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Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
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Shipping Updates, Colors, Customizations, and Smash Weekend (and Katamari!)

Posted by Human Things (Creator)

Just a quick update amongst the making, packing, shipping madness.  

First off we shipped out 6,661 packages - or so we thought until my email started exploding everyday since we shipped.  Unsure what the heck was going on, we purchased an expensive post shipping tracking dashboard management system and well it's given us a bit more insight - sort of.  You can now go to and put in your tracking number there and it'll try to tie all the postal info together.

Ignorance was bliss...
Ignorance was bliss...

The good news is that over 5,000 of you will very soon have or already have Genki in your hands.  The bad news is that there's almost 1,500 of you in limbo.  And for those 2,500 of you that haven't received a tracking number you can skip down to the title where it says "Dude, Where is my Tracking Number" 

Delivered - yay this means you have a Genki, 666 in the US (that's a bit ominous), Great Britain 54, Hong Kong 58, Taiwan 38, Australia 21, France 21, Japan 5, Canada 5, China 2, and only 1 in Singapore, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland.  (these may not add up as this keeps updating). Unfortunately we've also identified 3 defective units so far from those that have received it.

Out for Delivery - hope the 25 of you are home playing Smash Brothers or Katamari Damacy cause it means someone's driving Genki to your home right now.

In Transit - for the majority of you, Genki is on a plane or at an airport headed to 61 countries getting to your local post office for that last mile

Info Received - okay this is where things are a bit hectic and many of you are seeing this as "Sender is preparing item for posting". This number keeps dwindling and it's basically the main bottleneck.  First off please don't freak out, a lot of you are reporting that it's been 10 days etc but these are actually when our vendor Floship filed for the mailing label, they're then sent to us for printing and attached to each of the right packages before getting sent to fulfillment warehouse for shipping.  For those Nov 27th and later don't worry everything is normal.  For the 1,033 of you are from Nov 27 batch that still has this status but they were actually just shipped a few days and should flip status soon (HK Post has said they're a bit backlogged on their systems due to holidays).  For those before Nov 27th it means there was probably some technical difficulty with the mailing label or the packaging that prevented it from being shipped - apparently the post office is getting very frustrated with our fulfillment vendor at the same time. Sorry for the ~60 of you in this mess we're in limbo with you and trying to sort it out!

Exception - 27 of these are stuck in Japan customs, 1 is an incorrect HK address, and 13 of these are UK as "delivery incomplete" and we have no idea why or where they are.  We've also been getting reports that our warehouse is shipping out other people's Kickstarter projects along with ours and getting double taxed so we're trying to figure out who's head to bite off here. 

Failed Attempt - these five orders are flagged as the person not being home or an office being closed during delivery.  Please check your tracking number (4 of you are from Hong Kong, and 1 from Japan)

Pending - honestly we are still trying to get to the bottom of this but it seems to related mostly to something at Singapore Post and affecting mostly Canada and Netherlands.  We think this will go away soon but we'll keep digging to find the root cause.  

Dude, where's my tracking number?

Okay, so for those that don't even have a tracking number that top half of the post was pretty crap to read through so apologies.  So if you're in this bunch hopefully it means you ordered either a color of Genki that wasn't blue/red or grey or had a need for an extended USB-C.  For those Joy-con connoisseurs we think it's definitely worth the wait:

You crazy Joy-con collectors
You crazy Joy-con collectors

So for those who have a keen eye and have been following your updates you may notice two things wrong with this photo.  First we said we'd do all the ARMS, Splatoon, and Mario colors and second this photo has no pink buttons.  When we first color sampled everything the pink was great but when we got it last week the shade wasn't quite up to our standards - and Chris is pretty picky about these things. 

Chris peeking through the production line
Chris peeking through the production line

So this past week we've basically been doing all the colors that don't involve pink including the custom colors.  We expect to get the updated pink buttons today and will be working this weekend to put them together.  We'll aim to have all ARMS, Splatoon, and Mario Red, and custom colors without USB-C extensions out later this week.  

