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A Documentary with Jaz O’Hara telling the human stories from the worst refugee crisis since WW2
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This month we are travelling to Eastern Europe, the gateway of the EU, to create a documentary with Jaz O’Hara telling the stories of the tens of thousands of refugees trapped there.

We have been incredibly moved by Jaz’s work in The Jungle of Calais, raising awareness and donations to aid the human beings fighting for survival there.

Sadly, the suffering of thousands in Calais represents just 1% of the wider humanitarian crisis affecting Europe.

This week, Hungary completed a 108-mile (175 km) razor wire barrier to prevent asylum seekers and migrants trying to cross from Serbia. Dubbed the “Hungarian Wall”, this is just another superficial attempt by politicians to win votes rather than solve the crisis. A 13-foot fence is due for completion by the end of October.

Widely reported as the worst refugee crisis since World War 2, this is our opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past that allowed the rise of fascist nationalism. We feel the moral response to this terrible human suffering cannot include walls, criminalisation and dehumanisation.

All of your pledges raised in this campaign will go towards creating this documentary which will be used to directly put pressure on our governments.

Jaz O'Hara
Jaz O'Hara

We know that there are many ways in which you can help and donate towards this cause, all of them are worthy. For us, storytelling is a way to connect with the people and tell their emotive stories. It's a tool we can use to raise even more awareness through social media and send off to our governments to take notice of these stories that are laid bare in front of them - It's harder to ignore a video! It's a way of humanising the term "refugee", of connecting with people.

Meet The Team

Director/Producer: My name is Jasmine Hetherington-Wilkes and I’m a 26 year old director from Brighton specialising in documentary film-making. I make films for charities, social enterprises and small business. My films have won awards globally including gaining interest from documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlocks production company in North America. More recently a video I've directed has just reached 210K views on vimeo. My aim is to tell the stories of the people at the Serbian Hungarian boarder and highlight that more action needs to be taken, producing a captivating documentary that can aid social pressure.

Presenter: Jaz O’Hara is a 25 year old fashion graduate specialising in ethical and sustainable clothing, who recently travelled the 2 hour journey from her home in Kent to the refugee camp in Calais and was shocked by what she found. She has inspired thousands in the UK to donate much needed clothing and equipment and to put pressure on the British government to do more than close our borders and turn our back on what is happening. Jaz will lead the documentary as we talk to the people.

How will the money be used?

We are making a documentary about a journey; the journey that thousands are risking from Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea and Sudan to escape war and persecution. We will use your pledges for travel, accommodation and car hire for 5 days. All money raised on Kickstarter will go towards the production of the film and the distribution once it is finished.

We hope to use this documentary to add to the growing online pressure on EU governments to allow refugees a new life within our borders. 

When are we going?

We will be travelling the week of the 14th September.  We will then edit the documentary and aim to release it as soon as possible this autumn - although how soon this is possible depends on how much money we raise!

Whats the plan for release?

We will be sending it to our MPs and government ministers, amongst others, this autumn as they return from their summer holidays. We will release a couple of different versions. One will be optimised for social media (three mins) for sharing and creating even more awareness about the situation. We will be making a longer version of about 7-10 mins and if we get enough footage will release a 20/30min documentary which can circulate film festivals worldwide.

The refugee crisis is the worst Europe has seen since WW2. We feel that our government and David Cameron has initially ignored the problem, and then denied any responsibility to save the lives of people fleeing war and persecution. We feel that if the British government is willing to consider bombing Syria to save lives, surely we must also consider opening our doors to refugees too! We feel the best way to pressurise our government from a grassroots level is through social media and the internet, and to do this we need effective, accurate and current documentary footage of the crisis.


Risks and challenges

We will be working in a hostile political environment. The possibility that we will encounter resistance from government and local organisations is real. We are an experienced group of professionals who have many years between us working in complex political and social areas. Safety will be our priority, not only ourselves but those we interview.

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