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Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
9,389 backers pledged $531,898 to help bring this project to life.

Colors Done, Extended USB-C: The Last Hurdle

Posted by Human Things (Creator)

A lot of you should be getting Genki this week

Half of the packages we've shipped have arrived!
Half of the packages we've shipped have arrived!

I totally empathize with everyone who has had a vague to tracking update, our fulfillment team has been clear with us that there will be a lot of tracking update delays and no one really understands what most of these cryptic postal messages even mean - it can feel like the package is "in transit" forever.  The good news is that packages are moving, the 2% exception there seems to be mostly Germany customs which likes to hold packages for approximately a week it seems.  We've had a few returned packages that we'll have to hunt down in our fulfillment warehouse and many of you lucky people will receive Genki today.  

The Info Received group has dramatically become unstuck since last update and we're very very actively following up with those remaining.  If you've been in transit for over a week, don't give up, seriously most of the comments I see on Kickstarter by the time I reply they've already received it.  Please be patient, we can't really do much on our end besides throw our fist into the sky and curse it and occasionally bug our fulfillment vendor who probably does the same secretly.

As for those lucky enough on the other side of the fence, we've heard a lot of people regretting not getting the dock adapter or the portable stand.  After the holidays when most of the dust has settled and all the shipments out the door we'll start to plan for more longer term warehouse solutions as it doesn't make sense to send out a dock adapter or even a replacement case out globally - it just wouldn't be sustainable so we'll have something up soon but please have some patience in setting this up.  Oh and please share photos of Genki, tag us on Instagram at #genkiaccessories - we love this stuff.

Mr. Hable the wait is almost over!
Mr. Hable the wait is almost over!

If for some reason you think your order should've shipped but you never received an email we swear Backerkit must be blocked and set as spam for almost everyone - ifyou still don't know where to find your tracking number on your Backerkit page by logging into and pasting your tracking number in  If the page doesn't show a tracking number it means we just shipped out your 'other color' category or we're still working on extended heads (more info below)

Someone Requested an FAQ

So I think out of the 3,385 packages that were shipped we had like 10 packages that had become sort of dead on arrival, while most of the troubleshooting can be done with these quick fixes that Andrew has compiled for us with some awesome support from the comments community (shoutout to Mike S):

My Genki doesn't pair - again one of the most popular questions, first thing you have to figure out is how to put your headphone into pairing mode.  It usually involves holding a button on your headphone or charging case till something blinks repeatedly, if you need more details consult your headphone instruction manual or just google "how to pair xyz headphone"

Audio sounds distorted or low volume - this is kind of rare but apparently it's been discovered that some headphones that have the ability to be paired simultaneously to two sources can react like this.  Please disconnect your headphone from other devices (mainly smartphones) to see if that does the trick.  And if its just a volume issue try adjusting the volume on both the Switch and directly on your headphones.

How does latency work - usually codecs tell the whole story about latency but we're starting to find a lot of headphones that inherently have bad latency.  Check your headphones at a site like for latency reviews or just google "latency xyz headphone" and you might be able to find a firmware update. aptX-LL will always get you the best results but most headphones with AAC will be just fine.  We've found that the more bells and whistles a headphone has like 3D surround sound or multi-pairing capabilities tend to be more lagged.

There is no audio in docked mode - not sure if most people know this, but the dock actually has 3 USB-A ports, two on the left side and one sandwiched between the HDMI and power port in the back for the dock adapter to go in.  Do not use the USB-C power port for Genki, that will not work.  When you plug it in the upper left side of the screen should show a notification that it's connected to USB audio.

Genki pairs but audio still comes out of the Switch speakers - okay so this one is the ones that are most likely actually broken, the 10 I mentioned earlier.  In a rare occasion it seems like something is coming unsoldered and we've now included an extra quality check step to prevent one of these from slipping into delivery.

If you have encountered this problem, please email our awesome engineer will help diagnose and sort things... or if you just want to chat tech but please after the shipments go out.

Colors are Out the Door

Gaining the "Factory 15" is way worse than the "Freshman 15"
Gaining the "Factory 15" is way worse than the "Freshman 15"

 Holy crap, never again are we going to offer custom colors... I mean we thought what could go wrong but it seriously took us a lot longer to pack everyone's colors.  And getting the final the second round of pink buttons still weren't quite right so those were delayed till Wednesday so that they can be assembled and tested - we were packing till Saturday night.

