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Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
9,389 backers pledged $531,898 to help bring this project to life.

It’s October Already?!

Posted by Human Things (Creator)

Let’s start with the biggest question on everyone’s mind...

Manufacturing Update

Almost all filled!
Almost all filled!

After four rounds of mold refinement we can honestly say we're quite satisfied with our latest production test of Genki. There is however a noticeable failure rate with the placement of the USB-C ports into the middle of the board - most ports are placed on top of a board for easy pick-and-place manufacturing, but would make our product much thicker and/or asymmetrical. We've tracked down a vendor who can setup a tool to automate this with a much higher success rate and should be up and running again next week.

Manufacturing 101
Manufacturing 101

The dock adapter has finished production and works flawlessly. We received our third sample of the portable stand and the factory is beginning production while we do a bit of fine tuning of the exterior finish.

Fortnite Voicechat (yes we're level 1 and please ignore the unpainted buttons)
Fortnite Voicechat (yes we're level 1 and please ignore the unpainted buttons)

We have also been testing our mics on Fortnite and they’re all ready and good to go (the sound waves coming from the speaker icon indicate this) - we spent 4 hours testing a thousand mics and all of them worked functionally with only 3 of them having slight physical defects. And finally, our slick case is being fine tuned to securely fit our production units (as opposed to prototypes) and should be quick to manufacture.

Taking some time to reflect..

So for those that are eagerly waiting - we did indeed initially set a targeted ship date for October for Day One and Earlybird backers. And for those of you that did back first day you’ll know that we’ve come a long way since we first launched on Kickstarter with the following additional features:

  • Developed a USB-C power passthrough port (this caused a complete PCB revamp and more than doubled components)
  • Built and included a free mini microphone to support games with built-in voice chat (e.g. Fortnite)
  • Created a unique game case as packaging for all components
  • Slimmed down Genki by more than 13% to be more portable and fit in game case 
  • Redesigned the portable stand to better support multiple angles and the new passthrough charging and game case thickness
  • Added 48 new color combinations (we should’ve been more conservative here, there are now over 500 unique package combinations we need to pack/ship)
  • And maybe a few other surprise bonuses? ;)
  • Developed a USB-C power passthrough feature (this caused a complete PCB revamp and more than doubled components)

There were also a few hurdles along the way that we feel would be considered beyond our control:

  • Natural disasters: four typhoons, including the largest one in over 40 years, Typhoon Mangkhut, have impacted our supply chain, shutting down factories for days and delaying component shipments
  • Week-long national holidays: despite planning for this, we had anticipated finishing manufacturing before this - but with new features we ended up in this dead time between Oct 1-7
  • Trade wars: so it’s all over the news about tariffs, and since we’re working with Qualcomm, global chipset shipments have decreased, making it more expensive and difficult to source in quantity
  • Over demand: though we're not going to complain!

So what does this all mean? 

For some of our early backers we may be a little late for October shipment (which seriously pains us). For those targeted for November, we are still on track. We should have some units ready by the end of October but likely not enough for every one of our early backers. So naturally the next questions is “Will I be in the October batch?” And unfortunately we don't have the answer yet until we can confidently confirm the quantity of each items we can review before the end of the month - but our plan is to go by the order backer number (first come first serve) without color/extension customizations. Also specific certification for wireless devices in certain regions like Japan and Taiwan may take an extra week or two. We’ll keep the updates more frequent as we learn more.

I know this last paragraph may leave the community divided and all we can ask is for your patience. For every Kickstarter that is delayed there is also another one that rushed out defective products - its a delicate balance. We’ve invested a lot of additional effort in development and testing since we launched this project and I’m incredibly proud of our team in getting as far as we are today; Genki has really evolved into a much better product thanks to every one of you.

