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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, July 28 2016 5:00 PM UTC +00:00
HoverPoweredBy HoverPowered
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HoverPoweredBy HoverPowered
First created
pledged of $150,000pledged of $150,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, July 28 2016 5:00 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Future Vision on

      Ordered from Amazon today!!! What is your recomendation for highest quality and performance hoverboard? Thanks!!

    2. minh on

      You can get it on eBay

    3. Future Vision on

      Still looking forward to ordering one! Please send ordering details to all of the Kickstarter backer.
      Thanks for creating such a cool and fun product!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Eric Albert

      @alanckchan - you can change and manage your pledge anytime before the end of the campaign. Look for the blue "Manage" button shown to the right of your pledge amount on the project campaign page.

    5. Missing avatar

      alanckchan on

      Hi I wanted to support but pressed the wrong button
      Please let me know from your record if I have pledged
      I don't mean to get the triple package
      I only meant to provide a minimal support
      Please help me to correct any wrong
      Many thanks
      Good luck with your project

    6. Missing avatar

      Mathew Harps on

      So I pledged $134 if you don't reach the goal the people who pledged will they still get there hover kart

    7. HoverPowered Creator on

      @YAMAZAKI KEIZIRO HoverKart is operated using the two handles. Each handle controls the corresponding motor, so to drive forward, push both handles forward equally, and to stop pull them both back. Applying more or less pressure to one handle than the other will cause the kart to turn. It's just like a tank, tractor, or ride-on lawnmower, and it's very intuitive. Most people have a "handle" on the controls in less than a minute.

    8. HoverPowered Creator on

      @Cassio Maffia The only place to preorder is here on Kickstarter.


      How is it operated, and does it stop?

    10. Missing avatar

      Cassio Maffia on

      whast the website we can order from?

    11. HoverPowered Creator on

      @Ramiro If we don't reach our funding goal, your card will not be charged and you will have to re-order through our website as soon as it's available. Based on the response we've gotten so far, we know that HoverKart will be a success, and we'll do everything in our power to bring it to market as soon as possible!

    12. Missing avatar

      Ramiro on

      If we don't reach our goal can people who got the early bird purchases like me still get the hoverkarts delivered to us ??

    13. Missing avatar

      Trung on

      Gg, it over 15 days and not even half. I personally really want one but looks like it won't happen. Time to go make my own.

    14. cub28 on

      Please start a campaign with indiegogo dot com as well. Not trying to upset anyone but it seems like kickstarter isn't gonna work out. Why is there such a short window for the goal to be met? I keep checking back and only see about 1 backer a day get added. I just wanna see this thing take off. And you're gonna want all the help you can get. I'm already an early bird backer and wanna see this thing through. Just remember indiegogo!

    15. HoverPowered Creator on

      @Patrick Coyne Thanks for the encouragement! If we don't meet our goal here on Kickstarter, we'll most likely keep taking preorders on our website while we search for other sources of funding to start production. The response to HoverKart has been so overwhelmingly positive, there's no way we'd give up that easily!

    16. Patrick Coyne

      If the funding goal is not met can we still purchase? I need a few of these amazing HoverKart attachments! What a great idea and I hope the campaign is successful! �

    17. HoverPowered Creator on

      @Kave Goh Thanks for your pledge! If you're referring to the "Lamborghini" style hoverboard that is pictured in that link, then yes, HoverKart is compatible. If you're referring to the self-balancing unicycle, then no. And unfortunately there's not much we can do about the shipping costs :( Once we have international warehouses and distribution set up of course the shipping costs will be reduced but it will take longer to get there if the campaign isn't successful.

    18. Kave Goh on

      OMG..super early bird price is 100, the shipping to Singapore is 83!! gonna reconsider this.. :(

    19. HoverPowered Creator on

      @Joachim Tinning Sorry we didn't get back to you earlier. Looks like you figured out the shipping. Thanks for backing the campaign!

    20. Missing avatar

      Joachim Tinning on

      It says it only ship to some countrys. Is it possible for you to ship to Denmark if this succed?

    21. HoverPowered Creator on

      @DJDonTw Thanks so much for backing the campaign! We're hoping there are many others that feel the same way you do! We suspect there are a lot of hoverboards out there right now that just aren't getting used and we're hoping to change that!

    22. Missing avatar

      DJDonTw on

      REALLY great idea, while I've always did pretty good on these hoverboards, my other family members didn't... so we really couldn't enjoy it all together and this is just what makes it so much more safer and enjoyable!