cards, so we do have a bit more time until we can start up the fulfillment process here, but things are plugging along as expected.  Just wanted to make sure we kept you all in the loop.

As a quick reminder, we've been processing through anyone who has let us know that they did not get their link for the Gamemaster's Guide PDF - if you still do not have your link to download the Gamemaster's Guide PDF please let us know as soon as possible so we can be sure to get that over to you!

That covers it for this brief update - keep on surviving!