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Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
9,389 backers pledged $531,898 to help bring this project to life.

Second Batch and Reflecting on Factory Life

Posted by Human Things (Creator)

Nothing really prepares you for that first week stepping onto the factory floor to make something for the first time ever. No matter how many MBA classes you’ve taken on operations management, or that fancy six sigma operation excellence certification on the wall, or even all those years spent leading innovation projects at the largest supply chain company in the world. It’s hard to explain why it’s so different, so personal; it’s scary, unpredictable and oh so beautiful.

We’re not a big corporate customer on a rosy “factory tour” - we’re a lean startup with our asses on the workbenches getting our hands metaphorically dirty putting together Genki. We don’t own the factories or have enough orders to make demands so we do what we personally can to move things along in collaboration. This week’s routine has been basically starting work at the factory from 8:30am-10pm 7/days/week assembling Genkis and troubleshooting/improving our manufacturing, packing, sorting, and fulfillment processes. Andrew spends a lot of time with the manufacturing machinery, inside the Faraday cage with the electric and sound testing equipment, and printing lots and lots of mailing labels. Chris spends a lot of time formatting shipping labels for printing (when he closes his eyes all he can see are barcodes), managing and tracking all of our accessory vendors, and managing our massive payments to vendors. All of us spend our time packing… packing and more packing. 

Andrew getting emotional sending out 5,000 Genkis
Andrew getting emotional sending out 5,000 Genkis

And when I’m not packing? I spend my free moments answering emails, FB/KS/IGG messages, mostly though during the car ride to and from the factory in between calls with shipping and certification companies. If one of my responses seemed grumpy this past week, please don’t take it personally!  It’s EXHAUSTING and a roller coaster ride of emotions - every positive message in the morning from a happy Genki user is so uplifting but man every time someone asks where there Genki is it’s a reminder and a kick in the ass to work harder (and smarter). We have no regrets though! It’s truly a blessing to have this much demand and to know that our work is meaningful albeit delayed due to the monstrous scale it’s grown to. 

Enough About Feelings, Here's the Real Update

If the first 300 packages we sent last week was a sprint, then this week has been an intense marathon to get 5,000 packages out. A lot of the processes that worked for the sprint didn’t work for the 5,000. We had to quickly improve our process as we clearly knew that we were not going to make 5,000 packed and ready to ship earlier this week. We overcomplicated things with the SKUs and just to give you an idea of what the first 5,000 looked like here’s a screenshot of my tracker: 

530 rows of Excel Hell
530 rows of Excel Hell

So you might be asking yourself, what the heck are the factories doing if you're exhausted with doing all this work. Well the truth of the matter is there's way too many variations and factories work best at repeating similar things.  We made a simple spreadsheet with pictures to coordinate production and basically anything with less than 50 quantity we took it upon ourself too do because factories really don't like small batches.  Now, imagine the hardest most impossible level of Overcooked where you have over 9,000 orders in 530 number of combinations. Each Genki has a 6-step manufacturing process and a 3-step testing process. Each accessory also has their own quality check process and then have to be assembled to the right combination attached to the right mailing label. Chris’ girlfriend even flew down to help out and together the four of us were able to pull through despite all the hair-pulling and constant yelling "who's doing the dishes?!" 

This is why you shouldn't be Photoshopping at 3am
This is why you shouldn't be Photoshopping at 3am

So the good news is we've sent out 5,500 Genkis today!  That means we're more than half way through! It's a bit of manual work to get all the tracking numbers in so sit tight. We have some bad news though, we rushed a bit and somehow didn't have documentation for two of our boxes which got stopped at customs so we have some packages that will have to be shipped out early next week with mailing labels reprinted (out of the 900 blue/red combos and blue/red with stand about 200 are affected and our shipping labels have expired so we'll have to work on this over the weekend).  With that said we will send that out with out the remaining 1,000 or so Neon Blue/Red and Grey/Grey Genki's orders out early next week and begin the ARMS, Splatoon, and Mario colorways; we just got the color samples and our eyes are blurry from staring at neon and lack of sleep - the pink one though seems a bit off so we need to do more adjusting. Our goal is to finish everyone’s non-customized order by end of next week and be home well before Christmas for a much needed escape. When you’ve done 8 loads of laundry away from home that’s when you know it’s been too long. 

