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HR "Finding Joseph I", is the upcoming documentary chronicling the eccentric life of legendary punk rock reggae singer, Paul"HR"Hudson.


WE DID IT! We hit our goal and are still climbing! The support that this community has offered has not only helped financially, but it is also moral support to continue working to bring you a project that we are dedicated to making! We've got 30 hours to go and so far we have made 38,175! It is truly incredible that we have reached the goal but we would like to continue fundraising to cover fees from Kickstarter and Amazon as well as insurance if there are any processing issues! Once again, THANK YOU EVERYONE...with the sincerest gratitude -HRDOC Team.

Hello Community!  
We are in our last 5 Days with a little under 16,000 to go and we believe that with the outpouring of support we have had so far, that we can make our goal! We have created a new video with a message from the Director, James Lathos along with HR while artist Ras Terms paints a portrait for our very special rewards!  We want to show our supporters how much we appreciate them, as well as all of the people that have donated their time with the project.

  It has been really heartening to see support from fans, fellow filmmakers and supporters from every reach internationally!  Thank all of you so much!  It would mean a great deal to us if you could continue to share the word as we make our daily climb to our goal.  
Thanks again,

HR “Finding Joseph I” is a feature documentary currently in production, chronicling the eccentric life and struggles of punk rock reggae singer, Paul “HR” Hudson, a.k.a. Joseph I. The charismatic frontman's energetic and explosive live performances helped pioneer hardcore punk rock with the Bad Brains, one of the most influential bands to rise out of the 1980's. HR's heavy devotion to the Rastafarian faith guided him in a spiritual direction leaving the band several times to explore his love for reggae music as the solo artist, HR Human Rights. Over the years, the Bad Brains have reunited several times only to struggle with the unpredictable singer. HR's increasingly strange and abnormal behavior has left many convinced that he his suffering from psychological troubles while others believe he is still living out his journey as one of the greatest frontmen in rock and roll history!

Paul "HR" Hudson, aka Ras Hailu Gabriel Joseph I
Paul "HR" Hudson, aka Ras Hailu Gabriel Joseph I

 This documentary will feature interviews with musicians and peers HR has worked with and influenced as they share their stories and first hand experiences. Most importantly we will hear from HR himself about his life, philosophies, and career while seeing him continue to write, record, and perform, spreading his passionate message of universal peace and love. Help us tell the story of what is one of the most inspirational if not misunderstood musicians of this era! 

New original music with the documentary!

  In February of 2012, the production crew traveled to Jamaica with HR where he began recording with music producer Mao Clemmons. HR dubbed the collaboration "Project Livity" which features musician and professional skateboarder Chuck Treece on guitar and bass. As part of our Kickstarter rewards, we will be releasing an EP on vinyl! You will be able to get this record exclusively through our Kickstarter campaign so don't miss your chance. This is all new original music! Vinyl will be sequentially numbered and never pressed again!

Project Livity, "Thank You".

How this project got started and who we are: 

Small Axe Films founder and director James Lathos started this project in 2007 after interviewing HR for a skateboarding magazine. They became friends and HR suggested making a documentary about his life. Since that time a collective of talented people have come together to work on this project. Director of Photography Jeff Schmale's, diverse credits include HBO's The Wire, House of Cards, Monday Night Football spots, and Music Docs including Pearl Jam Twenty. Producer and camera operator Rob Parsell has 10 years production experience with CBS, NBA, BET, and Voice of America. Award winning editor and producer, Dawne Langford, is a recent graduate of the PBS Producers Academy and has worked in production for over 15 years. Her honors include the Telly Award, Aegis Award, Mental Health Media Award and an Aurora Award Platinum Best of Show.

What will the funds be used for?

   We’re in the process of making the film, but need your help in order to finish it. We are aiming to raise funds to pay for the remaining shooting schedule as well as post production cost such as editing, audio mixing and mastering, color correction, illustrations/animation, and motion graphics. In addition there are some additional expenses needed to finish the soundtrack/record as well as legal fees. We are also hoping to exceed our goal to create a budget for music licensing. We need to cover the enormous expense of acquiring licensing rights to what we think are important elements of the story. Along with the heavy expenses of acquiring licensing rights, come all the high costs of putting together an independent DIY film of this size. 

HR Washington D.C.1984 photo by Steven Hanner
HR Washington D.C.1984 photo by Steven Hanner

How can I donate and be a part of the film?

Just click the green “Back This Project” button in the upper right-hand corner. Please send us an e-mail if you have any problems or questions. Because HR fans are all over planet earth, we would like to remind you that anyone can donate. The rewards will be shipped to wherever you live. Shipping is free in the United States! We will take care of that no problem. If shipped internationally their is an extra $20 fee. All materials will be shipped on time!

How can I contact you?

You can reach us at Feel free to email us with any questions or comments you might have. We are always looking for any documentation of HR's life whether it be photos/video, sound recordings, flyers, news clippings, etc.. If you have anything rare, and want to be involved, please help us share the story of a legend. You can stay updated on our progress through our Facebook page. We will post updates and news regularly as we move forward. 

What happens if the money isn’t raised in time?

Kickstarter is all or nothing. Every project must be fully funded before its time expires or no money changes hands. Your credit card or debit card will not be charged.

For more info on the project please visit Thank you to everyone who has helped support the project along the way! Anything the mind can believe ...the mind can achieve!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have already faced many obstacles throughout the process of making this documentary and our passion for continuing through the bumps in the road are evident in our work. Whatever mishaps the future will forsee for this project we are prepared to overcome through our creativity and dedication.


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