GENKI: Bluetooth Audio for the Nintendo Switch

by Human Things

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      Tom Cooper on

      Yes, manufacturing milestones, the crucial steps of progress! Mwahahahaha~!

    2. Roberto Villegas on

      Loving the behind the scenes on manufacturing. Extremely cool that you guys have been as upfront on everything when it comes to production, especially since hardware manufacturing is always tricky. Looking forward to the product.

    3. Billy Gilmore on

      Is it possible to change my survey answer from custom colors (neon blue / neon blue) to just the standard grey set?

    4. Paulo Victor Cordeiro on

      So, how do I know if mine was shipped?

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      Luke Denham on

      so excited!😆

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      Michael Nguyen on

      Strong work! Great update! Can't wait for mine!

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      Douglas Silva Neves on

      This great team can achieve another level of quality. Congratulations 👏🏼

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      Gur Talmor on

      Can't wait for it guys - it looks great, good job!

    9. Jeremie Lariviere

      great update, thanks!

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      Steven on

      I don't suppose you'd be able to send mine out in time for my trip to Washington on the 28th November

    11. Mike Kalma on

      awesome update! quick question, I'm a day one backer (backer #146) and pre-ordered the standard neon blue/neon red, does that mean I should be in the first shipment? Would I receive shipping info? If so, when? Thanks and congrats!!

    12. Chris (@lyteforce) on

      Fantastic news! And thank you again for the detailed update & the BTS video. I've said this before, yet I feel it's important to say it again - this has been one of the more transparent Kickstarter campaigns I've been part of and I applaud your efforts to keep it that way.

      Now... can Genki help me get that freaking umbrella in Fortnite?

    13. Missing avatar

      Milton Fernandes on

      Its awesome...Hopefully will receive before Super Smash Bros Ultimate releases. Thanks for the update and the effort put by the entire team who worked on this project to deliver it very much on time. Cheers...!!!

    14. Alexander Famous on

      So cool!! I can't wait to receive mine in the mail! Been itching to be able to hear my game with my AirPods since my wired ones broke! Thanks again for making this possible!!

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      James Fain on

      So excited for this! Best Kickstarter I’ve backed in a long time and something that I’m sure that will be out on the open market the moment Nintendo realise what a game changer this is. Great work guys, very excited to receive mine all the way from Sweden.

    16. Human Things Creator on

      Tom, Roberto, Luke, Michael, Douglas, Gur, Jeremie, Milton, Alexander, James - our heartfelt thanks!

      Chris - haha the three of us are the worst Fortnite players, if you saw us in the game the past few weeks it was for mic tests and probably wasn’t very helpful as a team member - I think we’re like level 3 or 4 now without ever successfully getting a kill…

      Mike - yes!

      Steven - ah if you were part of the first batch you’ll get a tracking number sent Monday

      Paulo - sorry the extended USB won’t be in the first two batches for sure but when it’s shipped you’ll get an email with tracking number via email from backerkit

      Billy - sure, done!

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      Jacob Rush on

      So question is there a way to see if I have submitted my survey? I don’t recall doing so and the email I primarily use says it’s not in kickstarters records. I just want to make sure it all goes through. It feels like a lifetime ago since I first backed this lol

    18. Human Things Creator on

      HI Jacob - yep we have your survey!

    19. Anthony Wells on

      Crossing fingers for before Smash, but can't wait either way! Being hard of hearing this thing is something that should help me enjoy the Switch while docked that much more. :)

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      Khaielaash Manokaran on

      Love that you've been consistently updating us on the production! Can't wait to use it. Thank you all for your efforts and transparency!

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      Philipp Hammerschmidt on

      Oh dear, I'm so excited. My first project which I supported at Kickstarter. hope with my survey everything was fine. Fingers Crossed

      I've already collected a bunch of games that I just want to play with sound.

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      Robert Gardner on

      Has anyone gotten a tracking number for a grey/grey unit yet?

      So excited!

    23. Missing avatar

      Marcus on

      Is there anyway i can know if my unit has shipped?

    24. Human Things Creator on

      Marcus - Backerkit will send an email with tracking when ready

      Robert - we will be sending out about 2,200 grey ones this week!

      Khaielaash, Philipp - Thanks!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Maximo Guerrieri on

      Hey Human Things. Glad to hear shipments have are just about ready. I just wanted to see if my order will likely arrive before December 13th. I leave from college home for the holidays on that date and would really like to enjoy Genki. The shipping address I gave was my college address. I WAS a Day 1 backer with the Day 1 Edition Genki Combo and I DID order a grey/grey version of Genki through the backerkit.

      This is my confirmation number: 392cfa7bf5a0201e183b193f05c080c7

      What is your best estimate for when the shipment should arrive? I'd expect you could view my shipping address from this number, so please factor that into your estimate. If you think it'd arrive too late/after mid-December: is it possible for me to change my shipping address?

      Other than that, thanks for creating a great product! I just want to make sure I can get my hands on it first thing!

    26. Hieu pham on

      Hello can i know my tracker please?

    27. Jeffrey Seymore on

      When will the neon yellow ones ship out??

    28. Missing avatar

      Syahmi on

      Hi. What about international shipping? I still didnt get the tracking..hope it can arrive at my doorstep before 5th..cant wait!

    29. Ashoholic on

      Curious if these are shipping from Hong Kong? Just got an email about something being sent and was curious if that is what I think it is :-)