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A tabletop RPG by Alan Bahr and Howard Tayler, and set in the Space Opera universe of SCHLOCK MERCENARY
A tabletop RPG by Alan Bahr and Howard Tayler, and set in the Space Opera universe of SCHLOCK MERCENARY
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BackerKit Lockdown Date: June 3

Posted by Howard Tayler (Creator)

On June 3rd we will be locking down orders in BackerKit 

This means your credit card will be charged for any additional items you purchased through BackerKit. Now is a good time to make sure that BackerKit has the right card info for you so that payment will go smoothly.

If you've already filled out your survey (the word "survey" is confusing—in this context it means "shopping cart and shipping address") then you should be good to go. Thank you! 

If you have not yet completed your survey, need to change your address, or if you want to change things up (add or remove extra items,) use this link:

After June 3rd you will not be able to change quantities on your order, but you'll still be able to update your mailing address.

If you have friends who missed out on the Kickstarter and who would still like to join the fun, they can pre-order here: Note that once we're locked down pre-orders will be charged immediately, and we may need to restrict quantities on things.

Production Begins

If it's not already clear, the reason for the lock down is that we've moved into the first production phases of the project. The cards and tuckbox are going to print this week (later than we wanted, but we caught several mistakes, and have now fixed them) and the dice, RiPP tokens, and bag are all done. They're just waiting to be joined by the cards before the entire shipment is sent to us.

More sections of the book have been moved into 2nd phase editing and preliminary layout. This includes most of the rules and character creation text. Alan and Sandra have been pounding away at the Game Chief section. Patrick is about to dive into the gear sections to make sure everything matches up. Howard has been amping up the humorousness of text in many of the sections and also working on the 70 Maxims book.

That R&D Thingy

We are waiting on a production sample of the Handbrain-style Game Chief screen, which was part of the Risky R&D stretch goal. That product is not included in the Kickstarter because at the time we dreamed it up we didn't know if it was a thing we could actually make. 

It is, in fact, a thing we can actually make. We may be opening orders for that item within the month, and all of those orders will be handled from the Schlock Mercenary store. We'll post an update as soon as we have pictures of the screen and are ready to commit commerce.

We're keeping busy and working hard to make sure that everything we deliver is up to the highest standards. Thank you for backing the project.

—Howard, Sandra, Alan, and Patrick

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    1. Missing avatar

      Steve Hersey on

      Ooh, the handbrain GC screen will be a thing! Snazzy.

      Keep up the good work, Howard!

    2. Howard Tayler 6-time creator on

      @Raphael: We'd have to run a Kickstarter for it in order to get it into Backerkit. So much headache.

      @Peter: "Soon" as in "Sooner than Physical Delivery?" Yes. But we're not there yet. When we send files to the printer we'll be able to begin compiling the digital product.

    3. Peter Newman on

      Just wanted to check, does this mean the digital delivery will be Soon, or is it being held for the physical delivery, so everyone gets it at the same time?

    4. Raphael

      So the handbrain GC-screen will not be available through Backerkit? Pity.

    5. Reid Priddy on

      Wait, I found the problem, never mind...

    6. Reid Priddy on

      That is to say, Kickstarter has a record of me backing this project, but Backerkit is acting like I never signed up....

    7. Reid Priddy on

      It appears that Backerkit has forgotten my email, even though I distinctly remember backing this project.

    8. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator


      You should be good, but I'd recommend you log in and check to ensure we have the right shipping address and everything is 100% squared away.

    9. Phil Stracchino on

      Just to make things 100% clear, if I have not added anything extra through Backerkit to my initial Kickstarter pledge, then I'm all set and need do nothing further, even if the card I originally used to pledge is no longer valid, right?
      (Reason for asking: The card I pledged with was proactively cancelled a month and a half ago by my bank because they believed it might have been compromised.)