Everest Base Camp - My Hopeful Christmas Vacation Wishlist
Everest Base Camp - My Hopeful Christmas Vacation Wishlist

But before my mind wanders too much into life after shipping, I mentioned that it was a sprint last week and a marathon this week. Next week is going to be more of a Spartan Race obstacle course as we start to tackle many more variations of colors. It’s way less orders but way more combo variations (462!) making it impossible to scale these quantities. When we had the voting sessions for color preferences in a previous update we recorded roughly 4% of you backers wanted custom colors - and at the time we had about 2,000 backers so Chris volunteered to to basically handle what we assumed would be 80 orders manually with just a $2 upgrade to cover his hotel fee. That number for some reason has exploded to 1,400 customized orders which is why it’s all-hands on deck to put these orders together and it’s super hard to promise an exact delivery date but basically we won’t leave till we finish. 

This is much more than 4% custom...
This is much more than 4% custom...

Shipping... Craziness 

So there are two areas where we are noticing postal delays - all of Canada due to postal strikes which have sort of cleared but we hear there are some people blocking trucks and parts of California due to fires. We’re working on a solution for Canada with our fulfillment vendor as they say these strikes may go till February(?!) and that other services will cost $30 per package. If anyone has any bright ideas on how to resolve this best please message us. As for Californians please just wait a few more days. 

Also some of your respective countries are charging you a combination of taxes and import tariffs and we’re sorry about that but we can’t really report these as gifts especially when we're sending out quantities of 5,000 at once - as a startup we can't risk an audit or get blacklisted at customs. For those that are having issues with us over-declaring the value that’s caused by how the Backerkit system reports value so if that’s the case we’ll take responsibility of any tax portion that’s reported higher if needed - but please give us a breather to do it after we get through the shipments.  We've fixed most of this for the upcoming UK deliveries based on feedback in the comments. 

For Those Who Have Genki Already 

Hey, we seriously love the awesome reviews popping up all over the web.  Most of you are enjoying Genki trouble free but we've had a few common concerns as well so I’ll try to address them here: 

Having trouble with pairing?

Without an independent screen it can be sometimes difficult to know what’s grabbing the pairing connection so the first time may be difficult. First thing to check is if you know how to properly put your device into discovery/pairing mode (google your brand as it’s usually holding a button down for a few seconds). Also sometimes it helps to make sure you’ve “disconnected” it from your smartphone Bluetooth settings (you don’t need to unpair it). Some smart televisions are known to grab Bluetooth connections and hold them hostage sort of speak. If you have issues pairing try to turn off other Bluetooth devices except for the device you're pairing for the first time and it should be easy to connect afterwards. We saw this issue when we were like in an Bluetooth headphone section of an audio store and it’s just crazy trying to figure out what’s trying to pair. 

Seems to be latency?

So Genki can only be as fast as the latency of your headphones, we'll always support the fastest path. The lowest latency codecs are aptX-LL and aptX and we know these are rare but we also support the AAC which is what most of today’s popular headphones support and still get a very fast 90ms (if you see other transmitters below Bluetooth 4.0 they don’t support AAC). Best way to tell what your headphone supports is this site at If your headphones support AAC and you still feel there is latency then it may be caused by other features in your headphone such as noise cancelling. Best to Google to see if others report latency with your pair of headphones (and also compare it with the latency you get from your smartphone).

Broken case? 

So we know a few of our cases are getting broken in shipment due to a combination of the portable stand being pretty heavy and the brutal treatment of freight from postal workers. We’ll figure a way to replace those who encounter this unfortunate issue but it’ll likely have to be after the holidays. 

Something else still wrong?

