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An action packed dueling dice game that you can take with you anywhere!!! Shipping to EU, AU, CA, USA!!!
An action packed dueling dice game that you can take with you anywhere!!!
An action packed dueling dice game that you can take with you anywhere!!!
209 backers pledged $8,758 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Hey Jason. I can def send you a pdf. Shoot me a message with the email you want it to go to. Thanks!

    2. Jason Robinette

      Is there any way that we can get a PDF version of the rules sheet? Mine's somewhat beat up, and I'd like to print a nicer one.

    3. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Hey guys. I'm sending both of you shipping info.

    4. Missing avatar

      Anthony on

      Looking forward to playing! Have not received my copy yet, though. The same as JoScEl, I am wondering what carrier they were shipped through?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jordan E.

      Out of curiosity, who were the packages shipped through?

    6. jeff shoemaker on

      Played a number of times. Love the dice! Very beautiful individually and as a set. The numbers on the red and black are a little hard to read in low lighting, but they are also my favorite color scheme. After a number of plays we found the 20 a little easier than i would have liked, and I'm afraid of overdoing the unique quality of the battle die. With that fear carried over to the power die also, we are going to play a number of games that only utilize the power die after a double is face up on the table, including green die re-rolls. I hope this increases the scarcity of the power die, and makes achieving 20 harder to hopefully lean out the 20 point tiebreakers . Otherwise, spectacular quality, excellent design, great project! Thank you!

    7. Missing avatar

      Joshua Scott Smith

      Thanks Luke! I have now play tested Battle Roll with some of my friends and family. It was super easy to learn, and a nice quick game. I am extremely satisfied with this game! The carry pouch is also a great addition to help carry it around. Hopefully more and more people will want to play the game.
      Thanks again,
      Joshua Smith

    8. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Thanks Thomas!

    9. Thomas Mulvany on

      Thanks Luke! Just receive my copy of Battle Roll. As the other 2 have stated, the dice are of a real good quality and detailing :) Very happy that I helped with your success!

      Will be playtesting Battle Roll on the weekend, and ordering some more copies later this month!

      All the best!

    10. Lorena Finnerty

      Got my game yesterday and WOW, these dice are awesome! Just as described/pictured. The pouch is nice and big with room for more life stones for more players. Looking forward to playing this a lot. Very portable. Thanks for the game Luke!!

    11. Jeffrey Yewcic

      Forgot to post my thoughts on the life stones and dice / life stone pouch....

      Both are great, the life stones may have a few "rough" edges which can easily be fixed by picking at them (left over plastic from production it looks like). The pouch is great and holds the dice / life stones perfectly. The included belt clip on the pouch is a great touch as well. :-) There is also extra room to hold a few more stuff in the pouch (first thing that comes to mind is a lil notepad to keep score of how may times you beat your friends).

    12. Jeffrey Yewcic

      Got my game today!!!! :-D

      Just wanted to stop in and drop a comment on my first impressions on the game & game pieces!

      First off, I am sad I only got the Single Game Deluxe and not the Double Game Deluxe. The quality on everything is A++ in my book. The dice have a very nice heavy and solid feel when holding and rolling them. The playing mat is really nice and feels up to par with other high quality card playing mats. The koozie... well... lets just say its doing a mighty fine job of holding my most favorite refreshment at the moment. ;-)

      Further more the dice are extremely well detailed (the update you posted does not do the dice justice when looking at them with your own eyes). The included instructions are very detailed which is nice and including a web link on how to play is great for the more visual learners. My only positive criticism on how to make Battle Roll better is to maybe have the instructions printed on a better piece of paper in color or maybe some sort of laminated sheet?

      Sadly I have only played a few rounds with my self at the moment while following your excellent instruction manual and everything game wise is great! I am going to play with a few of my work buddies tomorrow to truly test it out.... because lets face it playing a game with your self is not that challenging you can always guess your own moves... :-/

      I will defiantly be purchasing another set of Battle Roll dice! :-) I am happy to have helped fund your campaign and truly great game.

    13. Tony A. Thompson

      Received my game today..looks interesting.can't wait to play a round.

    14. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Ian and Annemarie,
      Thanks for reaching out. I will be posting another update very soon. I have received all of the components except the dice which are expected to be ready in June. I will be sending out a survey to get final addresses from everybody in the near future as well.


