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Hungry Fins: The Game's video poster

Help Fins discover new food and meet new friends! By donating you can help bring this little guy to life and send him on his adventure! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 21, 2012.

Help Fins discover new food and meet new friends! By donating you can help bring this little guy to life and send him on his adventure!

About this project

Please help us raise enough money and awareness to make our game, Hungry Fins, come to life!  If we do not reach our goal by May 20th we will sadly receive none of our funding and may not be able to complete this game.  So please tell your friends, too!  

Hooooooome stretch!

**And the newest!**  Music!

Check out a sample clip from some in-game music!

**Even Newer!** A sample menu!

**New!** Some new concept art!

Behold the dark depths:

Tweaking the shallows:

Oh, and did we mention zombies?

That's right.  If we make our funding goal, poor Fins may just find himself a little, shall we say, undead.  Because as popular media has taught us, everything is better with zombies! 

But time is running out!  


What is Hungry Fins?

A beautiful, 2D side-scrolling survival game that tells the story of our main man Fins.  Fins is hungry and is heading out on an adventure to seek out new food and make new friends!  Smooth and simple gameplay, Hungry Fins is easy to learn, but with level after level of lush and challenging environments to keep you coming back for more.  

Tell me about the game!

The only thing our hero Fins loves more than adventure is food... wait, or was that the other way around?  In Hungry Fins, you'll help hungry little Fins and his friends on an adventure of food, fun and frenzy! Explore new places, collect items, but don't let Fins get too hungry or he'll run out of energy to keep swimming!  

Each game is different as you choose between Fins or any one of his unlockable friends, each with their own special power up-- choose a fish, pick your power ups and head out into the open ocean see how far you can go this time!  Swim wisely and you may find yourself in lands you've never dreamed of with new terrain and new foods.  Swim not-so-wisely and run out of energy, forcing poor Fins to the bottom of the ocean with a grumbly tummy.   

In Hungry Fins the terrain is generated randomly, keeping the adventure fresh and new each time you play.  Along the way you'll collect Starlings, which you can use to unlock new items throughout the game, including Fins' friends (we've got some pretty great surprises we're throwing in if we are able reach our goals; stay tuned as we get closer to our milestone!).  Best of all, we've peppered the game with cool visual effects, lush landscapes and beautiful artwork.  A perfect balance of heart-speeding adrenaline and Zen-like calm that will give instant re-playability for all ages!  Challenge yourself or your friends to see who can take Fins the farthest.  Oh, yeah, and watch out for that Evil Broccoli (tm)!


The basic gameplay mechanic is a side-scrolling, single-touch survival game.  Each time you play you'll have to eat food to keep Fins from sinking to the bottom.  The farther you travel, the deeper you'll take Fins on his adventure, traveling through a wide range of terrains from the cheery shallows to the deep, dark depths, and even through a fish!   Along the way you'll find various power-ups to take your game to the next level with crazy levels of acceleration and assorted surprise powers.

The deeper you go, however, the harder it will be to find food.  Not to mention the Evil Broccoli likes nothing more than hiding in the depths-- mistake the broccoli for a tasty meal and you'll take a tumble, and have to scramble to recover before Fins gets too hungry to go on.  Swim without collision, though, and you'll take Fins to his maximum speed, traveling farther than ever before and enjoying some special surprises we have in store.

The game is intended for all ages.  

Sample Screenshots

You can see some of our initial concept shots below.  These are just teasers-- we have lots of great stuff in store if we can reach our fundraising goals!  


But... we need your help!

After exhausting our backup supply of ramen noodles and scouring the earthquake kit for canned goods, we've just about done all we can do with our combined resources.  We need YOUR HELP to bring Fins and his friends to life!

We believe that video games have the power to transport people to amazing places, even if for a moment.  We may not be able to fix the world, but we can make it a bit more fun!  Hungry Fins is going to be no exception-- we're pouring our heart and souls into this underwater adventure and we hope you'll join us.  It's going to be awesome!

Outside of our regular jobs, the team works hard every spare moment on Hungry Fins.  We're in need of a little help to gather the resources and to continue to be able to put everything necessary into making this game happen (not to mention fantastic).  So we're asking you to consider supporting our efforts to bring Hungry Fins to life.  We'll share our own adventure with you along the way, not to mention our undying gratitude!  

Please pledge what you can and help us make this dream everyone's reality!

PepperDev Studio

PepperDev Studio is a Vancouver-based startup with a very proud team of hard-working, game-loving, fish-feeding, energetic folks.  Together we all share a dream of creating something awesome, and we're all driven by the challenge of pushing ourselves and our games to the next level.  Passionate about Vancouver and indie game development, we want to give back to our community in every way that we can.  Please don't be shy to reach out to us!

Meet our team!

Lead Developer, Kimberly Voll: When she’s not waxing on and waxing off at the dojo or out for an evening run, Kim enjoys late-night coding sessions by the light of her fish tank.   She holds a PhD in computer science and specializes in artificial intelligence, user experience, game design, and education. Not one to sit still for long, she loves martial arts, jogging, drawing, and is passionate about helping others whenever and however she can. Obsessed with video games since the age of two, the team suspects that she dresses up like Samus when no one is looking!