Hold both buttons for 8 seconds and unplug Genki to reset the device to factory settings.  If all else fails, shoot us an email at and we’ll help you troubleshoot or get a replacement as soon as possible. (Please don’t email Backerkit support, you'll just get confusion) 

A Minor Plea to Those Eagerly Waiting 

We know everyone wants to know what batch they’re in and it seriously takes us about 5 minutes to match your name to something on Backerkit (especially since there’s no wifi in the factory and bad signal), then match that with what’s been packed, and then coordinate with the fulfillment to track the status. While yes I mainly respond during breaks but man I could’ve packed another two orders too. So please please just a little patience - I know everyone has awesome trips coming up! 

No More Changes, Really This Time!!! 

On a serious note is that we seriously get on average 5 address change requests a day now and we haven’t been able to handle these anymore since this last weekend. I know it's our fault for a late shipment but we have to draw the line.  Literally our contact at Floship (our fulfillment vendor) worked with us super crazy hours, even heading back to the office at 3am working till 5pm last Saturday!) to get our labels processed in time because of all the last minute changes. We can’t do this anymore it’s causing way too many uncertainties and delays. All the labels have been paid and prepped for even if it hasn’t shipped. And also we keep getting requests to change colors in hopes to accelerate their shipping order and seriously we can’t anymore! 

For Those Who Want More Add-ons

We’ll try to figure a process out after the holidays to help those who are loving Genki and want to add a dock adapter and/or kickstand. 

Nerding Out on Bluetooth Certification 

So we're now officially Bluetooth certified and can check out our shiny page here. Oh and if you hear anyone suggest that Nintendo is gonna include Bluetooth audio someday, rest assured and point them to the listing for the Nintendo Switch and find that it's not registered for "Advanced Audio Distribution Profile" or A2DP. 

Anyway I'm super backlogged in messages and I'm too tired to proofread this post.  I need to clear some headspace as my wife is flying in tonight to so I can get hopefully have spend some quality rest time before jumping back in Saturday afternoon to fix those constantly occurring shipping hurdles. 

Thanks for listening,
Eddie and the Genki Team

(oh and tracking numbers will be emailed over the weekend it's more manual than it should be)

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    1. Laurent Bonfils on

      I received my Genki here in France around the time Smash was released and I love it. The sound is just as good with a wired headset.
      Now I would like to order the kickstand to enjoy it in tabletop mode too.
      Happy holidays and keep up the good work!

    2. Scott Boland on

      Where would I be able to find my tracking number? I have checked my emails and the Kickstarter website and haven't located one.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gur Talmor on

      Can’t wait to get my unit - I keep checking the tracking number but it still says “Sender is preparing item for postingHong Kong Post” since Nov 27 :(

    4. Missing avatar

      Joseph Hooper on

      Oh! Update! Claims it was handed over to local carrier. Super excited.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joseph Hooper on

      Really looking forward to receiving mine. The tracking number shows as being received by Hong Kong Post processing center and that's it for nearly a week now. Any idea what might be going on?

    6. Missing avatar

      Mugul lee on

      my number is 5300 around. Is it possible to get it at this time?

    7. Hieu pham on

      Hello.. I still not get my tracking info.. Can you help?

    8. Human Things Creator on

      Luke - awesome that was pretty fast

      Benjamin - got it looks like it got lost on our way to the mail will resend asap

      Rich - it looks like you ordered a classic red and neon blue which is actually a custom color?

    9. Missing avatar

      Rich Buckner on

      Got another one, #99 in the ordering process and nothing. Please advise as mine still shows as not having shipped. Thanks!

    10. Benjamin Klock on

      Hello, I am the same like John, I got the tracking number and the only status on it is from the 24th nov and saying Sender is preparing item for posting

    11. Missing avatar

      Luke Denham on

      hey guys
      thanks for a speedy delivery (6,000 miles in 4 days epic!👍)
      genki works great connecting was super easy latency is spot on, unfortunately it doesn’t fit my stand i have for my switch as it is slightly too wide but other than that its faultless!
      thank you so much for the product!🙂

    12. Human Things Creator on

      John - Thanks for the kind words. As for your status thats strange with the Nov 23 date because that means you should've been first batch. This looks like something could've gone wrong on our end will ship another one ASAP

      Michael - haha don't wear out the button!