We’re taking this very seriously and have all moved together into an Airbnb together to manage every one of our five suppliers more closely - we've only had time to play one round of Super Mario Party, really! We want to ensure what we send out is quality and we want to be very thorough in our quality check before sending Genki out to the world. As one of our backers Nicolas reminded us of a quote: 

Mr. Miyamoto - the creator of Mario, Zelda, and other iconic Nintendo franchises
Mr. Miyamoto - the creator of Mario, Zelda, and other iconic Nintendo franchises

Tokyo Game Show

Speaking of games, Genki was shown at Japan’s largest video game conference! We dazzled the crowds and somehow managed to get attention from some pretty impressive press mentions including Engadget Japan and Gizmodo Japan and even snuck in a conversation with the Big N. 

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

The good news is that beyond demoing it to the Japanese crowds I was able to meet some of our backers and global indie developers in person which was amazing. The bad news is somehow in the process I destroyed my phone in water despite being waterproof. Luckily, we were able to recover a small video that I shared with the team earlier but most of my photos have been lost (I am devastated). 

Planned obsolescence :(
Planned obsolescence :(

So besides all of the indie developers loving Genki, I wanted to share my thoughts on each of these wonderful games :)

Super Cane Magic Zero
Super Cane Magic Zero

Super Cane Magic Zero (Italy) - this game was demo’d with Genki during the whole show to demonstrate the dual pairing and I really can’t wait for this funky game to come out. It’s a 4-player comedy adventure game with a bunch of odd-ball puzzles and an awesome aesthetic that reminds me a bit of Scribblenauts and is coming out later this year.

The Gardens Between
The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between (Australia) - this game launched while I was in Japan and was featured on the Nintendo Direct for good reason, its a beautiful short adventure that really trigger the nostalgic feels. You go through these dream like environments with the ability to control time, but what really brought this game to life was when you put on headphones (which the game reminds you to do) to bring out the beautiful ambient soundtrack that is unfortunately lost in the built-in speakers.

Super Dodgeball Beats
Super Dodgeball Beats

Super Dodgeball Beats (Spain) - This is what happens when the most unlikeliest mash-up comes together - a funky music rhythm and dodgeball fighting game. I was fortunate to catch-up with the lead artist who gave us the thumbs up - Genki doesn’t skip a beat even in music games. Comes out next year!

Zen Bound 2
Zen Bound 2

Zen Bound 2 (Finland) - I first played the original Zen Bound on iPhone and must say its come a long way and feels great on the Switch with the Joy-Con gyro. The music is some of the most relaxing soothing and always puts me in a meditative trance. A great game to unwind after a few intense Smash sessions. This is out already on the eShop!

Tokyo Dark Remembrance
Tokyo Dark Remembrance

Tokyo Dark Remembrance (Japan) - Fellow Kickstarter project Tokyo Dark has created a cool murder mystery interactive novel with really innovative controls for the genre and a matching bone-chilling soundtrack. I can’t wait to dive into this one coming Winter 2018.

Ibb & Obb
Ibb & Obb

Ibb & Obb (Netherlands) - So cool that one of our backers actually stopped by to visit us and surprise us with his game. I’m all for more 2 player co-op games in tabletop mode with Genki and this definitely scratches the itch. The world is divided by a line where the gravity flips on each side, it’s a cool puzzle platform that keeps you on your toes as you bounce and fall through portals together. Coming out later this year!

So yeah, there’s definitely an awesome library of games coming to your favorite Bluetooth headphones paired to the Switch.

Thanks for making it to the end!

Eddie, Chris, and Andrew

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    1. Human Things Creator on

      Jeffrey - Oh man Murphy's law has hit us hard and have recovered a lot of boo boos - seriously we've overcome a lot of obstacles and actually have final Genki's in hand, mostly packed and sorted and should finish by tomorrow and sort out customs etc with shipping starting early next week!

      Tim - its super intense we spent 14 hours in the factory today quality checking and improving the manufacturing processes but we'll be shipping starting next week and throughout Nov - hopefully you can enjoy some Smash on the road with Genki :)

      Misha - thanks for the kind words!