As for USB-C extensions there was a mistake of communication between our PCB vendor, suffice to say we won't get updated boards for this until the 15th.  There are about 850 of you in this bucket and I know this is super disappointing, but this also means we're stuck at the factory at least until then so obviously it's putting an even bigger damper on our holidays as well.  We'll aim to turn them around by the end of that week so they can at least get out before Christmas but it probably won't arrive till after.

Ending on a Happier Note

1000 game songs in your pocket, wirelessly
1000 game songs in your pocket, wirelessly

Those of you were wondering if Genki would work with Smash Brothers music mode where the screen is off and I'm glad to say it does work.  So this means you can stream a ridiculous amount of game tunes to your wireless headphones or even your car stereo (if it has bluetooth obviously).  Anyways, we gotta get back to work, we're limiting ourselves to half an hour of Smash Bros. at most a day.

Also, we got our first Youtube review, it's reached over a quarter million views, check it out:

The title is a bit over-the-top and doesn't even show up if you search Genki or Bluetooth in Youtube, but man it's a pretty sweet video review by Kevin Kenson so we are definitely not complaining.  Also, he mentions how the latency is a bit off when using two headphones, we suspect its because his aptX headphone doesn't support AAC - and Genki chooses the best available codec shared across both (so like you wouldn't have this problem with say two sets of Airpods)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Laura Kelly on

      Hi. There was no actual information in this post about where to find my tracking number.

      I ordered my Genki 20th July 2018 and did not order a special colour one or one with an extended USB-C; i ordered and paid for a standard unit, it was expected for delivery in November and I’ve had no contact or updates or any tracking number sent to me.

    2. Jason on

      Hi I don't have a tracking number or any info as to when I'll be receiving mine. HELP!

    3. Joseph Nguyen on

      I received a tracking number on December 1st saying my item has been shipped, however, according to the weird Aftership tracking, it's been in transit for nearly 3 weeks now and is still listed as in Hong Kong. How can my item notify me as shipped and spend nearly 3 weeks in Hong Kong?

    4. Chris Minner on

      Who do we contact if there is an issue with the stand? One of the legs that holds the switch is very very loose and I am afraid it will drop the switch.

    5. Nicolas Lebreton on

      Finally got it today! It turns out Japanese customs were much more efficient than the customs in HK! Now, let's experience Gris through Genki!

    6. Missing avatar

      Finn on

      Hi guys I haven’t received shipping info. Grey grey extended.

    7. Rene Reyes on

      Where do I find my shopping info it’s December and I thought it was coming in November

    8. Missing avatar

      Lance Huffstutler on

      It appears I’ll never get my order

    9. Missing avatar

      Tobias Grünewald on

      Hi team,

      I honestly do not understand this Aftership tracking system. Using my tracking number leads to a page where 5 shipping companies are listed. But only one of them (Hong Kong Post) holds actual information. Why are the others even listed there?

      Now for my status, it's apparently already in Germany (shows up as DHL) but in status "Held by customs". I will wait a few days now as I will probably get notified by DHL to reclaim it.

    10. Nicolas Lebreton on

      OK, thanks. I just saw it too. I guess it took the boat from Hong Kong. Was it supposed to?
      Anyway, now it's marked as "EXCEPTION! Held by import customs - Kanagawa." Here we go again.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mackenzie knight on

      Any updates on the pink buttons? Thanks!

    12. Dewi Neijs on

      Any idea yet when the Classic Red ones will be shipped? Your last update said later this week, is that still the plan? Or are they shipped already?

    13. Marc Anthony McRib on

      Hello. I have a standard grey/grey color set and have not yet received a tracking number and backerkit is showing as not shipped yet. Today is 12/14/18. Thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mike Korom on

      Hello, I am Backer 9,742 with blue and red I believe. If I am in the next shipment I understand but hopefully, you can tell me if it is on its way. I cannot log into backerkit if that is how you even notify us of shipment. Thanks in advance.