      Mathieu - the extended USBs unfortunately may take a bit longer

    13. John Goering on

      Guys, I've backed quite a few projects over the years and this one has been one of the best have kept us updated and even more amazingly, it looks like you're actually shipping! :) Can't wait to receive mine. (Got the tracking number but all it says so far is "Nov 23 - Sender is preparing item for posting"...)

      Well done!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Soulié on

      just to make sure, are you guys done with emailing tracking number ? (I'm backer n° 2578(?) )

      because I didn't see an email, not in the spam folder either or I missed it.

      the reason I'm asking : last time I got something via KS/BK, I got ONE email with a tracking number, that's it. thankfully I got it and tracked it well, because UPS did not email me/page me/call me and had to drive 1h30 to get the parcel.

      I don't want my Genki to go back to you guys ;)

      I also can't believe it's not easier to get a tracking number via KS or BK(it's just not there at all)... one email and that's it, none of this is your guys fault, obviously, and I know you're overworked!

      love you guys take care!

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Nguyen on

      Shipping notice received! Now to mash F5 for ALL OF THE UPDATES!

      So excited to use this product.

    16. Rook Gaming

      My Sincere Congratulations! You found a need, fulfilled it with a great product, and had diligence in developing, producing and kept very open lines of communication. Be proud, stand proud and enjoy!

      On a side not, I hope you get around to some of the gaming conventions and stand back when you see someone using your device and smile. As for me, I will be enjoying it on the plane up and down the east coast.

    17. Josh Lee on

      Thanks for all the hard work you’re doing. Good luck with the rest! This was by far one of most intense, emotionally honest updates I’ve ever read. Lots of love to you and the team.

    18. Sherman Ying on

      Yeah, the situation with Canada Post is frustrating, but it's really on them (and the Gov't). 😒

    19. Gareth Damian Martin on

      Thanks for the update Eddie, you and the team are doing incredible work.

    20. Human Things Creator on

      Okay racing through these comments!

      First off big thanks to Gabriel, Nikhil, Rachaar, Jesse, Dan, Chris W, Trevor, Jake, Michelle, Chris H, Christopher, Travis, MadJo, Nosgoroth, Luke, Steve, Niraj, Jeremie, Michael, Luis, Hayoung, Javel, and John for the kind words!

      Roberto - wow that’s pretty awesome to hear! It’s funny we yesterday we were at the Floship warehouse and we saw some other projects shipping who were on Kickstarter 2 years ago with people still waiting for shipment and it kind of reassured us we were doing okay

      Ryan - so just to clarify we sent out 5,000 packages that should cover both blue/red and grey/grey. The remaining 1,200 are the remaining non-earlybird packages which will be sent with the few hundred blue/red ones that were stopped. The packing labels are expired now and we’re working on getting them reprinted and matching them back!

      Simon, Sean - yes we were notified thankfully but I read the official Canada post site that there are still protesters blocking trucks! But yeah when I pushed out the first draft of the update it was still going on

      Yagami - it’s a learning experience and I can even count the number of processes we’ve made to make this come alive. We probably won’t touch customization for a while but at least now we know what it really takes to do it if the need arises

      Mackenzie - haha thanks for the offer we’re plenty caffeinated and running on adrenaline

      Derick - AD2P was just made bluetooth headphones take in stereo sound - before this bluetooth was not known to be used for music even. If you’re old enough like me you’ll remember bluetooth earpieces before AD2P, those ones that came as one earpiece for the cellphone used HFP, Jawbone tried to make it sexy but people were usually made fun of for trying to look like a cyborg for wearing them on their ears 24/7

      Benson - working on it, Murphy’s law here - we have the problem on having spreadsheets too big to be uploaded for tracking. Don’t worry, the tracking number email update may be delayed but the shipment isn’t :)

      Spyros - thanks, we’ve actually shipped 2,299 grey/greys and should have 446 out soon

      Patrick - yep actually all the extended fall under the customization bunch. The ones that are extended with one of the standard colors thankfully make up 1/3 of that 1,400

    21. Patrick on

      Thanks for the update! And good luck and Godspeed for getting through the rest!

