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Give award-winning film "Son of Babylon" the American release it deserves.

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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on December 29, 2012.

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Ho, ho, ho, (we’re getting ready to be festive.)

Thanks so much for dropping by our Kickstarter page - we hope you will join us on this journey. We are Mohamed Al-Daradji the director and Isabelle Stead the producer. With the help of the Sundance Institute we made the movie “SON OF BABYLON” – it’s THE most successful Iraqi film of all time!  Nevertheless, we really need your help and pledges over the holidays to give this film it’s USA theatrical release in early 2013. Your pledges will help us raise the P&A Budget (Prints and Advertising Materials - more info below on what this covers) The more we raise, the more we can achieve.

 5 STARS "Sometimes a film deserves deference. Sometimes, the only justified response is to bend one’s knee. This is one of those films" – Little White Lies

Award winning “Son of Babylon” is the story of a grandmother and grandson that go in search for the boys’ missing father in post-2003 Iraq. The powerful humanitarian message at the heart of the film has brought alive the issue of Iraq’s missing people for international audiences alike.

Beautifully directed by Mohamed Al-Daradji, and featuring a magnificent performance from young Yasser Talib as Ahmed, “Son of Babylon” is both a fulfilling cinematic and emotional experience. It is a story of hope and forgiveness; one that palpably, and with great humanity, illustrates reality for many Iraqi and Kurdish people in the aftermath of Hussein’s dictatorship.

Being Iraq's official entry to the Academy Award 2010. It has been screened around the world from Sundance to Berlin, to South Korea, and has won over 30 awards worldwide including: 60th Berlin International Film Festival, 2010 Amnesty Film Award & Peace Prize and a British Independent Film Award – Raindance Award 2010.

Stills from "Son of Babylon"
Stills from "Son of Babylon"

Shot on location in the streets, deserts and the fields of Iraq, featuring beautiful cinematography and a brilliant score, this is the story of what transpired after the occupation of Iraq. It is the story of millions of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters who lost their loved ones.


The USA is now one of the last few countries in the world we have yet to give this film a nationwide release, and it deserves to be enjoyed here. Please help us so that you can see this film in your town in March 2013, on the 10th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq – help us to “liberate” this film.

The lead Actress in our film Shazad Hussein's own real life story mirrors that of her character, for over 25 years this woman has been searching for her missing husband. It took her great courage to be in this film and the tears you will see are real. Nevertheless it took even greater courage for her to witness against Sadaam Hussein at his trial in 2003. This lady deserves for her voice to be heard in America!

(The voice you hear in this video is of Shazad Hussein "Um-Ibrahim" in our film.)

Why not give a pledge as a Christmas gift/voucher and we will send it to you asap.

(Please note we can’t send out DVD’s or arrange anything screening relating until around the release in March 2013 but we can give you a festive Gift Voucher)

We wish you a wonderful festive time over the holidays and thank you for all your interest and support.

Merry Christmas  :)

Mohamed & Isabelle


P&A - What sort of things to this cover:

PRINTS: DCP (Digital Screen Package), Additional 35mm prints. Trailer Prints, Transportation of prints.

MEDIA/PRESS: Publicist, Press - regional and national, ADs, press screenings, Travel & Accommodation Press Kits & Poster

And many more things...

Risks and challenges

After filming for 6 months in Baghdad - there is no challenge we can't overcome together!

The film has been shot so don't worry there is no risk - we always achieve what we set out to do.


Don't worry you can! Encourage your friends, family to donate. You can spread the word by linking to our Kickstarter campaign on your Facebook profile, blog and Twitter feed. This is a word-of-mouth campaign, and its success relies on people being aware of it. "Like" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and tell the world that we are taking film distribution into our own hands - and so are you!

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  • We just heard from our lovely friends at Sundance that for anyone in the USA wishing to back our project you have to do 1 extra step than you normally would if you were backing a project that was based in the USA.

    That's because we are in the UK - please don't let the extra step put you off - it's an extra check for the safety of your security - apart from that it's still all the same.

    Any questions don't hesitate to contact me on: isabelle "@" - I promise to respond to every message.