    2. Jeffrey Seymore on

      Thanks for the update response Human Things!!!!

      But of course the inevitable follow up question, did you make any strides in recovering from your boo boos?

    3. Missing avatar

      Tim Garris on

      Hope things are well in Genki land? Really looking forward to this product, as I'll be on the road some early next month and some bluetooth gaming would hit the spot!

    4. Misha Husnain Ali on

      I came here to see if there were any updates, but thanks to how responsive the team is to the questions in the comments, I found a response about shipping timelines this month with barely any scrolling.

      Just a note of appreciation for the team working their butts off to get us a quality product and still being super responsive and helpful on comments.

    5. Human Things Creator on

      Hey Jesse can you shoot an email to and try to give us an address that you can for sure get in Nov/Dec

    6. Missing avatar

      Jesse Reid on

      Hi! I'm unexpectedly moving at the end of November (and I don't know where to yet). I see shipping will start soon but if it won't ship to me before December what should I do?

    7. Human Things Creator on

      Hey Jeffrey - we’re trying to prepare an update but to give you the gist of it our first test batch had a few issues. We had a PCB supplier mess up our four layer PCB - one of the layers was from someone else’s product - so imagine you ordered a Club Sandwich but instead of bacon it came with sauerkraut from someone else’s sandwich. Not saying sauerkraut sucks but let’s just say the sandwich does not work anymore. Anyway this f’ up which caused a 1.5 week delay. But we haven’t been sitting idle - we’ve been finalizing our certifications and may have some other bonuses to stick in while we eagerly wait. Also we found our case to be a bit loose on some areas and wanted to tighten it up but yeah it’s all very minor things but it’s stuff that we think is worth paying attention to. Anyway long story short I’m hoping to yell at the top of the world that we are shipping at the end of next week :)

    8. Jeffrey Seymore on

      So does this mean that you are shipping now? An update with specifics would be very nice.

    9. Human Things Creator on

      Sing - shipments will be flowing throughout this month and you'll get a tracking the second yours is out the door

      McKinley - thanks!

      Zachary - haha thanks we want to get it everyone's hand well before Smash!

      Edgar - thanks we're so close to the end!

    10. Sing Yeung on

      Will there be any update of shipping date soon ? I 'm looking forward to get the product. I'm a bit worry of
      recent situation, since i found similar product for switch sold at lower price.

    11. Missing avatar

      McKinley Sayre on

      Came to check out a shipping update and wasn't disappointed. Thanks for the transparency! Looking forward to your product. Glad you're taking your time and getting it right.

    12. Zachary Kelley on

      How dare you not deliver on time! I want my money ba... :D JK! As a worker for a very small company I understand that there is a lot of stuff you guys can't account for. Keep up the good work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Edgar on

      Regardless of any hiccups thank you all very much for providing this product take all the time ya'll need; thank you for all the hard work, and transparency/updates! I can't wait to use my BT headset with my switch :D

    14. Human Things Creator on

      Freddie - we're still targeting a shipment, it may not be large one and it may not be till the very end of October but we'll get some out! But November we'll have all engines firing after we know we have a good quality control process established

      Nicolas - it really does ring true!

      Toni, Jeremie, Rich - thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Freddie on

      So are we not getting are things in October then????

    16. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Saldarriaga on

      Thank you for the Update.

      I´m taking a Super deep breath. I´m the backer 1.122, also an early backer. I feel like I´m on the edge.

      I´m also the guy who reminds you the very wise words of Miyamoto-San.

      Hope all the best for this project.

    17. Rich

      @Creator Thanks for the Great Update and Project Communication so Far ! Cant wait to TEST GENKI when it shows up at my House !

    18. Jeremie Lariviere

      awesome update, thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Toni Castulik on

      Address updated, thank you!

    20. Human Things Creator on

      Thanks Joel!

    21. Joel Cannon on

      Thank you for the update. Despite the (minor) delay, I am now more confident than ever you will deliver a quality product that I'll enjoy for years to come.