      Just a clarification: when you say red-blues and grey-greys going out next week, and 1400 $2 colour customisation, where does that leave extended red-blues and grey-greys? Are they being included with their non-extended red-blue and grey-grey brethren, or are they being counted in the 1400 customisation bunch?

      I’m guessing the latter, but just wanted to check.

      All the best for getting through the rest of the orders, and I hope you can get your three stars (or more like 4 stars from Overcooked 2!) with you relationships intact! :)

    22. Missing avatar

      john francek on

      TL;DR You guys rock!
      Thanks for the update! I love these kind of updates that show the "behind the scenes" kind of stuff. I have backed a few things in the past between kickstarter and indiegogo, but you guys have really raised the bar. The fact that you were so willing to keep everyone happy by doing the custom color combos is awesome. Most companies would have just said oh well these are your choices! But keep up the awesome work and I look forward to your future ideas and projects!

    23. Missing avatar

      Javel Belen on

      Just got mine in the mail! So excited to successfully receive the first product I ever backed! Can’t wait for the kiddo to go to bed so I can test it out. Take care of yourself guys. Appreciate the hard work. Looking forward to purchasing a kickstand. I’m kicking myself (no pun intended) for not throwing in the extra money to have it included in the box. I feel like I’m missing the complete set! No rush though! I can wait until after your much well deserved break!

    24. Hayoung on

      Don't get Overcooked guys 😂 we are rooting for you! Thanks for the great updates, we appreciate it.
      By the way, the OverGenki'd Photoshop is 💯

    25. Missing avatar

      Luis Falke Vinqvist on

      I'm patient with my order, just hope to receive it within the next few months, so no worries x'D remember to get some sleep, & Merry Christmas from Denmark. Take care of yourself's, beside our orders :D

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Nguyen on

      This is the first Kickstarter I've ever backed and you guys have set the bar real high. I'm hoping any future projects I may get in to have as great a team as you. These updates are fantastic and I'm excited for the end product. Sounds like I won't be disappointed.

    27. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the great update!

    28. Spyros Smparounis on

      This is how backed projects should be, transparent, timely, with regular updates. Well done you all, all that's left is to get this bad boy plugged in and **JAM** 😎. From what I gather, when our individual orders ship we should get a personalised tracking email? And gray/gray units ship next week? Sorry for being an idiot here, just thought I'd ask.

      Thanks for all the hard work, congratulations on all you've accomplished!

    29. Benson Low on

      Great work guys! We all understand your hard work and effort.

      I still have no idea where my Genki queue would be. Was there suppose to be an email sent out if your shipment were sent?

    30. Niraj Sanghvi on

      Definitely wanted to echo the comments here and say your hard work is very appreciated, as well as the transparency via these detailed updates. Don't overwork yourselves too hard, delays are disappointing but not the end of the world when you know they were legitimate and the project was complex, like in this case with all the customization and other moving pieces.

    31. Derick Rodriguez

      I've backed a lot of projects and I just want to say thank you for your detailed updates. Transparency is so important to us backers and we only wish other projects were run this way. Now I'm off to google what A2DP is for..

    32. Steve DeBellis on

      Was fortunate enough to be in the first batch shipped out. Brought it on a six hour plane ride and everything was great. Thanks very much for all your hard work and to those still waiting, it is worth the wait!

    33. Luke Lancaster on

      If it means you can go home early and not work crazy hours, ship mine in a year 😬

      Seriously though, take care of yourselves! Sleep, eat healthy, etc! I'd rather get my order late knowing that the humans who made it were taken care of than have it right now and y'all cause yourselves harm

    34. Nosgoroth on

      Don't burn yourselves out, be safe! Make sure you're all getting the rest you need.

    35. MadJo

      After this, you deserve a break, you do have a break scheduled after all this mayhem right? And I'm sorry I accidentally changed my order when I didn't intend to do so. You guys are absolutely awesome!

    36. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Postal strike in Canada is over, they have been ordered back to work. Should be no further interruptions for the foreseeable future.

    37. Missing avatar

      Mackenzie knight on

      All I can say is holy sh*t! Let me know if I can send you guys some Starbucks cards or something haha. Thank you for all the insane level of work!

