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Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
Connect your favorite headphones to the Switch with a premium USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio adapter.
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Project Funded... and Beyond!

Posted by Human Things (Creator)

Hope everyone had a great weekend 😎. We’ve been busy getting everything sorted, prioritizing passthrough charging - and let’s just say we’ve worked day and night to sort this out with one of the leading suppliers of USB power delivery chips rather than celebrating (we’ll save that for when we start shipping!)

So we overshot our goal... by like half a million
So we overshot our goal... by like half a million

Wow, we ended the campaign with almost 10,000 GENKI orders on Kickstarter which means we really have to kick it into high gear. I think there’s about 20 million Nintendo Switch’s out there meaning we’ll be in roughly 1 in 2,000 Switch’s out there, 0.05%!

Now What?

Glad you asked! If you’re reading this update you’ll probably fall into 4 categories:

1. I’ve made my order on Kickstarter, everything is groovy, what now?
Awesome, you got your stuff together and now we need to get our stuff together. We'll send a Backerkit survey sometime next week where you can finalize your color choice, select the add-ons you wanted, and confirm your final shipment address.

2. I’ve made my order on Kickstarter but there’s a few things I want to add. 
So maybe you wanted to upgrade with some add-ons or even an extra GENKI for a loved one, no problem. When we send the Backerkit survey next week you’ll have the option to make additional purchases but note that you’ll have to provide your payment details again to Backerkit. From there you’ll also be able to select your colors and of course provide your final shipping address.

3. I’ve made my order on Kickstarter but are having some issues with payment!
So over the next few days Kickstarter is going through the orders and may label some as pending charges to your credit card, if it goes through it might have applied two pending charges, either way it shouldn’t be an issue and should be cleared over the next few days. If not, please reach out to Kickstarter as we don’t see your payment details. If for some reason your card was completely rejected even after trying to fix it, we’ve found a workaround where you can just enter your payment details (including PayPal options) as needed through Backerkit to recover your purchase. By the way we don't see any of your payments until after everything clears about 2 weeks from now.

4. I fell asleep at the wheel and totally missed the Kickstarter.
Bummer. Not all is lost though! You can’t be part of the original campaign but we’re starting to take pre-orders on Indiegogo InDemand so you’ll at least still be able to get a discount and get it shortly after the Kickstarter shipments. You won’t be able to get those limited edition colors though, sorry!

We’re 🌎! 

Looks like a map of global domination!!
Looks like a map of global domination!!

We’re actually super stoked to know that we’ll be shipping GENKI to 82 countries! I feel like Mario taking his journey Cappy spaceship across different worlds when I read through the list. If you’re curious, and from one of these countries you can be delighted to know that you will be the only gamer in your country to have a GENKI:

Aruba / Bulgaria / Bermuda / Belize / Cambodia / Cayman Islands / Croatia / Estonia / Ethiopia / Faroe Islands / Gibraltar / Guam / Latvia / Maldives / Martinique / Qatar / Romania / Serbia / Turkey / Trinidad and Tobago

Please, please if you're one of these backers please send photos of you rocking Genki. It'll be like postcards for us and we'll feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

What Can I Plug GENKI into?!

Okay now that we got all of that out of the way we can get back to the product update. So we’ve been doing some testing compatibility wise and basically can confirm that GENKI works with the following devices:

Sorry we haven't tested XBox One, LINUX, Chromebooks, and older game consoles
Sorry we haven't tested XBox One, LINUX, Chromebooks, and older game consoles

Rear Entry 🔌

Seriously we've come a long way
Seriously we've come a long way

Great news! We got power passthrough to work. It's actually pretty crazy how much this impacts our product. And for those that care, yeah we didn't skimp, these are gold-plated contacts, and yes it matters. Before we get too excited there's a load of testing we need to do - we've taken a lot of precautions and learned a lot about what causes damage to the Switch and we'll share it in way more detail next post. 