    22. Human Things Creator on

      Ishmeet - backed! (not survey)

      Simon - no problem!

      Jayke - thanks!

    23. Ishmeet Singh

      So when you say order, do you mean when we backed, or the first to complete the survey. Because I'm one of first for backed but not close to first for survey

    24. Missing avatar

      Simon Roby on

      OK I have updated my address now, thank you for the quick response

    25. Jayke Huempfner on

      Do what you gotta do! Honestly, I backed this project because I was really excited by the Genki itself, not by "how soon am I gonna get it". As long as you keep us updated about what's going on, that's the thing that matters!

    26. Human Things Creator on

      Mackenzie / Gabriel / Lindsay / Roberto / Nate / Steven / Carlos / Andrew / Gabo / James - thanks!!!

      James - haha yes probably! and... you're not by any chance involved with the Simpsons right?

      Kirk - We’ve learned from the the last Japan typhoon that even a Nintendo Direct delayed for a week due to natural disasters can raise hell with the community especially when things are still some unknowns

      Simon - I guess that’s one way to look at it! We really did build in enough buffer to originally ship on time without the additional features. It was always difficult to determine the actual impact of each change but this stuff we’ve learned tends to snowball and we honestly thought we could still make the original date for everyone

      Daniel - Thanks for the tip, I did actually have iCloud but since I’ve been on the road I never bothered to connect to wifi!

      Toni - Sure I’ve unlocked your address on Backerkit, please make it quick as we have tons of shipping labels to print and place on each package

      Richard - I’m sorry you feel this way and please don’t get me wrong I’m not pushing blame on conditions we can’t control. There’s some things that money can’t buy and we won’t force suppliers to endanger worker safety or hold them from annual trips home especially because these delays are caused by our ultimate decision to add features. I’m going to be honest - Chris and Andrew are the heroes on the ground these past weeks keeping production and quality checks going. And actually, I didn’t mention it but it was actually one of our backers who worked with marketing in one of the booths that let us showcase Genki there without cost! Anyway, I totally get your anger and let me know how I can help (and not to downplay the typhoon, but seriously google it…)

      Chris @lyteforce - haha this you’ll have to wait and see, I don’t want to make any promises yet

      Chris A - haha that tan mic is just an unpainted proto with the copper wire peeking through the semi-transparency

      Mira - totally agree, we gave up on it in the original design but the demand for it really got us to rethink our design for passthrough

    27. Missing avatar

      James Brooks on

      Thanks for another update! Can’t wait for mine, hoping #8 is low enough to make it in the first batch 😉

    28. Missing avatar

      Gabo Roiz on

      im ok with this. its a kickstarter after all anyway, people are mad asf

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schmidt on

      I'd rather you take your time! Thanks for all the clear communication and honesty (I've been a part of projects where that isn't the case). CAN wait to try it out ;) but still very excited for my Genki's arrival.

    30. Kirk Woll on

      Lol to those 👎'ing. They have been super communicative and I fully expect us to get what we backed and in relatively short order. I've backed a ton of projects and this team seems way more above board than most. Delays happen. If they end up not shipping for another six months or whatever, disappointment is warranted. Missing by a few weeks? Just come on, be reasonable.

    31. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      I add a minimum of three months to every kickstarter I back and six months to every technology project and am not surprised at nine months for tech over-subscribed projects. So for me you are way ahead of schedule. I can't echo enough the other comments regarding transparency during the project,
      I just now need to work out what Bluetooth headphones to get for my son - I need to replace his aging BT headphones that are looking a little the worse for wear. This might be a nice Christmas gift for him if things continue along with the current plan.
      I am a November backer (4420) but am not fussed on shipping order particularly.

    32. Steven Thomas on

      You guys are doing a great job, and its much appreciated. Can't wait for the final product.

    33. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      Just reiterating my support of your awesome product, and I appreciate the consistent and thorough updates. I want a professional, functional product, so take that extra time to get it right.