    38. Missing avatar

      Travis Myers on

      You all are seriously the best! Great job on this campaign. Looking forward to getting my hands on this sweet piece of tech soon!

    39. Christopher on

      Appreciate that you are so detailed with your updates and it's been great to have an insight into the entire process from start to finish! Delays I can deal with. Silence I cannot. So Thank You! for keeping us in the loop in the little time you have while working through all this!! ^_^

    40. Yagami Kira on

      I'm not going to say "I told you so" with regards to the colors logistic but instead I would give my respect (yet again) to the team for keeping true to your words and doing what is necessary to deliver. Love the transparent communication with light-hearted humor update as always and while I understand the need to push through the heavy times such that backers can receive this wonderful gadget asap, please, please don't neglect your health for it. I really don't want to see you guys to over extend and get critically ill just to meet the deadline and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    41. Missing avatar

      Simon Roby on

      Uh the Canada Post strike has already ended.

    42. Chris Hable on

      Hi GENKI I’m backer #48 ordered neon green and neon blue you working hard on it make me happy if you guys working hard on the GENKI hope have mine done when you guys are working hard on it when are done it make me happy on it so you guys are working hard on the GENKI all day on the GENKI make me happy you guys working hard on the GENKI so I can get my neon green and neon blue so when you guys are guys are done working hard on it make me happy you guys working hard on it so when you guys are done with shipping out me second week December so know more about and information on it please let’s me know when you guys are done on it make me happy to have it o Nintendo Switch use it with so get back working onit

    43. Michelle Kimmerly on

      You Guys (and Gals) are rocking this! The sheer range of variety you offered by way of colour combinations is a logistical nightmare, and yet you are still working yourselves to the bone to get them out.

      I can't wait to see my son open it up on Christmas morning (or his birthday in March if Canada Post becomes an issue, but it has a month, so I'm hoping that's enough for Christmas lol), so thank you for that, and and for offering a unique and awesome set of products!!!

    44. Jake Good on

      Appreciate the updates! Very well run project and I hope y’all see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    45. Missing avatar

      Ryan Schreyer O'Connor on

      "With that said we will send that out with out the remaining 1,000 or so Neon Blue/Red and Grey/Grey Genki's orders out early next week..."

      To clarify.....are you advising that grey/grey kits DO NOT ship out next week? You did say WITH OUT the remaining units, was this a typo? I'm okay with product delays. NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR PRODUCT DELAYS....but I just need clarification, that is all. You guys are rockstars, so thank you for all that you do. Looking forward to your reply.

    46. Missing avatar

      Trevor Hanson on

      You guys are awesome! I know I appreciate your hard work and dedication to getting all of the Genkis out. Delays aren’t fun, but with the excellent updates and detailed posts about your processes, I know the delay isn’t because of laziness or neglect, it’s just because bringing a new product to market is hard ~ and you guys added additional certs and functionality too! Excitedly (and patiently) awaiting my Genki! :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Chris Wright on

      You guys are badass! The dedication and the constant communication to everyone is great. I’m excited to get my hands on your product! That said I’m patient I know you made a great product and the amount of people wanting it shows the demand. Whenever mine comes it comes. Hope you get some much needed rest coming up here for the holidays!

    48. Roberto Villegas on

      So I’ve back various projects over the years on Kickstarter. Heck at one point, I wanted to back projects to fill in the color wheel they had to try and get a full circle. Honestly, this has been one of my top projects backed and I don’t even have the product. The insight given in the updates on manufacturing, product development, and even the world of Bluetooth cert is worth the backing alone. I can’t remember if any of the posts are public, but because these updates have been so in-depth, I’d love when all the dusts settles to see if we could get all of these posts plus a last post wrap up on all that’s been learned so that future products and backers can get an idea what it takes to get a product out to market. Great job all around and I look forward to getting my Genki.

    49. Dan Feenan on

      Thanks for another great update... This is exactly how a project should be run and I can't wait to try this out. You guys are awesome!!

    50. Jesse DeShazo on

      You and your team are rockstars! Thanks for this post and all the hard work! I hope your holidays are super restful once this is finished!