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Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
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The Joy of Logistics

Posted by Human Things (Creator)
Wish we could free Chain Chomp from cables too :(
Wish we could free Chain Chomp from cables too :(

Backerkit Survey

Hopefully everyone received an email from Backerkit last last weekend to basically choose your Genki colors, select or purchase add-ons, and confirm your final shipping address. Please fill it out ASAP. There were definitely a lot of questions that arose since we sent it and we've basically compiled the most asked ones here that'll hopefully clarify things for the remaining 20% of you who haven't responded yet:

I didn't receive my survey, can you resend it?

Chances are the email ended up in your spam filter around Sunday.  If you can't find it you can always login directly at with your Kickstarter email.

What gives, I'm being charged $2 extra?

Chances are its because you selected left neon red / right neon blue (it should be the other way around). During our campaign we went from one color to offering 6 free color combinations that match the standard Joy-Cons that come with each Switch as well as game themed colors from ARMS, Splatoon 2, and Mario Odyssey.

Those exclamation points mark commonly mistaken choices
Those exclamation points mark commonly mistaken choices

We also found there was a small group who really must-have certain custom color combinations so our designer Chris has volunteered to manually assemble these 43 other possible variations outside of our typical process - the $2 basically covers his housing for being out in the factory (this seemed practical when there was only 60 custom requests but now we're probably looking into the hundreds so it may end up being a full team effort).

What's with the difference between the standard USB-C and extended USB-C?

We don't normally recommend standing your Switch on Genki
We don't normally recommend standing your Switch on Genki

In most cases you probably just require the standard USB-C as it sits flush with your Nintendo Switch and is the most stable. We had some requests to create an option to support those who need a longer extended USB-C plug that would fit with some Switch cases/shells. Basically for this modification we have to order custom longer USB-C heads and solder them in a separate process so we're asking for $5 additional fee for this customization and may delay shipment ~1-2 weeks. Here are some photos of Switch bottoms for your entertainment:

Left: Extended for Nyko, Mumba, Skull&Co // Right: Standard works naked and Satisfye Grip
Left: Extended for Nyko, Mumba, Skull&Co // Right: Standard works naked and Satisfye Grip

If I buy the add-ons will I get the cool case?

Yes, from our packing point of a view a combo is the same as getting a standalone Genki and the two add-ons. The current thinking is to simplify our packing and shipping process so we'll just give everyone the case - and that way we don't have to think about designing another one just for all the other variations. The case holds one Genki, a mini microphone (included free with every Kickstarter purchase), portable stand, dock adapter, and four of your favorite Switch games.  

Can I change my order still?

Anything in the Backerkit can be changed up until September 1st when we close and finalize the surveys and hand them over for production and fulfillment. We seriously prefer you take initiative and fill out your form and save it now and make adjustments as you need after!

Update on Power Passthrough

The power passthrough has been quite the journey for us but we're happy to say we've been testing it for the past two weeks quite extensively with over 50 hours racked up in Octopath Traveler. We tested it with all sorts of chargers ranging from the official Nintendo charger at home, a Macbook charger when at work, and an Anker PowerCore when traveling.

Don't worry about Genki draining your battery - it's only 0.012 watts!
Don't worry about Genki draining your battery - it's only 0.012 watts!

Here's an idea what the power profile looks like when delivered straight to the Switch vs. passing through Genki (sorry Kickstarter compresses to 680 pixels wide). The left image shows what the official charger provides the Switch and then on the right its the power that flows after it goes through Genki to the Switch. For those still concerned, you'll be happy to know that Genki still works the same without power, it has no battery and will work without an external charge. 

When you play too much Octopath Traveler and score big with Bewildering Grace
When you play too much Octopath Traveler and score big with Bewildering Grace

Also we've refined the portable stand now to better work with the power passthrough, lifting the ledges slightly to give it more clearance. We now support multiple angles (including what I would call a Switch lounge chair mode) and are confirming our final revisions with a factory this week. And for those who fidget and play with things, you'll love the 'butterfly knife' transformation of this stand.

