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      Jonathan Chisdes on

      I don't understand what happened. Why was funding canceled? What does this mean?

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      Justin Eugene Evans (deleted) Creator on

      William -

      Regarding your friend's quote, I'm not sure what he's referring or the other festivals. However, this is easy to explain. 99% of festivals do not share revenue with filmmakers nor focus on quality exhibition. They exist to pay the salaries of their board members and directors. What makes us different from other festivals is our commitment to splitting the box office with filmmakers, providing them with travel expenses, hotel rooms and meals. Our dedication to quality exhibition is the final major distinction.

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      Justin Eugene Evans (deleted) Creator on

      William -

      Thanks for the comment! My email is It's on the NMIFF website, but I agree we should add it to the facebook page.

      - Justin

    4. William D. Razo on

      Please have a link somewhere on your websites or FB accounts where people may contact you directly. For now, I have someone who would like to donate, but has a question. His partial quote: "...but I have been unable to find out what they mean by "this kind of festival."

    5. Tom Vaughan on

      Make this work! I am convinced it would be good for a lot of people if it does.

    6. Saskia on

      Avidly following.

    7. Zak Forsman on

      I would very much like to see this model succeed. And I know others do as well.