Chris passing out in the factory Saturday night (and getting sickly)

If your part of this color batch we just sent out you'll know that the 3 of us probably worked in collaboration to hand pack your order.  That's 2,153 Genki's for the three of us to pack - and just to be upfront we aren't always perfect and we ended up having to unpack some orders and repack them and it's been a nightmare every time one of you ask for a color change or address change and then trying to match it with the right address and checking it off.  Anyways, best news of the week is that these colors are done and we just shipped them off for fulfillment.  Bear with us as we will get these tracking numbers up as soon as we can.

1,569 packages with a bunch of colorful Genki variations
1,569 packages with a bunch of colorful Genki variations

The Last Hurdle

Anyway, we're going to have to be upfront that if you ordered an extended head we are working our asses off to get them shipped out before the holidays but it probably won't arrive before Christmas.  We had to revamp the PCB to support it and it's been delayed twice and should be coming within 24 hours, then we'll have to assemble it, test it, and pack it into all remaining 884 packages - and then we'll hibernate till the end of the year.

And to my supportive wife Jennifer, sorry for not being able to get back home for our anniversary.  We were supposed to be done by now and now we're crossing our fingers we can make it home by the holidays. She's been a trooper and actually flew in the following weekend to check up and help out in our packing.  You may remember her from the KS video and has been graced upon the frontpage of Engadget and Gizmodo due to Genki madness.

Happy anniversary babe, it's sort of an exotic date night..?
Happy anniversary babe, it's sort of an exotic date night..?

With love and thanks, hope everyone's staying warm and with loved ones for the holidays,

Eddie and Team Genki

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    1. Alec Nevin on

      Last update for mine was "Sender is preparing item for posting" on December 16th. Tracking number has no updates since then.

    2. Dallon on

      Mine package (grey, standard length, no customization) supposedly left Hong Kong on the 7th. No update since, and no genki Bluetooth in my mail box.

    3. Daniel C. Henning on

      Got my Genki today! Everything about it is amazing and works great, though I'm still figuring out the voice chat stuff. Took me a sec to realize that I needed the boom mic plugged into the audio port and that it would not use the mic on my headset; after I plugged that in though it didn't appear to immediately work but after reseating stuff (boom mic first and Genki second) it appears that folks could hear me in Warframe on switch. Will keep playing around with it. Outside of that everything is amazing THANK YOU

    4. Missing avatar

      Shoogy Ohmai on

      I added the second kit on during the final check out process. but I am not seeing anything about it but I got charged for it

    5. Missing avatar

      Eidolon on

      My genki is stucked by the german Customs and they ask me a paymant of duty for 28.5€ that's almost as much as a genki itself ! What should I do for that?

    6. Jonas Wouters

      Thanks for the update. I'll give it some more time.

      According to bpost, if a shipment does not update for 5 or more workdays, the sender has to contact its shipping party... (13 workdays now)

      I've got another international shipment from the same region that did not update since the same day, so I'm guessing they are just delayed because of the holidays etc.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Wuertemberger on

      Just received mine today!!! Works like a dream, love the stand and case; so amazed by the outcome!! Thank you all for your hard work and design!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Trevor Stokes on

      Tried my GENKI out a few days ago and it is absolutely fantastic. No more freaking wire to deal with, no more being attached to my Switch physically. Also my Bluetooth headset is way nicer than my wired so the audio is unbelievably good for me now. Great product. Thanks for busting your asses to get it out this month. I've got a week off coming up and I know what I'll be doing!

    9. Missing avatar

      Laszlo Szilagyi on

      Just went to the post office to pick my Genki up today.
      I just wanted to say wow! You made some quality and working stuff there!

      I like the packaging, they way everything has a nice spot in the case. The stand looks nice and feels sturdy enough and most of all the Genki works without a hinch.

      Well done and thanks. Hope you can enjoy the year end now :)

    10. Human Things Creator on

      Erick - don’t worry too much about the shipping confirmation details too much the pack list is accurate and yes you have 2 dock adapters

      Lindsay - we have a few ideas in the pipeline to improve the Switch experience in other ways outside of audio :) More things that we wish existed and just aren’t out there..

      Jakob - it looks like yours hit the post office Dec 8th and latest status I see is Dec 10th that Austrian Post has it

      John - Awesome thanks John that means a lot to us!

      Philipp - done

      Will - It’s just the post office doing post office things, looks like the last update was Dec 20 that it was posted which I’m still confused as to what that means but its in transit and that’s what matters

      Jonas - looks like Belgian post took it, I think these mail programs have like a 2-way agreement like sometimes HK post will fly mail to Belgian and sometimes its Belgian mail flying back to HK - hopefully the Belgian post site will give you more details soon

      Tyga - wow that is a lot of pairs of Beats! We tried to google “beats low volume” and there seems to be a lot of reports but no one has a a good explanation why so we’re kind of lost here.