Progress Report

As for what we've been doing on the back-end here besides testing we've started to ramp up our production. With all these moving parts we're actually working with five separate factories directly so that we can ensure quality every step of the way.  Here's a snapshot of where we're at now:

Who doesn't love Gantt charts?
Who doesn't love Gantt charts?

Honestly with the power passthrough we've had to go back and do a lot of redevelopment and redesign for Genki and the portable stand so our chance of delivering early isn't likely - but good news is that this means we're delivering an even better product on time, right? Until next time!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Genki Team,
Eddie, Chris, and Andrew


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    1. Human Things Creator on

      @Mykolas Paliokas: sure we’ve unlocked your order check your original backerkit link and please confirm again soon thanks!

    2. Mick on

      Hey, I realise that the backerkit survey has now closed but is there a chance I could pay extra for an extra set of colours?

      I've recently changed my joycons to odyssey red and another pair of the OEM neon blue. I'd love the extra customisation options as I suffer from indecission sickness

    3. Human Things Creator on

      Mark - we don't have a set release date but it'll likely be mid-October for first shipment.

      Alec - sure I've opened up the survey for you again, please make any changes soon

    4. Mark Mann on

      Do you guys have a set release date? I got the grey on grey so I could get it quicker.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alec Frey on

      I thought I had until september 1st to change my order. Is it possible to add the extended usb now?

    6. Human Things Creator on

      Michael - that opening on the bottom should allow a standard Genki no problem

    7. Michael Sluck on

      Would a Orzly Comfort Grip Case required an extension?

    8. Human Things Creator on

      Rellish - You have 11 more days to update your add-ons on backerkit :)

      Brett - yea Amazon has both it seems, I've given up on which one is domestic and int'l lol

    9. Missing avatar

      Rellish on

      I remember reading this somewhere but I cannot find it. How long do I have to purchase add ons? I really want to get the stand and dock adapter now!

    10. Missing avatar


      Yeah, even Amazon US standard is pink left. Oh well, at least both are free lol

    11. Human Things Creator on

      I was pretty certain green left is the standard at Wal-mart...? Anyway I don’t know in the end it got confusing so we just made both available for free tho we have a lot less pink left requests

    12. Missing avatar


      Was that color chart based off of JP colors? I'm just wondering, as mine (that I got at Wal-Mart) match the International colors, and not the standard ones.

    13. Human Things Creator on

      Ray - sorry about this, please check your KS messages I've just sent you a link to sort things out, thanks!

    14. Ray Anthony Michaud on

      Hi I checked my junk mail and my inbox I did not get a link to the backers kit survey. I sent in a request for the link yesterday. But I still haven’t received the link to make my selections thank you

    15. Human Things Creator on

      Alec - this'll need the extension

      Gabo - thanks :)

      Spark of Fate - the DBrand team responded to me and says they're only 0.23mm thick so it probably will work with standard usb-c

    16. Missing avatar

      Alec Frey on

      If I get a skull and co gripcase will I need the usb c extension?

    17. Missing avatar

      Gabo Roiz on

      Thank you for this very thorough update. It made me realise a few things and learn a few more, also gave me a chance to update my order and change a few things.
      Cheers! I cant wait to receive it!

    18. Human Things Creator on

      Andre - Sorry about the backerkit email trouble, I feel like there's a pattern with anyone who has a period before the @ of an email is getting errors. Anyways I just sent you a link on Kickstarter messages that should sort all this out. The survey will ask you for your final shipping address. Thanks!

    19. Andre BRIZARD on

      Like Jeffrey , I still not getting the Backerkit survey? I have tried a couple of times to resend it and nothing is coming through (even checking Spam). Is there any other way to get it with my order? I have also not received any notification asking for my final shipping address?

    20. Human Things Creator on

      Adam - Genki itself only provides 0.012 watts so definitely no worries there. At first we were very concerned so we didn't promise passthrough when we first started testing it but we're more confident now and the power meter shows the consistency. If you want to be like 100% certain about bricking (outside of serious freak accidents) just make sure you always use PD - which means anything thats like the official adapter to a USB-C PD power bank. Try to avoid any cables or adapters that convert USB-A to USB-C and you'll be able to put your mind at ease.