Creative Director, Devon Drumm: Creative and passionate, Devon is the talented artist behind the stunning visuals that are really bringing our game to life.  Settling for nothing short of perfection, Devon works hard to ensure that the Hungry Fins vision stays true and that the team is always on task and on target.  The team relies on Devon's keen eye to detail to make sure that our final product is nothing short of awesome!  An avid fan of Zelda, when Devon isn't trying to rescue a princess, he spends his time fantasizing about tropical climates. The team is pretty sure that they’ve even seen a Nintendo 3DS in his earthquake survival kit!

Audio Engineer, Ben Lam: When not frolicking in the outback with kangaroos or enjoying a cold Fosters with Paul Hogan, Ben can be found watching old Russell Crowe movies and listening to Keith Urban.  Although he’ll never admit it, the team feels that these early influences drove him into audio engineering.  Whatever it was it worked and Ben has the talent and awards to prove it.  When not hard at work on Hungry Fins' underwater ambience, Ben likes sending FarmVille requests to the team (though he insists his favourite game is actually Team Fortress 2).  Ben is always up for a challenge!

Marketing and Production, Mark Brown: After losing an "American Gladiator" style match to Kim during character development, Mark stormed off swearing to name his first-born child “Garbonzo”!  He emerged some days later off the Grouse Grind battered and bruised but ready to accept democracy back into his life.  Mark takes the most joy in the long hours of the product design and planning stage with Devon’s perfectionism at his side.  That reminds this author, we will also accept in-kind donations in the form of fair trade organic coffee.  Although never defeating the Zerg with his Protoss Carriers, his favorite video game still remains Starcraft!  We must warn the reader that this is contrary to his Openfeint profile that proudly displays his bejeweled high score!

Marketing and Management, Ryan Harris: If you’re in Shanghai and download Hungry Fins, Ryan is to thank.  Between working on his squash game and winterizing his lawn, Ryan is the envy of most retirees in the community.  With his fancy finance degree he plans on giving Dr. Evil a run for his money for world domination by helping Hungry Fins become an international household brand.  Always optimistic, Ryan is currently in talks with major A-list Hollywood celebs for the right of first refusal to play the voice of Fins and The Evil Broccoli in the first full length feature film.  After going through his first round of treatment for his addiction to “Worms” on Super Nintendo, Ryan sought to fill the void with Halo.  He awoke 15 days later washed ashore on a deserted island but returned home to see a high-score that has yet to be broken.

This is PepperDev Studio's first title for the iPhone!

Some of our great thank-you rewards!

For $10, choose a postcard with a personal hello and thank you by the team!

For $50, choose from one of our four great posters designed by our very talented artist.

Or, really get into the game at the $100 level by getting into one of our fine t-shirts!

Thank you so much for supporting us! 


  • Yes! Right now we're concentrating our energy on iOS as our time and resources are very limited. But if we reach our funding here on Kickstarter, our goal is ensure we push out an Android and Windows phone version, and ultimately a PC version.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely! We're super excited that you want to pledge your support, and our backer levels include other goodies in addition to the iOS version. Plus, as mentioned above, we're working to come out with other versions, too, so hopefully we'll have a version on your phone soon!

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  • That's right. So it's really important that we get the word out there and get your friends excited about Hungry Fins, too.

    Last updated:
  • We like to think positively here! But in case that happens, we're not giving up. We believe in this game and we want to make it happen. However, without the funding we will have to regroup and solve some issues that will impact our ability to finish Hungry Fins.

    Rest assured, we would never have started this project if we didn't plan to do everything to make it happen!

    Last updated:
  • Our game is going to share some similarities with survival-style, single-touch games because it is one! But aside from belonging to a genre, that's where the similarities will end. We are confident that what we're bringing you is a lush, immersive experience unlike any other game out there. We've got lots of goodies, visual variety, and some pretty cool in-game elements that we're not going to reveal here (top secret, muhaha!).

    We have you, our player, in mind, and we're making this game awesome-- just for you! <3

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    Be one of the first to play Hungry Fins! You'll receive a copy of the game for your iPhone and an exclusive Hungry Fins Wallpaper.

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    The above reward plus an original artwork postcard signed by the Hungry Fins Team!

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    All of the above rewards plus a digital download of the Hungry Fins soundtrack!

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    All of the above rewards plus an official game poster! Plus receive regular project updates with our Private VIP mailing list! (Please allow $10 for delivery outside of the US or Canada.)

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    **NEW** All of the above rewards plus a NON autographed Hungry Fins t-shirt. (Please allow $10 for delivery outside of the US or Canada.)

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    .All of the above rewards plus a Hungry Fins t-shirt autographed by the whole team! (Please allow $10 for delivery outside of the US or Canada.)

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    Pledge $150 or more

    3 backers

    **NEW** All of the above rewards plus an autographed piece of art from the game (perfect for framing)! (Please allow $10 for delivery outside of the US or Canada.)

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    Pledge $500 or more

    1 backer Limited (49 left of 50)

    All of the above rewards plus become a private beta tester for Hungry Fins! Receive a special thank you in our list of credits in the game!

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    Pledge $750 or more

    2 backers Limited (3 left of 5)

    **NOW AVAILABLE AT A LOWER PLEDGE LEVEL** All of the above rewards plus a chance to name and design an official Hungry Fins Character*!

    (*All final edits subject to studio approval.)

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    1 backer Limited (3 left of 4)

    **NOW AVAILABLE AT A LOWER PLEDGE LEVEL** All of the above rewards plus a chance to help design an exclusive Hungry Fins level*!

    (*All final edits subject to studio approval.)

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