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The way to search and find all the pictures of yourself and the people you care for!

The way to search and find all the pictures of yourself and the people you care for! Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 19, 2014.

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About this project

We've cancelled our Kickstarter campaign, here's why :

We chose to use Kickstarter because we wanted to reach early tech adopters that would be eager to test out our service. Three weeks into our campaign, it has become clear that we have not been able to generate enough press coverage and attract enough people to achieve our objective.

This doesn't mean in any way that Huiiz is not moving forward. We are working with investors to support the project, and based on the feedback we have received, we are also completely rethinking our revenue model.

To our Backers and to all of you that have helped promote our campaign and create awareness about Huiiz, we thank you. You have our deepest appreciation for your support and believing in our project.

Check us out on facebook or twitter to keep up with the latest news and release date.

Protect you online privacy with a simple search  

Huiiz is a new type of search engine - the first to be dedicated to finding pictures and information about people. It has a simple and intuitive design backed by a fast and effective technology. It is a search engine that relies on pictures rather than keywords.


Our goal is to open up the web in a new way, giving you the means to control your online identity and find information about others.

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Reverse image search using face recognition

Everything was built around the objective of making it easy to use for the user. A search can be done by simply drag and dropping a few pictures. If a picture is too large or includes more than one person, a very basic editing window is prompted to let the user pick or crop the right face from the picture.

Our team is actively working on improving the system and developing new features. As we begin this campaign, we are working on other features that will be ready for the official launch.

Always know when a new picture is found

Part of the idea of creating profiles is to give the option of receiving reports. In this way, you can keep track of whether anything else has been found by receiving notifications. These will be sent to you via email at the frequency that you choose.

Mobile App

Of course, no online service would be complete without good mobile integration. We have therefore started the development of an app which will let you search directly using pictures from your phone or tablet. Managing profiles and viewing search results will be adapted to the small format of mobile devices.

Build you're own service

We want other developers to have access to the technology we have built so they can use it in their own projects. The API lets you perform facial recognition and search through our indexes in bulk.

Why Kickstarter

At this point of our development, there are many reasons why we believe crowdfunding will be very beneficial to this project. We believe that crowdfunding is about a lot more than simply the funds - it is about the power you get from the people, like you, that will support this project.

User base
What makes the algorithm behind Huiiz so effective and fast is that it improves by becoming better and faster as it “learns” about recognizing more people. This means that the larger the user base becomes, the better Huiiz becomes.

With the development of any new product, it is almost impossible for one person to know what everybody really wants. Your feedback will give us an invaluable insight into whether we are on the right track or not, whether a new feature is useful or not and, above all, a clear vision of what you want so we can build what you need. We are putting a voting system in place that will let you submit and vote for features that you would like to see.

We said that crowdfunding was not all about funds, but the funds still matter. We’ve made sure that our webcrawler invests its resources in areas of the web that matter to us, avoiding areas where there is nothing of interest to find. However, the processing power and bandwidth required are still substantial. Aside from some of the development and legal (patent) costs, the money raised here will be used to support the heavy infrastructure behind Huiiz.

Where are we at

The idea came to us a little over a year ago and we’ve been working on this project since December 2012. The core of the system - namely, the facial recognition and webcrawler - are both pretty much completed. And as you can see, we have a working prototype of the user interface. There is still a lot of work to be done on the infrastructure that runs the search engine, as well as on the website itself. We plan on finalizing and releasing the project by the end of July (2014).

The technology

Huiiz consists of three main pieces: the facial recognition, the webcrawler and the website.

The facial recognition is built around a novel approach that performs searches quickly and with better accuracy than anything else we have tested. In its current state, the algorithm gives us a recognition rate of above 92%. We are continuously improving the algorithm and we expect this number to continue to go up in the future. For those of you who want to know more, we will be publishing a paper on the technology relatively soon.

Like any search engine, there will always be some false-positive results, but the more relevant and better results are sorted and displayed first.

Huiiz is constantly crawling the web for new images. Thanks to the clever design of our webcrawler, we are able to avoid wasting computer resources in areas of the web that are not important to us, hence focusing on where there is something to find. We’ve already indexed and analysed tens of millions of pictures and hopefully, with the help of this campaign, we will soon be equipped to reach a lot more.

Our team

My name is Sebastien Nadeau, and I’ve spent most of the last 10 years working in research and development for video games, films and virtual reality for medical training systems. After working for a few years at Ubisoft, I was approached to spearhead the research for a company called Vimedix. It was during that time that I began working actively on image analysis and pattern recognition. After the company was acquired by CAE, I decided to follow my passion for films and commercials and started a small visual effects studio where we got to work on quite a few interesting films. Our expertise came from our unique set of internal tools for image processing and simulations. When all the troubles affecting the visual effects industry started impacting upon the amount of work we were able to get, I decided it was time to take my team and all the expertise we had developed over the past few years and apply them to a different field. This is where Huiiz was born.

Risks and challenges

As with the release of any new product, the biggest risk is undoubtedly delivering on time. Each member of our skilled team has a lot of experience in projects of this scope. We’ve worked closely together to propose a realistic schedule that gives us enough time to release something that we will be proud of. The next few months are divided into a series of milestones and we will make sure to update our backers as we pass each of them.

The other important challenge lies in setting up an infrastructure that will be able to support the large number of users who will be using the service. Since this is the area where we have the least expertise, we are currently talking to a few experienced candidates to join the team and help us build something robust. While this does not risk slowing down our development, it is central in making sure the user experience is as smooth and fast as possible.

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