      Spark of Fate - it really just depends on whether the DBrand skin is more than 1mm thick.
      I've reached out to DBrand for you and will see if they respod. Maybe you can also ask them through other channels or try to measure it with a caliper any spare sticker parts

      Ramiro - haha yes unless you buy it off the Japanese website where you can build your own joy-con combo Switch from scratch

      Chris - honestly it was a cheap generic we picked up while shopping for joy-cons (to match button colors) and its really isn't that great. I think it was some brand called Doby?

    21. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Great work guys! There was someone commenting on every comment in a Facebook advertisement of yours the other day that this product would "brick" the system. Is that something you guys are concerned about at all? Can you help set my mind at ease about that?

    22. Spark of Fate


    23. Spark of Fate

      Will the normal USB C length work if I have a DBrand skin on my Switch? Has that been tested? I don't want to upgrade to the 1mm extent of I don't have to.

    24. Ramiro J Franco on

      So fun story, If you purchased your Switch with the neon red/blue combo, your switch would have come with the left neon blue, right neon red…

      — however they don't sell that controller set, so if you got a grey and then neon joy cons later, they come with the left neon red, and right neon blue:

      The inconsistency has been driving me crazy, and it is probably causing some conflict here as well.

    25. Chris Aydin on

      What case is that in the bottom left corner of the pictures with the extended vs standard

    26. Human Things Creator on

      and Franco! Thanks :D

    27. Human Things Creator on

      Kenneth / Mike / Delaney / Erick / Samantha / Jeremie / Sia / Jared - Thank you!

      Nitin - yeah maybe calling it a common mistake is a bit harsh cause frankly I had a neon red / neon blue at the beginning of this project! I also know a lot of people who had grey when neons were sold out so this was the best way!

      Jeffrey - just sent you a Kickstarter message with a link for you to access your survey

      Ryan - honestly we don’t recommend opening these to change colors this since we’re sonic welding these to make them as compact and strong as possible. Just think of it as limited edition I don’t think there are any other ones with this combo!

    28. Missing avatar

      Franco Dionisio on

      Great update. So excited for this. Well done guys.

    29. Jared on

      HUGE update. Thanks for the charts and photos. Really coming along quickly!!

    30. Nitin Dahyabhai

      As someone who did request the neon red+blue combination, it's solely because the retail neon joycons are red+blue, reversed compared to the Switch with the neon blue+red joycons.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey on

      I am still not getting the Backerkit survey? I have tried numerous times to resend it and nothing is coming through (even checking Spam). Is there any other way to get it with my order? I have also not received any notification asking for my final shipping address?

    32. Ryan Brierley on

      Say thanks to Chris for my Pink/Yellow combo. :)

      I would be VERY interested in paying some extra $$$ to receive a set of spare buttons in the other colours. Then I could always re-fit my Genki to match my Joy-Cons, no matter which ones I use.

    33. Sia Chen Yang on

      you would think taking normal pictures of how the product is and a quick summary on how everything is progressing is easy to do but in fact its not done at all for most kickstarter projects! you guys are great - making the community happy definitely goes a long way!

    34. Jeremie Lariviere

      awesome update, and thanks for the details!

    35. Missing avatar

      Samantha Gounden on

      You guys are amazing! Thank you!

    36. Missing avatar

      Erick on

      So pro and trasnparent! Hope all the kickstarters campaings will be like this one! Thnak you guys, hope the shipping stage comes withouth hic-ups!

    37. Delaney on

      You guys are amazing! Thanks for your fantastic customer support. I’m so excited to receive this product and surprise my husband with it (:

    38. Mike Kalma on

      This. This is the way all Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects should be. Thank you for being so transparent with this entire process. I rather have updates, even if they are minor then no updates at all. Keep up the good work! Excited to get mine, but take your time! :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Lau on

      Out of all the Kickstarter projects that I've been involved in, your updates are seriously the most detailed!! You guys are ace!!! Thanks for putting in all the hard work. Can't wait to start using my Genki with my bluetooth Bose headphones. :)