      Shoogy - umm where did you order your second one from?

      Mean - thanks Maan, just checking though I noticed you made a $0 pledge but didn’t pay/order a Genki? Just wanted to know if this was intentional?..

      Mackenzie - thanks, we definitely need it!

    11. Missing avatar

      Mackenzie knight on

      Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication! I hope you all get a long break when it’s all over :)

      Thanks for making the pink colors up to par. Can’t wait to get mine soon!

    12. Missing avatar

      Maan Zaini on

      You guys are working your butt off!!! Wow. Sorry for the stress, I hope you get a huge reward & compensation for this!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Tyga Maclin on

      Update to my post: tested AirPods and they work perfectly fine. It seems to be an issue with Genki and Beats headphones. I’ve tested brand new Powerbeats 3 Wireless, Solo 3, 2 sets of Studios and Solo 2.

    14. Missing avatar

      Shoogy Ohmai on

      Mine just shipped so I am a little disappointed it took so long but I am super excited to get it. my next question is that I ordered a second one and got charged for it when I was completing the payment process. when will that come in?

    15. Missing avatar

      Tyga Maclin on

      First off, thank you for the updates and I finally received mine. I love the stand, it’s very strong and perfect for setuping up to use a separate controller while on the go. The sound is very low on mine and I’ve tried all the suggestions that I’ve read here, including making sure that headphones are completely unpaired from smartphones. I even went ahead and bought a new pair of Beats and still it is very low. I’ve tried 5 different pairs of headphones with no luck. Is it possible there is something wrong with my Genki? I love how easy it is to pair and I want to really use this, but the sound is very low.

    16. Jonas Wouters

      I was hoping to have a shipment status update by now, but my tracking code does not show an updated since 12/4. Seems my package has been stuck for 2 weeks?

    17. Garry on

      I just opened my genki package :). Oh my god, the stand is the best! I haven't had a chance to try the genki itself.... I just had to comment on the stand it's so amazing.

      You don't know how many times me and my wife knocked over the switch at the airport with the flimsy built-in kickstand.

      It's amazing and I would have bought this on it's own if I saw it in a store. Fantastic job. If the genki is anything like the stand I'll be sooooo impressed. Great work!

    18. Will Gu on

      Hi, I was hoping to get an update on my shipment. I finally got a tracking email but the last update is from 12/5 that the information was received. Is mine stuck somewhere?

    19. Philipp Unterholzer on

      Hi guys, great news, I got the info that my genki has been shipped, but the tracking function doesn't work inside of backerkit, could you DM me the tracking number so I can keep an eye on it with my tracking app?

    20. Missing avatar

      Erick Washington on

      Hey guys got my shipping confirmation! Thanks so much. But one think just wanted to make sure that I’m receiving two dock adapters with my order. All I’m seeing is one on my order so I’m confused.

    21. John Goering on

      Got mine a few days ago and am BLOWN AWAY. This was better than I had expected. All the parts are high quality, the sound is great, the stand is super sturdy - LOVE it. Probably the best Kickstarter I've ever backed - from the communication to the shipping. Job well done, guys.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jakob on

      I´ve chosen a default color scheme, i think the "normal" blue/red neon version. And I thought you were doing them first. But I havn´t received any shipping notification, I only read in you updates that you are already shipping the custom colors.
      Did I understand anything wrong? I don´t need them for christmas so no stress to you, I was just curios and thought about asking you this time :)
      Don´t push yourselves to hard, you are doing a great great job!

    23. Lindsay Butler on

      I got my tracking number email. Yay! Hopefully it arrives before Xmas and hopefully it works as it should.

      Though I must reiterate, guys don't push yourselves too hard. I know a lot of frustrated people are impatient and demanding but remember you guys are human beings. Get things done of course, but don't push yourselves too hard. After this is done, you still have to continue on.

      After all, you still have the job of deciding... What should Human Things do next? Genki 2? Something else?

      You can't do that if your burnt out.

    24. Human Things Creator on

      Trevor, Michael N, - thanks!

      Jeffrey - it has shipped, like I said above have some patience as we get tracking numbers (these don’t magically email you when we send them)

      Landon - okay we’ll follow up on this and send out another if we don’t hear from fulfillment

      Candy - ah double hard one, we’ve got one part of it done and hope to tackle the last part soon

      Alex - no bother its because red/blue is custom in terms of assembly (as opposed to blue/red). Anyway it shipped along with the colors you should have tracking now

      Mike - haha Andrew actually did exactly that, thoroughly testing that one. But in all seriousness we now have a Switch at the final final stage to test every unit after assembly. (And happy to say after using the port 1,500 times it’s still good ;p). Oh and I totally screwed up the FAQ by not adding that part.. I literally just took Andrew’s write-up and made it more readable and forgot to include this. Argggh well we’ll try to have a more permanent place to house a more permanent FAQ haha.

