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I'm going to snorkel and freedive in the coral reefs of the Florida Keys to draw underwater and I need your help to do it!

We did it!!! In less than 4 days we raised the $1000 necessary to make this project happen. It’s really GOING TO HAPPEN!!! You guys are too fucking awesome. THANK YOU!

We don’t have to stop yet!

Any funding received past the $1000 will be used to make this project even more awesome. My friends documenting the trip above and below water planned on paying their own way to come along and help out so let’s help THEM get their asses out there! 

Perhaps I can scuba dive for one day of the trip to draw in deeper waters or install an entire interactive aquarium at my first show…Let’s do it!

All the rewards are still up for grabs so KEEP SHARING & KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!

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Let's draw underwater!!! But how?

Hunter (hello!) + the Florida Keys + Snorkel Gear + Homemade Waterproof Sketchbooks + Y O U = YES!!!

For three days straight I'm going to snorkel and freedive in the thriving coral reefs of the Florida Keys to draw and draw and draw whatever I think is going on down there.

Perhaps I'll draw lobsters mating or a brilliant school of scholarly fish riding the bus. Perhaps I'll draw a shark wrestling a parrotfish or an eel playing the harmonica in his cave. Perhaps I'll see all of these wonderful sights and just end up drawing an awkward portrait of the snorkeling boat captain. The only thing I know for sure is this is going to be totally fucking awesome & totally underwater.

At the end of each day I'll return to land to ink & watercolor the worst drawings to be used in my first ever solo exhibition at Studio@620, opening January 27th, 2012!

For this to be totally awesome, we need snorkel gear, waterproof Yupo paper, pencils, tickets for boat rides out to the reefs, a campsite, and a waterproof GoPro HD Video Camera to help make a kiQa55 documentary of this adventure. 

I have an entire itinerary ready to go, my supplies and equipment are picked out and waiting, I know the names of the captains of the snorkeling boats I’ll be riding with, I’ve studied the driving directions, and I’ve got a lot of friends ready to help. The only thing I need now is YOU!

I need YOUR help in bold italics!

If you know somebody, anybody, who would be interested in this underwater drawing project, do share! Explain to your dentist Frank, your high-school crush Ariel, your mother-in-law Margaret, and of course your best friend Dave how fucking cool you are because you helped make this project happen.

You can see more of my work @!

If you have a question or just want to say hello, email me! ~> iwantmore(at) <~


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    I'll send you a handwritten thank-you postcard from the Florida Keys!

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    A 5"x7" linoleum block print inspired by the adventure is now yours! But wouldn't you rather have an original drawing?

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    YES!!! For you, an original 5"x7" underwater drawing from the adventure! But why stop now?

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    Allow me to place the original 5"x7" underwater drawing you just got yourself in an awesome handmade frame! You'll also receive a thank-you letter and seashells from the adventure. Or for a little more...

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    You get that framed original 5"x7" underwater drawing, a block print inspired by the adventure, a mysterious undeveloped disposable camera from the trip, and a weird Florida Keys souvenir t-shirt accompanied by a handwritten thank-you note.

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    You must care about this project a lot. For you, a huge, original, 10"x14" underwater drawing in a handmade frame! You'll also get the print and postcard mentioned above, a developed disposable camera from the adventure with short poems written on the back of each picture, a weird Florida Keys souvenir t-shirt, a shout-out of your choice at the end of our documentary, and a personal phone call from me at the end of each day of the adventure to let you how it's going.

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    You are either out of your mind or you absolutely love this project. I hope it's both. For you, EVERYTHING listed above! Go through 'em one more time and see if you can handle all that cool'll wear a t-shirt of your face every day of the trip and engage random strangers in conversation about how cool you are. (It will be included in the documentary, of course.) Becoming best friends forever is inevitable.

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