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A standards based Geography curriculum for middle school, taught through the scenario of a Zombie Apocalypse.
A standards based Geography curriculum for middle school, taught through the scenario of a Zombie Apocalypse.
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    1. Sally Robinson on

      Hi David,

      Just wanted to let you know that I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the development of ZBL through this Kickstarter and your other social updates. How you found the time to get all this done amazes me. Let me know if you have any future projects or when it's time to fund ZBL v2.


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      Kara Thomas on

      Opps just saw the e-mail. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kara Thomas on

      Yay! It's October!! Any idea when we can expect the download? Thanks! :)

    4. njl on

      The project. Wil be used in the Netherlands for english and geo.( sorry for the typo faults its BlackBerry junk )

    5. Virginia

      Thanks for the updates! I know a great product requires patience and appreciation! We will have tons of fun whenever the project arrives...the natives were just getting restless so I thought I'd ask. Keep cranking it out and we will be sure to enjoy it when we get it.

    6. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      Hi Virginia. Thanks for asking. The estimated delivery for the digital download is October. I'm spending this summer working on it, so it sounds like you won't be able to use it for this summer. I teach full time during the school year, so summer is the only time I have to get a lot of this done. I have been working on it everyday since school has let out, pretty obsessively. It is going well, but still not ready to be used. I will definitely let you know if anything changes, but I'm not expecting to get it done early. I hope you will be able to use it later, it is turning out great!

    7. Virginia

      Can anyone let me know when we can expect to get this. Hoping to plan a summer project around this but the summer is getting away from us. Thanks!

    8. Virginia

      So, when can we guess that this will get into the mail to us? Can't wait! Thanks!

    9. Becky and Nick Sayers on

      Congrats on more than doubling your goal! Can't wait to see this going into effect in schools.

    10. Tamara on

      I am very excited about this project. I am a new teacher and am excited about using something like this in the classroom. I hope all goes well! I

    11. Omer Golan-Joel on

      I wish I had teachers as open-minded and cool as you are back when I were in school... Your students are very fortunate!

    12. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      Shirts will be available in Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large. They'll be american apparel, who I think runs their sizes a little small. Those are the only sizes available where I am printing them. Thanks for asking!

    13. Jason Eifling on

      Sounds like a great learning activity for students...already looking forward to next year and how to include this concept.

      T-shirt question - - Will you have all sizes available?

    14. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      @GMD in the poster it is a rocket. It's a poster of Disney's Rocket to the Moon ride.

    15. RossKWolfe on

      This project looks great. I just wish I could have donated more.

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      Victoria Salbi on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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      Alex on

      You Sir, are a genius. As a geography major and Zombie enthusiast...this makes me want to re-consider teaching.

    18. GMD Studios on

      So my big question, is that a lighthouse or a spaceship in the print behind your head in the latest video?

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      Nomad on

      Hello David,

      After some struggle I was able to get my Undead based course approved. I am using the Undead as the core of my First Year Seminar. I am going to teach first semester freshpersons how to survive in college by teaching them how to survive a siege by the Undead.

      I look forward to your ZBL books and teaching material. I might use your loot as giveaways for my class. (I might keep it for my Undead Museum, so future classes can enjoy it.)

      I have spread the word about your project among my friends and family. I will be telling my students about it.

      Throw away that box and keep thinking!

    20. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      excuse all those typos and errors, I was trying to type this fast and didn't proofread.

    21. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      Hi Jung! At this point, with this many t-shirt orders, we may be able to have a couple of different options for people to choose from. I know that they will be a very large and colorful print on the front of the shirt. I love dye-sublimation, as it actually dies the image (even photographs) into the fabric, keeping the shirt soft and looking great.

      Right now I've got some concept ideas, and just after funding comes in, I'll work with a designer to put together some awesome shirts, then get the backers feedback. I've discussed a couple concepts briefly with some of my students.
      I mentioned a zombie eating a textbook, maybe on a schoolyard behind a chain link fence.
      They suggested:
      a zombie in a graduation gown
      a zombie looking at a map
      a zombie sitting on a globe with a bite take out of it

      I should also mention what I am thinking for graphics. I imagine them to be not REALLY cartoony and a bit more toward the comic book illustration style. However, and I know there may be mixed feelings about this: I'm planning to keep blood, spilled brains, organs, and other stringy flesh bits to an absolute minimum. I think we can have zombies that engage students but don't make the more squeamish sick or give them nightmares. (maybe we could have an alternative set with really cartoony illustrations for kids with a low zombie-tolerance).

    22. Julian Ridden

      This is one of the best examples of narrative driven learning used for engagement that I think I have ever seen. You have my heart, my money and my mind. Just dont go giving any of them to your zombie hoard.