    15. Missing avatar


      Is there any news? Can't wait to play.

    16. ian harris on

      Any updates coming soon?

    17. ian harris on

      I'm so excited to play!!!!!

    18. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Hey Kelly things are going great! I'm actually posting a quick update tonight. Thanks!

    19. kellyk413 on

      how are things going, over 2 weeks since last update...........

    20. ian harris on

      The bags look so good I'm so excited to get this and play it

    21. ian harris on

      How's the game looking

    22. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Hey Ian,
      Everything is going great and is on schedule. I hope to be able to give everyone a very accurate shipping date within a few days after the project is funded. I'm hoping to ship the games early!

    23. ian harris on

      How are the dice coming along boss.

    24. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Thanks Stuart!

    25. Stuart Alexander on

      What the heck went for the double up, thanks again for the prompt reply�

    26. Stuart Alexander on

      Thank you for the prompt reply back, thumbs up.

    27. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Hey Guys! Just add another $25 for every extra set you want to your single pledge and we'll ship you another set of Battle Roll Dice, a bag, life-stones, and instructions. This way you can order multiple sets if you want to without the added accessories. Thanks for backing Battle Roll!

    28. Stuart Alexander on

      I would also like to know if there's anyway to get just an extra set of dice.

    29. Missing avatar


      This looks quite fun. I do have a request, though. I'd love to be able to add on an extra set of dice, without having to get the double pack. Is that ever going to be possible?

    30. Eric Hansen on

      This is a way cooler version of the Star Wars KOTOR mini game Pazak! Yes, I am a nerd. Excited about the game. Congratulations!

    31. Richard Topp on

      Thanks for the message! I plan on bringing this to my weekly game night hopefully it get everyone interested enough to buy there own set!

    32. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Hey Mike,
      This particular run will only be available on Kickstarter and after the campaign ends. If we are able to take it to retail in the future we will probably have to go with lower quality components to make that happen. I am not yet sure if I want to do that or just stick to selling it through online channels. Thanks for backing Battle Roll!

    33. Mike on

      Looks like fun! My wife and I play small, quick games while waiting for our food at restaurants. I am hoping that the rolling mat will soften the sound of the dice so we don't annoy folks nearby. Neat idea.

      How much will the set with the mat and cup retail for?

    34. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Thanks Jeffrey...Excited to get the game out to everybody!

    35. Jeffrey Yewcic

      Right on, thanks for the video explain how a quick round of Battle Roll and how the Battle Roll die works! Can't wait to play! Congrats on getting all your funding within the first 4 days! :-D

    36. Gregg Jewell on

      Grats, now just that video or the physical rules!

    37. Missing avatar

      Justine Chow on

      Pledged! Hoping to be able to pledge higher later if shipping to Oz becomes possible :)

    38. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Haha! Nate and Steve! Thanks for the pledges!

    39. Stephen Baker on

      I can't wait to beat you at your own game....with a little practice!! ;)

    40. Missing avatar

      Nathan Fox on

      Amazing guy with an amazing product. Can't wait to get mine! Love you, L-dog!

    41. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Jeffrey: I'll be posting a video soon that will cover a round of Battle Roll including an example of one of the side games on the orange Battle Roll Die. Thanks!

    42. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      You rock Thomas! Thanks for your support!

    43. Thomas Mulvany on

      Good Luck on Your Campaign!

    44. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      I will be uploading a video of a basic round of Battle Roll as soon as I can so everybody can get an idea of how the game play goes.

    45. Gregg Jewell on

      Will the rules be posted?

    46. Jeffrey Yewcic

      No problem!, curious though on what the 5 quick side games are to settle a tie with the Battle Roll die? I didn't see this anywhere... :-)

    47. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Love to hear it Jeff! Awesome! Thanks so much for your pledge!

    48. Jeff Ranke on

      This game concept is really cool. I can see our boys using this to replace rock, paper, scissors around our house. I'm sure there's going to be many nights the evening chores will be decided by a quick game of Battle Roll! Good luck in your fundraising!

    49. How We Roll Games 4-time creator on

      Thanks so much Rob and Jane! Miss you guys too!

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