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Humanity.TV - Interactive Shorts to Inspire Authentic Travel's video poster

A first-of-its-kind interactive tablet series to inspire authentic travel through fascinating stories and collaborative filmmaking. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 17, 2012.

A first-of-its-kind interactive tablet series to inspire authentic travel through fascinating stories and collaborative filmmaking.

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Humanity for iPad has launched!

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Hey Backers! Good news! After a lot of work, bug-crunching, and a lot of editing, today we celebrate the official launch of Humanity for iPad! Thanks to all of you and lots of time and effort, we made our goal of creating an interactive documentary series for the iPad a reality. 

Iceland is our first issue and is available now right here:

If you have an iPad, you can also search for us in the app store (or in iTunes) by searching for "Humanity for iPad" - we're currently a few rows down, so look for us! Also, if you love the app, we'd really, really appreciate a review and any comments you'd love to share. It really helps boost the app in the store and allow more people to discover it!


*One note is that Apple currently doesn't allow free-download codes for in-app purchases, so if you do download the app, please pass along your PayPal or Amazon email and we'll make sure to reimburse you for your purchase! Just take a screenshot of the purchase (or send us the receipt) and we'll get you the payment right away.


Thanks again for all your support! Look forward to a new issue every-other month, with Israel, Scotland, and Albania all near completion and on the release docket.

- Kerrin & Gaston

iPad app nearing completion! New issues in full editing mode.

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Hello Backers! 

While we've been cranking away editing issues #2, #3, and #4, we're still putting the final touches on the iPad app (therefore delaying our FIRST issue: Iceland).

However, we're very excited about the changes we've made to the app to make sure it's the best experience we can provide - and give you an immersive look into the lives and experiences that make a place unique.

Below are some production stills for ISSUE #3: ALBANIA, which we're in full editing mode for now:

Tirana, Albania
Tirana, Albania
Theth, Albania
Theth, Albania
Foggy day in Llogora National Park
Foggy day in Llogora National Park
Along the road, Albania
Along the road, Albania

iPad Update & Humanity.TV on Instagram!


Hi Backers! We're excited to announce that the wait is almost over for our new iPad app. Since we successfully kickstarted, we have shot nearly 40 short films, created more than 50 photo essays, and interviewed dozens and dozens of people. We're excited to package these all up into a one-of-a-kind iPad app that our dedicated developer is putting the final touches on now.

We have two issues completed, Iceland & Israel, and are about to embark on a two-month production schedule that will take us to some pretty cool places (Albania? yes, please). In less than two months, we'll kick off a release schedule that makes 2014 look pretty exciting - we're pumped to get it out into the world!


Until our official launch, check out Humanity.TV on Instagram!

Follow us to get awesome photos and short videos from our upcoming production months! We also have a whole cache of delicious travel photos from all over the world.

Do it. You'll love it. We promise:

- Kerrin & Gaston

Sign Up Now For Launch!


Hello Friendly Backers!

Humanity.TV is plugging along. We're getting ready for the launch of our first issue (Iceland) by retooling a bit of the app and making it as awesome as we possibly can. We're very excited the direction the app is taking and believe the content is some of the strongest stuff we've ever shot and edited. Excited to show it to all of you.

We're aiming for an early March launch of the app, but make sure you sign up to be notified when we launch. You can do so here: (you can also watch the series preview there as well).

Thanks again for all of your support! Can't wait to drop our app on the world. Thanks!

Kerrin & Gaston

Prototype App & Issue Preview!


Hi Backers! 

Humanity.TV is motoring along. We've been working on getting the app release ready as we finish all of the content from our first issue: ICELAND.

We currently have a prototype version of the app ready but are fine tuning the design and functionality to make sure it makes some waves when it's released. We'd love to get it out early next year, with content that totals 12 short documentaries on Icelandic locals, 24 photo essays of awesome Icelandic locations, and more than a half-dozen videos of killer Icelandic experiences (Snowmobiling? yep. Soaking in the Blue Lagoon? You betcha. Scuba diving in nearly-freezing waters? For sure.)

For a preview of the forthcoming Iceland issue, check out our preview video - shown to only you, dear backers:

Video: (password: HumanityTV)

Thanks again for all your support and we hope to get the app to you as soon as we can (and follow that up with more awesome video content from around the world).

- Kerrin & Gaston