      Daniel - So this is the dark secret of video smartphone apps, they can actually make up for the latency by actually delaying the video - It sounds like Netflix has that sorted out but not NBC. The best test is just to play a game on your phone as they never delay games for or you’d see control latency

      Steven K - sorry I just did a search through my email and didn’t find anything with your name but I’ll be honest my email is sitting at 730 unread and I’m someone who usually clears out my email everyday but it’s beating me. I try to limit myself to 500/day before I go crazy but its growing faster and faster. Usually I hope these updates can like answer more questions but it always generates more questions. Anyway we’ll get you a blue/red replacement but like you said it may be difficult to get it in time for the holidays. (There’s also a chance either Chris or Andrew read it and marked it as read and I didn’t see it but that shouldn’t happen often)

      Marco - please check your spam I can confirm its been shipped and you have tracking and that it is already on your Backerkit account

      Samantha - I have 7 Samantha’s and all of them have shipped - please look at your tracking number in Backerkit as it is confirmed there as mentioned in the update

      Edouard - Making the product awesome was the fun part - as far as executing the logistics in style man I don’t know

      Jobert - awesome :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Peter Choi on

      After being on hold for over 2 hours with USPS, I found out my wife had taken all our mail unbeknownst to me and has had the package in her hand for over a day. Thank you for the wonderful product.

    26. William Dutton on

      Well done on a delivery of a product within expected timeframes. I’m even more inclined to support your next product as you have shown you can delivery the goods (pun intended ;) ).

      For your retailer production sales maybe just include the extra colours in a baggy for the customer to swap or just sell the grey or black buttons only. The 3 in one is the best combo or just the adapter and unit since usb3 attachment is awesome.

      I know you pushed this for switch but This product has so much more potential for general purpose use.

      Case in point I plugged it into my work pc and I have not gotten it to my switch for over a week.

    27. Missing avatar

      Peter Choi on

      I have not received my package even though according to the USPS tracking # states it was delivered December 15th. I have been trying to contact USPS to find out the whereabouts of my shipment. Any idea how I can resolve this situation? Any help would be appreciated.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kristoff Brunet de Courssou on

      I got mine last week! It's well built and easy to set up. Sadly my Bluetooth headphones suffer from too much lag :( I'm using a Samsung Gear IconX 2018.

      Does the light on Genki stay on the entire time, or does it turn off after a while? I can imagine it will get annoying when playing in a dark room.

    29. Missing avatar

      Antonio Vargas on

      I received mines not too long ago and it's the only way I play with my Nintendo Switch now - docked or undocked! The Genki is awesome! Whoever came up with the idea to create a case similar to the Switch games' casing is a genius. It fits nicely in the accessories section of my Breath of the Wild Switch case.

      Thanks to the whole team for putting this together. This is the first project I backed on Kickstarter, and I'm glad it was you guys! The transparancy and professionalism you have all displayed throughout the entire process is amazing and very much appreciated.

      Even though I have finally received mines, I am rooting for you all to reach your goal of getting everything shipped and excited to see what the future holds for your team. I am looking forward to your next project. Happy holidays.

    30. Missing avatar

      Todd Applegate on

      I think I saw something in a previous update about an issue concerning the stand breaking the parts inside the case. That happened to me with one of the two Genki cases that I got. Was there a path for replacing the case?

    31. Missing avatar

      Alec Frey on

      As long as I don’t pull on it it will be fine to be used without a grip case?

    32. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update!

    33. Jobert Atienza on

      Just after reading the latest update, I checked my email and saw that my order shipped. Thanks guys for all your hard work!

    34. Human Things Creator on

      Just a quick note to all the extended USB-C head backers we prematurely sent out tracking numbers - the tracking numbers are real because we've paid for the shipping label but like as in the update they're not ready yet.

    35. Edouard Lafargue on

      Got mine this weekend, works great, and I am super impressed at the professionalism of the packaging, great finish and attention to detail, congratulations!

      It looks like you got into way more complexity than you were expecting - that's Kickstarter for you ;) - and you have managed to pull in off in style, seriously great job guys.

    36. Missing avatar

      Samantha on

      My order has been locked to ship since October but I haven't gotten a tracking for shipping. When should I expect that?