Surprisingly we were able to keep everything the same size by redesigning the buttons, leaving less gap between the board and the shell by extending the triggers into the actual button beyond the shell. Check out a before and after:

That whole bottom left antenna used to get us 60 feet range
That whole bottom left antenna used to get us 60 feet range

Building a passthrough charging of course comes at a price. We're no longer able to build out a full antenna and are working with a more high tech ceramic antennas. The trade-off here is way less real estate on the board for a reduced range and higher cost. This means we probably won't hit the 60 feet (20m) but we're getting at least 36 feet (12m) - either way it'll be further than a Joy-Con so hopefully this won't mess up anyone's setup.

Andrew gets high off freshly fabricated PCBs
Andrew gets high off freshly fabricated PCBs

Some further clarification also on the role of the passthrough, it only allows power to go through and is managed by a USB Power Delivery chip so this means you can actually charge it at the full 18 watts (and it will protect from overcharging). Despite it being a USB-C port, however, you won't be able to plug it in directly between the Switch and the dock - it will charge but not pass the audio/video data through to the television so keep the dock adapter handy. 

Phillip playing Aces with the Satisfye Pro Grip with Genki
Phillip playing Aces with the Satisfye Pro Grip with Genki

Also while we were working on passthrough charging we actually met up with Phillip who you guys may all know from another popular Kickstarter who is putting the final touches on the Satisfye Pro Grip and works perfectly while gaming. When its standing it kind of uses GENKI as a tripod leg for support though. 

Anyways, that's it for now. We'll have more to share in the next update. Look forward to the Backerkit survey next week as we try to optimize it for logistics.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mr. P. on

      Human Things - Seeing as you're referencing PD I take it that it's a protocol translator rather than a pass-through device?

      As for waiting for test results, I can do that so long as they come in time to allow me to decide to cancel or not.

    2. Human Things Creator on

      Bill - yes it's quite a headache but we're basically creating multiple angles of the stand to support this

      Erick - its slowly sending out through backerkit, it'll get to the bottom of the list over the next few hours

    3. Missing avatar

      Bill Ung on

      passthru charging means, you need to revise the stand again to provide enough clearance for or charging cable or provide a 90 degree usb-c adapter.

    4. Missing avatar

      Erick on

      Hello! Love your work guys!!

      When can I expect the survey? You guys said in comments before will be before the weekend? Is the timeline ok or is the next week? Thank you for the amazing work you guys do!

    5. Owen Inouye on

      When can we expect that survey? Already forgot the choices. 🤣

    6. Human Things Creator on

      Mr. P - you can use the message or to reach us the fastest. I can assure you though that you can use Genki the way you originally intended without ever using the power pass through if you’re concerned. So far our testing has shown no issues across our three switches but we’ve also been using reliable chargers from Apple, Nintendo, and Anker. We’re learning a lot about what makes a Switch brick as we do this and the good news is that it usually comes down to two things - an old usb a to c cable that doesn’t have a 56k ohm resistor used in conjunction with a dock that triggers the higher display mode for TV. We are using a reliable PD mechanism so though we describe it as a pass through we are ensuring that it doesn’t overcharge the Switch. I guess I’d ask before making that decision let us show you our test results (we even bought usb-c electric meters!) and worst case scenario I would say just don’t use it until you feel comfortable. To be honest we’re also looking at other products for the switch that’ll require us to learn more - but we actually have engineering expertise unlike many other dock makers.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mr. P. on

      Ok. When I backed this I felt pretty safe because charging was not involved. It was just something that used a bit of power.

      Now that that has changed/is changing after the backing process I'm having the doubts I would've had if it was playing in the charging space from the get-go.

      Who do I need to contact should I decide to cancel?

    8. Human Things Creator on

      Errol - very soon! Like before the end of the weekend

      Angelo - yes!

    9. Errol Airhole Gonsalves on

      I have yet to receive my backerkit email asking me what colour would like. When should I be expecting it?

