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Easily capture cinematic clips, powered by unprecedented A.I.
Easily capture cinematic clips, powered by unprecedented A.I.
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Obstacle Avoidance Demo

Posted by Zero Zero Robotics (Creator)

Hi all,  

We’re here today with the much anticipated obstacle avoidance demo!  

In this video, we show three things

  • Main camera view: this is both what you’d see as the preview on your phone, and what will be recorded  
  • Third person view: this is a video of the drone captured from a 3rd person perspective so that you can see what it’s doing 
  • Optical radar view: this is what the Optical Radar sees (in grayscale), and we’ve overlayed it with visualized real-time 3D mapping and path planning algorithms. Through this, you can see as the drone 1) detects obstacles that are closer and further away 2) adjusts its path accordingly 

Thank you so much to our backers for getting us here today :) We’d also like to announce that we will be making accessories such as remote controller, protective case, and extra batteries available for post-campaign purchase. Happy New Year! See you on the other side...

The Hover Team

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    1. Zero Zero Robotics Creator on

      @David, assuming fog affects the visibility for downward facing optical sensors that are responsible for stable hovering in the absence of GPS, you'll want to make sure you have a strong GPS connection. In both cases of fog and snow you need to be careful that it's not too wet. The Optical Radar is, of course, an optical sensor, so will be compromised in very low visibility circumstances.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Collart on

      Good there will be accessories available, where can they be ordered ? Can it fly in the fog or when snowing ?

    3. Kaden on

      Thank you for the awesome video!! Looking forward to receiving my Hover 2!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Kelvin on

      I would love to see obstacle avoidance outdoors with tree's and small branches.

    5. Rob McClellan on

      Please add a video on how fast it can go, we've only seen videos of it slowly moving around places and how far it can go please.

    6. Gizmo on

      A Brilliant video & I’m loving the little Santa hat!.

    7. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Height on

      Can't wait until March 2019 for mine to arrive.

    8. MartyDallas on

      Love the Sanna touch. Very subtle, very nice, thank you for the update.

      Path planning and resting was not expecting that

    9. Missing avatar

      Calvin Loh Kok Howe on

      That's a good demonstration! I know you guys probably just want to end the video by wishing us Merry Christmas, but it does make me think for a moment - "Did the drone rammed into the Merry Christmas sign at the end?" LOL