    37. Missing avatar

      Marco Panichi on

      No email or shipping confirmation recived, where i can find somrthing about my order?

    38. Steven King on

      Hello, I understand the difficulty you guys have had with the color buttons. I sent an email 10 days ago stating that I ordered 1 grey grey and 1 neon blue neon red and received both grey grey. While it isn’t a super big deal, it isn’t what I signed up for or wanted. I did say I was open to suggestions. I am disappointed that I didn’t get a response in 10 days and I fear that any solution will not be ready for Christmas because of this 10 day delay. (Yes I checked my spam and backer kit is not blocked, I received all emails for surveys and updates.). I’m flexible and understanding but it’s hard to understand no response.

    39. Daniel Picazo

      There seems to be some latency with my Bose Soundsport Free headphones, but it looks like they latency issues with some apps on phones as well (e.g. Netflix works fine but NBC Sports has bad latency). I'm going to try some other headphones when I get home, hopefully those will work better.

    40. Mike Schmitt on

      BTW2 - for the "Genki pairs but audio still comes out of the Switch speakers" troubleshooting step - at least one user was having this issue and it seems to have gotten fixed with a full power-down and restart of his Switch. I suspect in his case the switch was failing to change to USB audio mode for whatever reason, perhaps a software glitch on the Switch side. So you might want to add some mention of "full restart" in the troubleshooting steps, since it will hopefully rule out some false positives for faulty Genkis.

    41. Mike Schmitt on

      Thanks for the shout out!

      BTW, I hope you guys manually/personally tested Chris Hable's genki to make sure it's 100% - I hate to imagine his level of disappointment if he gets one of the few unlucky glitchy ones.

    42. Missing avatar

      Alex Donnelly on

      Sorry to be a bother, but I don't know what has happened to mine. I ordered a red/blue, with the stand and microphone. You seem to only have custom colors left, but my backerkit only says my address has been locked, nothing about shipping. Just wondering if I fell through the cracks.

    43. Candy Kane on

      I appreciate the hard work your doing (I'm one of the pinks with an extend),

    44. Missing avatar

      Michael Nguyen on

      Congrats! You're almost there!

      I got my Genki last week and am not disappointed! One thing to note, there was a small piece of plastic that broke off the case. It was the upper portion that holds in the foldable stand. It wasn't a complete break so the stand is still held in by what's left but I thought I would pass it along. I've moved the contents of the case into my switch case anyways so no big deal.

      Tried the Genki as soon as I got it with my Cowin E7 wireless headphones. Didn't notice any lag but didn't play for that long. Tried it out this weekend with some new Bose Soundsports I just got and noticed some lag. Had issues with max volume as well. Disconnected and reconnected and the volume issue seemed to go away. Apparently Bose has an app for their products that you can update firmware with your devices. I'm going to give that a go and see if I have any changes with lag after some more testing (sorry honey...).

      All in all I'm more than happy with the product. I've been able to get some gaming while the kids are watching a movie (with a bunch of "What are you doing, daddy?" asked of me).

      Thanks again for putting together a great product and following through until the end. It speaks volumes to who you guys are on a personal level. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more updates and any future projects you guys do!

    45. Missing avatar

      Landon James Crapo on

      I'm still getting "Sender is preparing item for posting [Hong Kong Post]" from all the way back on November 23rd. I just want to make sure you are aware of the situation. Thank you guys for all your hard work.

    46. Jeffrey Seymore on

      Why hasn’t mine shipped yet??? I ordered yellow/yellow, it wasn’t a crazy custom order. It was one of the ones you could pick with a radio button. I just checked my backerkit and it isn’t shipped yet. This was a Christmas gift for my kid and now it will not arrive in time. :(

      You just said in you post that all but the custom colors have shipped. Was this a lie??

    47. Human Things Creator on

      Amer - Yeah its pretty crazy how delayed it is - apparently Dec 12 was also a huge postal mess as its some huge online shopping holiday in Hong Kong that's similar to Black Friday

      Alec - if you use it with a case no, if you use it without a case there is technically more leverage as its further from your Switch base

    48. Missing avatar

      Trevor Hanson on

      Received mine last week and love it! Thanks for working so hard to get these out to us. You've run a killer campaign - excited to see what's next!

    49. Missing avatar

      Amer Kh on

      The tracking definitely seems to be having trouble keeping up. I received mine this Saturday 15/12 (so far I'm loving it) while the tracking is still stuck on "in transit - left Honk Kong" since 07/12.

    50. Missing avatar

      Alec Frey on

      Are the extended usb variants going to be less durable than the regular ones?