    We need every backer we can - just $1 and spreading the word will help this campaign.

    Thanks so much,


    Last updated:

    Iraq, 2003 at the time I was preparing for my first film “Ahlaam” I was walking along Al-Rashid Street in Baghdad when I heard breaking news from a radio coming from a nearby shop: mass

    graves had been discovered near Babylon. I stopped cold at that moment, since I could remember fathers and sons of family and friends had disappeared over the years. No family unaffected and no one dare ask why. I thought about my aunty whose son had gone missing 15 years before. It took me about an hour to gather myself again.

    The first mass graves uncovered in Babylon hundreds of thousands of bodies, yet in the wave of chaos and occupation that hit Iraq during this time the majority have remained unidentified and forgotten. There has been little retrospect and thus people still need answers.

    Inspired by the relationship I shared with my aunt, the idea came for “Son of Babylon” to bind two generations, the older steeped in suffering; the younger bearing hope for the future. A mother's search for her lost son; a boy’s journey to find himself and his father, each in the abyss I felt against the back drop of war and occupation as I struggled to comprehend the tragedy.

    Over four years, day and night I prepared, wrote and cried whilst gathering the archival footage of what had happened. It’s not been easy for me to tell this story and it’s become much more than a film or piece of cinema to me and my team, it’s real and its aftermath echoes in the daily lives of those I love.

    Director Mohamed Al-Daradji

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  • That's right.


    In conjunction with the film, Human Film & Iraq Al-Rafidain In 2010 launched The Iraq's Missing Campaign to provide direct practical relief and support to the relatives of missing and disappeared persons in Iraq. The campaign has draw on the success of the feature film 'Son of Babylon' as it engages audiences across the world with its deeply moving story of missing people in Iraq.

    We established the Iraq's Missing People's Campaign when we couldn't find an NGO or charity that was working on the issue of Iraq's Missing People - we couldn't quite believe it. The UN didn't even have any estimates to how many people were missing! - Even more unbelievable!

    Families of missing persons, regardless of nationality, race, religion, class, gender or political affiliation, have the right to access information concerning the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones, which is clearly defined in international statute. They are among the most traumatised by the situation in Iraq, many are refugees, and are highly vulnerable to political manipulation. Their pain is increased by the lingering uncertainty of their situation, which has been classed as a form of mental torture by the United Nations and the European Court for Human Rights.

    IMC therefore exists to secure the action we need – at a local, national and international level – to provide answers and, hopefully, justice for the families of the 'missing' in Iraq and to ensure that crimes committed against Iraq's population are embedded in global historical memory.

    The filmmakers endeavour that the IRAQ’S MISSING campaign and “Son of Babylon” will communicate the extent of the genocide. So far we have successfully lobbied for the redirection of resources in Iraq and from outside organisations dedicated to issues such as these, to fund the technology needed for the identification of the bodies in a more efficient way.

    For more information on the campaign or to find out how you can get involved please visit:

    Here's a link to the timeline of the campaigns achievements: http://…

    Through the film's pressure we have been making a difference: We were able to initiate a DNA program between the ICMP (International Commission of Missing Persons) and The Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights……

    Last updated:
  • Anyone, anywhere (with a major card) can pledge to Kickstarter projects.

    On our page the pledges approx =

    £5 = $8

    £25 = $24

    £50 = $80

    £150 = $241

    £450 = $724

    £2500 = $4026

    £5000 = $8052

    Your card will only be charged if the campaign reaches it's full target of £40,000 on the 3rd Jan 2013

    Here's some info on being a backer:

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  • Yes, absolutely. All you need to do when filling out the donation information is put the name and address of the person you are gifting the donation to. When the time comes, the reward will be sent to the person you have designated.

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    OK you might think this is a strange pledge but hear us out. The watch is new and still in the box and has the relevant papers, the watch was awarded to Mohamed at "Black Movie Festival de Films" in Geneva when our film "Iraq War Love God & Madness" won the Young People's Jury Prize. As much as Mohamed likes the gift he has offered this to help the campaign. And it's a great way for our films to help each other out. Anyone who believes in "Son of Babylon" this much deserves to wear this watch.

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