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Easily capture cinematic clips, powered by unprecedented A.I.
Easily capture cinematic clips, powered by unprecedented A.I.
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Palm Pilot Remote Controller

Posted by Zero Zero Robotics (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who has filled out their surveys so far. For those who are debating whether or not to purchase a Palm Pilot, we've prepared a short demo for you to see its form factor and some of its key features.

The Palm Pilot comes with controls for altitude, direction, yaw, and the gimbal; return to home and emergency stop functions; video and camera recording; and custom buttons for your favorite functions. The data port is USB C and the display screen resolution is 240x210.

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It's an easy-to-use one-handed controller allowing you to tactilely control the drone without looking down, perfect for letting you be in the moment so you're not caught staring down at your phone :)


Hover Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Stella Reeves on

      nice.... love it! Thank you, zero-zero robotics!

    2. Missing avatar

      Marcin Karpiński on

      And palm pilot ordered as well! Already can't wait for my Hover :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Dannie van Seters on

      Will it be possible to use the Palm Pilot controller also for the “old” Hover Camera Passport?

    4. Zero Zero Robotics Creator on

      @Stefan Next to the stop button is a RTH button (they're left and right on the long button as you can see in the diagram).

      @Amir same functions available all on the app, this is just a different one-handed interface :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Nesher Asner

      Funny - I thought for a minute you were using an old Palm Pilot PDA to control the drone!

    6. Missing avatar

      Gerhard Kessel

      The Palm Pilot remote sold your AI drone to me, I needed secure operations of the drone during my stunts, especially leading with >3meters from any surface, i.e. front bottom - up videos.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcus Richardson on

      Chris Rossi,
      Refer to creator’s response to Marcin if you wish to add the palm pilot. Good luck.

    8. Missing avatar

      Marcus Richardson on

      Beautiful, indoors and out. Fellow backers a little faith goes a long way. I purchased both controllers. I can't wait for March 2019.

    9. Missing avatar

      chris rossi on

      Thanks for this. I took a chance, not knowing if I’d want it, at final purchase, adding palm pilot to my order. I would’ve added to my initial order had I seen seen this video explanation earlier.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kelvin on

      Why haven't we heard the sound coming of the drone??

    11. Missing avatar

      Amir Dehghanpour on

      Can you not perform the same actions with the app?

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard McGonagle on

      I sure wish you had given us this prior to asking for our final confirmation with ability to add on.

    13. Missing avatar

      Stefan Trini on

      Is the Stop function also a auto return function or does the drone land at that point where it hovers in the moment?

    14. Missing avatar


      Can we please have geofencing?

    15. Zero Zero Robotics Creator on

      @Peter you can customize those three buttons or the auto follow modes with your phone or there BlastOff controller

    16. Zero Zero Robotics Creator on

      @Marcin you can click back into your original survey link and add the Palm Pilot

    17. Missing avatar

      Marcin Karpiński on

      I have already filled in the purchase survey and paid. How can I change it to purchase the palm pilot as well? Thanks

    18. Susie Bewell on

      This looks brilliant! Can't wait!!


      New in the update: Palm Pilot pictures and descriptions of each function button!
      Please add the BlastOff controller picture and each function button description!

    20. Peter Fong on

      So the three movement tracking (front, back and side) showed in the compaign were achieved by the three custimized buttons at the bottom?