    10. Missing avatar

      Angelo on

      Would this be compatible with a google home speaker (via bluetooth connection)? Very excited for this product

    11. Human Things Creator on

      Adam- it’s coming very soon!

      Jeremie - thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Adam Garner Johnson on

      I haven't received anything to confirm my order?

    13. Jeremie Lariviere

      great update, thanks!

    14. Human Things Creator on

      Eduardo - someone else mentioned they had this and we need at least 38-40mm of width clearance which I believe is slightly wider than the Hori stand. Their solution was to just file away a bit of the middle to make room for it. Hope that helps?

      Zachary - awesome please take photos - I assume you have warm winters! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Maldonado on

      Will it be usable in tabletop mode when the switch is on the Hori PlayStand? Does the base not allow it to plug in fully?

    16. Missing avatar

      Zachary Orr on

      Aw man, I'm so glad to be the only person from Trinidad to get one! This is an awesome product and can't wait to get it.

    17. Human Things Creator on

      Andrew - yes!

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schmidt on

      Are the little mic transmitters going to have a holder in the shnazzy case as well?

    19. Human Things Creator on

      Raynelle - thanks! you'll be able to add as many as you want through the backerkit and save a lot on shipping in the meantime!

    20. Missing avatar

      Raynelle Baldovino on

      Very excited about its release! These updates are so well made and the communication you all put forward is incredible!

      Once the survey comes out and production begins, will we only be able to add one extra GENKI if we wish? Although I’m set with just getting myself one, I have a few friends whom I’d love to surprise with one as a gift.

    21. Human Things Creator on

      TJ - no worries! all kickstarter backers can choose the game themed button colors which are limited to KS only

      Zach - just bought one, and yes it works technically but it's slightly long. we'll see what it's like with the final shell but it may rest on it a little bit.

      Carlos - we've printed samples of the mic with the components inside and the quality is great. we're also seeing if we can still make the BT voice chat in scope but like I said the sound quality for bluetooth voice chat simultaneously with game audio is just BAD. so we'll probably have some workaround way where you can trigger this as an option but really don't want it to be part of the default set

      Christopher / Scott / Vyath - actually we've tested the range again in an open environment and were actually able to get more than 20m now without the case on. We still have to refine the case to fit the passthrough but we're confident it won't be any problem - not that it was a problem really in the first place like you mentioned

      Corry - Thanks! Once we get everything running in production we'll have more of a breather!

      Luis - us too!

    22. Missing avatar

      TJ Knight on

      Limited Edition colors??? How do I get those? Does being in the first 350 backers help??

    23. Zach Hansen

      I'm curious, will this work with Nintendo's charging stand? the stand plugs into the Switch and then it has a usb c port on the side for a power cable. Will this work in that port?

    24. Missing avatar

      Carlos Baca Terrones on

      Thank you very much guys for having a constant and fluid communication with us, it really appreciates a lot. I think it's great that it has compatibility with smart phones and windows. All improvements are welcome, thanks for your effort. Is there any news about the microphone?

    25. Christopher Bailey on

      thanks for the updates, keep them coming!! I probably don't need to say this but I agree that the cut to range is fine as long as you still beat the joycon's range.

    26. Corry Frydlewicz on

      You guys are running this in a really impressive way. Better communication and great transparency about the process of building it all. I appreciate all these important details and how much testing you're doing. Keep up the great work, but don't burn yourselves out! <3

    27. Missing avatar

      Scott Nicholson on

      Hey, just the fact that you got passthrough charging to work is huge IMO. Even if the range goes down, as long as its about the same as the joyconns, I'd say it really doesn't matter since a passthrough charging compatibility is a must. Thanks alot for all you do and I can't wait to get this product in my hands :)

    28. Vyath on

      I don't think 60 feet of range is necessary- passthrough charging is far more important :) as long as it's able to match the range of the joyconns then I say you've scored a big win! Thanks for all the extra work you've put into this amazing product.

    29. Luis Deleon on

      Yes can’t wait !