    15. Human Things Creator on

      Simon - we're still working on the custom colors and anticipated shipping them out today but we'll need another day to finish packing its been really crazy hand assembling all these customizations apologies

      Nicolas - an hour ago the status says Arrival at inward office of exchangeJapan Post
      Kanagawa, 219-8799

    16. Simon Lin on

      Unless I've missed it, I haven't gotten a tracking number and I ordered a red/red combo. Thank you!

    17. Nicolas Lebreton on

      Hi there, this the last delivery status I got :
      Dec 08, 2018, 12:58 pm - Dispatch from outward office of exchange - Japan Post - Hong Kong
      Since then, nothing. It's quite frustrating. Any chance you guys have more info about that?

    18. Human Things Creator on

      Beh Kok Seng - awesome

      Gian - apologies I think you may be the first Italy order to arrive, we reduced the declaration value to the point where any lower it may have been risky to have been rejected otherwise

      Valhalan - looks like the order just updated yesterday its still in transit

      Matthew - thanks!

      Kevin - its in Chicago now

    19. Beh Kok Seng

      I just found GENKI package in my post box. Will test them later this weekend.

    20. Missing avatar

      Gian Marco Casentini on

      22$ of customs duties... what????

    21. Missing avatar

      Valhalan on

      Hey everyone, been so hyped for this since I backed it. Really can't wait to get my hands on it. I thought I could hold out and not post another "WHERE'S MY GENKI!?" but I'm having trouble tracking it. The only information I can see is that the Hong Kong post status is delivered. I've not idea who has it just now and where it is on it's way to the UK. Any info would be appreciated.
      You guys are awesome.

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Dunckley on

      I just have to say wow. The sound quality is amazing. I am 100% satisfied. I left a comment earlier about shipping and it turned out that I’m dumb and don’t know how to follow a shipping timeline. Great job guys. I love it. So glad I backed your product. Thanks for making a great thing.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kevin Legg on

      Sorry for dulpicate messages, dang phone was acting up so I reposted and it put two out there.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kevin Legg on

      Shipment still says in transit but looks like it's just been sitting since December 4th in Hong Kong???

    25. Missing avatar

      Kevin Legg on

      Is there another delay? Received tracking number but it has been in Hong Kong since 12/4/18 and see no movement since. Every time I check it says up to date and "in transit."

    26. Human Things Creator on

      Sean/David - yep we'll be shipping out Mario and Splatoon colors this week!

    27. David Twining on

      Didn't receive a tracking number but ok..

    28. Sean Craig on

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait to get mine! (though I will because I ordered the splatoon colors)

    29. Human Things Creator on

      Michael - Thanks!

      Steven - can't help you without more info, there are too many Stevens but if you check your backerkit and your shipping tab you can probably gather more info. If you ordered a Mario Red or splatoon or ARMS colorway it'll ship this week. Or if you have an extended head give it another week

      Cheng - you should've received it today

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Nguyen on

      Another update a week after the last. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop on what's going on, good or bad. I'm glad to see you guys are making sure you're delivering a quality product and keeping a high standard, even if it means some won't get out on time. If this were a large corporation I'd understand the turmoil and negativity from some of the backers, but you guys continue to make sacrifices to get this project right. Kudos to you guys.

      My tracking ID was a little slow to update but once it hit the USPS it's been go go go. The AfterShip site was a little different but once I figured it out it was a breeze. Scheduled for delivery today! Cannot wait to try this thing out.

      I don't know how you guys are limiting yourself to 30 minutes of Smash a day. I pulled an all nighter Friday and had a hard time making myself stop. The home stretch is here! A well deserved break is on the horizon!

