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told in sound and image for two bodies, UNRAVELED is the story of the most intimate relationship of all- that between mind and body Read more

Warwick, NY Theater
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This project was successfully funded on May 7, 2011.

told in sound and image for two bodies, UNRAVELED is the story of the most intimate relationship of all- that between mind and body

Warwick, NY Theater
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About this project

Its our first time.

We are HUGE CUP.  And UNRAVELED is our first project.  First Kickstarter project, first collaboration, and first original production.  And you never forget your first time so let's just say we want to make it a memorable occasion for all... 

...which is why we're on this website.

Now, with one week until the premiere of UNRAVELED, we are closing the gaps in our budget while moving full-steam into this production.  The plan is to raise $500 in 7 days.


UNRAVELED is an original dance theater piece with text from Susan Blackmore and Thomas Wolfe.  Devised for two performers representing mind and body, it explores the antiquated concepts of "self" and "soul" in the face of the cold new realities of neuroscience.  We've layered constant sound, scene, and organic choreography to create the landscape of a modern, meandering mind.  We diverge slightly from the age-old question 'why are we here' and instead ask of ourselves and our audience 'what is keeping us here?' 

After it becomes clear that there is no god, no soul, no self and we are simply a body in space and time...  What drives us on?  Could your beating heart and conscious mind ever be enough?

When and where do I see UNRAVELED?

May 6th and 7th at 8 pm

Stone Bridge Station, 30 Wisner Road, Warwick, NY

Where do your dollars go?

The biggest portion of our budget is for sound and lighting rentals while an equal portion is distributed for technical labor, marketing costs, utility costs for our space, set and costume materials and artistic fees.

Who is making this happen?

All collaborating artists are from or have lived or worked in Warwick, NY.

Andy Boswell, set design; Mike Garofalo, sound design and editing; Christopher Cosimano, original composition; Charmian Wells, choreography; Inez Kraus, costumes; Jessica Giannino, photography; Jim Murray, owner, Stone Bridge Station; Community 2000, fiscal sponsor.

How did we get here?

The first thing that happened to HUGE CUP was a local supporter of the arts generously let us use his space... for whatever we wanted to do... which is unheard of!

The medium of dance and theater came naturally from our fields of study.  Collectively, Eliza and I both studied, worked professionally and taught in the field of dance and experimental theater in NYC and Orange County, NY and Central America before moving back to Warwick and beginning HUGE CUP.

... and where are we headed?

We are at the dawn of our goals for HUGE CUP and UNRAVELED is truly only the beginning.  If you are able to donate to our first production you are also contributing to the longevity of a diverse and viable arts group in Orange County, NY. 

In the last ten years there has been major growth in Orange County in the arts as industry and with it sprouted the organization that is our current fiscal sponsor and the Orange County Arts Council, but still we see a gap of young, creative people in our area that understandably flock to NYC to test their talents and start their careers.  We want to bridge that gap and create a vibrant artistic network in our own community.

We, the co-founders of HUGE CUP, provide as much creative fuel and administrative time as necessary, but HUGE CUP is a place to throw in ideas regardless of whence they came. 

So what's next?

You tell us.


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