      Trying to spread the love as far and wide as I can for you

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      Jung Kim on

      I'm curious about what the zombie shirt will look like :P

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      Heather Kelley on

      Your students are excited by your cool, creative project! Thank you for sharing your ideas with them. Good luck!
      Heather Kelley (Taylor's mom)

    25. Missing avatar

      Jung Kim on

      The website is a great idea! I hope you can set it up and help teachers all across the world!

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      Tony D'Achino on


      This is so awesome. I had a few zombie lessons myself for teaching ECon to high schoolers and it really helps engage them. This is such amazing work and i just had to back it. A social studies teacher myself, I cant back as much as I would like but I hope that it help and I am super excited to get the downloads later this year!!

      Great work Mr. Hunter.

    27. Stentor Danielson on

      Your idea for using additional funds sounds great. I think it would be an awesome resource for educators to have that kind of guidance in curriculum design.

    28. Karin Crighton on

      Yes to your website proposal with the extra funding. Giving teachers a community to work together is always a wonderful thing!

    29. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      I see one of my poet students is on here! Hello Julian!

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      Julian Wong on

      I am a magical pie that can fly in the sky when i die and i lie then i sigh

    31. inSANEmom on

      I've read the requests of a lot of Kickstarter projects. Though many have been interesting, none have tempted me to be a backer. Until now. I love this idea and can't wait to give it a try. I am a homeschool mom to two kids... a rising 5th grader and a rising 8th grader. This will be our geography curriculum next year! If you have any questions about using the curriculum from a homeschooling perspective, please let me know! I'd be glad to help.

    32. ET3D on

      Congratulations on getting funded. I just found out about this project, and I like the concept a lot. Not that I could use it for anything, given that my kids (and myself) aren't native English speakers, plus it will be quite a few years until they'll be at an age to learn this stuff (or even know what Zombies are). So basically I just put in $1 because I loved A-ha in the day and enjoy dancing (wasn't a professional, but I was part of a couple of hobbyist dance groups).

    33. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      Yes Kara. Everything over $15 gets the downloads. Thanks for asking!

    34. Missing avatar

      Kara Thomas on

      For $30 and $35 you get the hardcopy teaching resource book (plus downloads).
      For anything over $45 you get a hardcopy of the teaching resource book and the student book.

      I'm sorry to be thick, but does the $45 get the downloads as well? Thanks.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jung Kim on

      I'm not picky about the format as long as each step of the designing process is explained well, along with some diagrams if necessary :) I guess the PDF format would be the easiest for you to make, and would get the job done.

    36. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      And Jung, I've added a couple of FAQ at the bottom of the project home page that might answer your questions about the difference between the TEACHER book and the STUDENT book.

    37. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      Jung Kim! That is a great idea! I would love to do something to help other curriculum designers create their own standards and interest based curriculum. I'm definitely going to think about this over the weekend.

      Any idea on what format you would be interested in for something like this?

    38. Missing avatar

      Jung Kim on

      Thanks for the clarification.
      And could you possibly have as a stretch goal a write-up on how you developed the program? As much as I am interested in zombie-based learning, I would be far more interested in how you generally create a program like this, since you seem to have extensive experience working with curriculum and national standards. You address parts of it in your video for teachers, but I was hoping for more insights into the process.

    39. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      Sorry about the clarity around the "book" in some of the rewards. I would edit them, but I can't edit rewards after people have funded them.
      For $15 you get a digital download of the teaching resource book, and the student book.
      For $30 and $35 you get the hardcopy teaching resource book (plus downloads).
      For anything over $45 you get a hardcopy of the teaching resource book and the student book.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jung Kim on

      Could I ask what the difference between the zombie based learning book and the teaching resource book is? And would I be correct to assume that the $35 pledge is for the teaching resource book, and not just the zombie based learning book?

    41. Missing avatar

      Jung Kim on

      Could I ask what the difference between the zombie based learning book and the teaching resource book is? And would I be correct to assume that the $35 pledge is for the teaching resource book, and not just the zombie based learning book?

    42. Talina Loren on

      Yeah!! The goal has been reached. I can not wait until November to see this completed project!

    43. Loren Strand on

      Zombies + learning + humor = genius! An outstanding way to teach young minds geography in an inventive and engaging manner. There is no doubt in my mind this will be fully funded. Kudos on the approach to spread the idea through a Creative Commons license. Cheers!

    44. Greg Wah on

      I'm a science teacher here in Australia and I always love seeing new and exciting ideas to engage students

    45. Crystal Criswell on

      This is such a fantastic idea! I really hope you are successful, and if so, you should consider taking it a step further and adding a video game. This is just the kind of idea that Jane McGonigal (author of "Reality is Broken") would probably love. Good luck, and I can't wait to get my digital download so I can teach my 6th grade son what the school has woefully neglected to teach.

    46. David Hunter 3-time creator on

      Thanks Sally! I recognized you as someone from way back then! Thanks for the support!

    47. Sally Robinson on

      wow, David, you've come a long way since Gardner, MA. good luck getting funded.