    31. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      Well back from th USA and no sign of anything, no racking number, no shipping and nothing in my letterbox

    32. Cheng Woon Wing on

      My batch is Nov 27. Which is ship to HK use Hong Kong Post. So when will I receive the Genki?
      Thanks a Lot.

    33. Human Things Creator on

      Adi - yep!

      Simon - info received is a big chunk but the numbers keep moving down, it’s like a kitchen sink clog at the post office

      Mathieu - thanks the extended usb-c will be the last hurdle and probably what’s gonna keep us here the longest

      Angelo - the 27th is just when we had the system make the labels, we shipped it before the weekend

      Andrew - we are shipping the arms neon yellow this week

    34. Adi
      on mine on the way? is it shipped?

    35. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      I seem to be in the Info Received group - however Backerkit is showing as shipped. I will be interested if this comes before Christmas.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Soulié on

      thanks for mentioning the usb extender thing, at least I can stop worrying about not having a tracking number for another week :)

      keep it up guys, you're awesome !!

    37. Missing avatar

      Angelo on

      If our shipping was on the 27th, how long does it usually take to get to an address in the US? Excited to receive mine!

    38. Andrew Seaman on

      I am backer 7,798 and I either misplaced, or never received a tracking number. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    39. Human Things Creator on

      Jeremie, Lindsay, Ray, Hayong, Stuart - thanks!

      Tom - yours is in transit, check your Backerkit for tracking number

      Tyga - yours was shipped check your Backerkit for tracking your part of Dec 1 batch info received

      Romeo / Chris - you have a tracking and are part of the 1033 batch that was shipped last Wednesday but the system hasn’t updated yet (check your Backerkit)

      Matthew - are you sure you’re reading this right… it goes from most recent update to first notification that it left from HK. You should receive it by Monday

      Ben - awesome to hear Ben!
Hieu - the extended heads will take a bit longer please refer to update

      Nikolaus - you’re in the pending and we’re having the fulfillment vendor chase the second post office opens Monday

      Marc - Yours was shipped, the email starts with diz (check your Backerkit for the tracking number)

    40. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      what a fantastic update. thank you for taking the time and energy to write that. a shining example to other projects. PodoLabs please take note!

      being in Japan i thought. oh no not the customs trap. but my tracker has been updating splendidly and mine in "in transit"

      looking forward to playing with my unit when it arrived. it solves so many headphone issues i am super excited.

      i can't talk about the product yet. but well done on running such a great campaign. the information sharing has been amazing.

      much loved sendth your way!

    41. Hayoung on

      Hey just letting you know that Canada Post has been on strike for the last few months and were - just- legislated to stop for the holidays. So they are probably? Hopefully? Just getting rid of the bottleneck effect from the strike.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tom Hays on

      I ordered a grey version and a standard red/blue version and I have yet to get a tracking number. What do I do? Thanks for your help

    43. Missing avatar

      Tyga Maclin on

      Who does tracking number come from? I didn’t order anything special and I don’t have a tracking number yet either.

    44. Ray Anthony Michaud on

      This was a great and very detailed update. Thank you it is greatly appreciated. This coming for one of the 850 that is stuck in the USB-C extension Bucket! lol. Great job I look forward to using my Genki

    45. Roméo on


      How to receive again my tracking number. I lost him

      Romeo from Paris

    46. Missing avatar

      Matthew Dunckley on

      My tracking number says that it was sent to China. It left Queens NY where I’m from and skipped over Atlanta Georgia where I live. Now it’s in China. Please help.

    47. Ben Booth on

      My Genki reached me in sunny Australia yesterday, it’s perfect 👌

    48. Hieu pham on

      do you have any way to know if I have a tracking a not?

    49. Chris Hurt on

      I had the blue and red set up and I ro not have a tracking number my name is Chris Hurt.

    50. NikolausJankowitsch on

      Great update and thanks for your hard work!

      My number is RP206157510SG.

      Could you let me know which group I am in?