    34. Daniel Rowen on

      ::fingers crossed I'm in the early enough batch:: but also, you should certainly download and use Google Photos on your next phone, which provides free, unlimited cloud storage for your photos and videos, which then would be accessible online and in the app even if the phone died.

    35. Missing avatar

      Toni Castulik on

      I'm in no hurry, I just want a good product. But, we are selling our house and I really need to change our address. The backerkit says my address is locked down. Is there any possible way to changei t?

    36. Richard Rehkop on

      👎👎👎👎👎wish I never backed this company. Blame passing bad weather sure didn't stop all the traveling and wastfull money spending

    37. Chris (@lyteforce) on

      I'm only echoing what others have said so far, yet even with this delay I still have confidence in you, the team, and your product. Communication is key and the level of detail you include in your updates is top-notch. They are also very transparent - it feels like I'm on the factory floor with you.

      And second, I do love me some surprises. Did you mean to use the plural? Are there multiples surprises? And will everyone get these surprises, or might I be left thinking "Gosh darn it, I really should've gotten that add-on or that higher pledge level" because their surprises are that epic?

      I have so many questions now!

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Atkins

      Okay, I'm guessing the surprise is a second microphone. In one of your pictures you have both black and tan mics. Just my guess.

    39. Roberto Villegas on

      I’m cool with any delay, provided communication comes with it. Actually what gives me confidence is not just the communication, but the information given, such as the manufacturing process, that illustrates what is causing a delay. Delays happen and fulfillment in any crowdfunding campaign can be tricky, but because the team is communicating every step of the way, take your time and keep all of backers in the loop.

    40. Lindsay Snook on

      Patience is an undervalued virtue. Thank you for making the product as high quality as possible.

    41. Gabriel Kabik on

      When I backed this Kickstarter, I remember thinking, "They might promise October, but if they can get this out before 2019 it'll be a miracle" :) As others have said already, totally fine with the delay; on something like this it's expected to hit some bumps. You guys are creating something brand new, something some didn't even think was possible. It actually reassures me enormously to hear you're evaluating these so thoroughly that you're finding these issues before they get into our hands. Thank you for all the work you're doing and for keeping us so well informed.

    42. Mira Krishnan on

      Oh by the way. USB C power pass through... Cannot remotely say how huge that is. Bravo.

    43. Steve DeBellis on

      No problem on the delay. Appreciate the constant updates, take your time to make sure it's done right.

    44. Human Things Creator on

      Lawson, Trevor, Rajesh - Thanks!

      Simon - I've unlocked your address so please make the update quickly. We need to lock them because we seriously have too many variations that we have to figure out how to sort and organized 500+ package combos across 10,000 orders, which means we need to know where everything is going and print a ton of shipping labels with the right shipment weights and pricing ASAP.

      David - can you email me at your order email, believe it or not I just checked there are 135 backers named David in our system!

    45. Mira Krishnan on

      I just want to appreciate how organized and on top of this y'all are. I kind of expect some degree of delay, it's the fashion to push for too aggressive of a time line, and the improvements you made to the device are really valuable. Keep it up, whether it's this month or next or December, I will be excited to use this thing either way! <3

    46. Missing avatar

      Mackenzie knight on

      Echoing what everyone has said thus far; I have no issues waiting longer for a polished product, and the consistent/transparent updates are great!

    47. Missing avatar

      David on

      Totally respect needing more time to get things done. But I was planning on the October release as I will be moving at the end of the month. Is there still a way to update my shipping address so it doesn’t become lost in the shuffle?

    48. Rajesh Cherukuri on

      I’m glad that extra time & care is being taken to deliver a quality product, but above all that is the consistent regular transparent communication which has made it easy to trust that genki will meet its goals.

    49. Missing avatar

      Simon Roby on

      You locked the shipping addresses way too early, I really need to change mine but did not have the time to do so. How do I proceed?