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Easily capture cinematic clips, powered by unprecedented A.I.
Easily capture cinematic clips, powered by unprecedented A.I.
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4K Demo, updates

Posted by Zero Zero Robotics (Creator)

Hi all,

Here's another 4K video demo with improved bitrate and encoding performance. We're continuing to work on imagine tuning (sharpness, noise reduction, etc.) and will keep updating you all!


The Hover Team

P.S. As always, don't forget to change the video settings to 2160p/4K.


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      Paul Kratt on

      The new video looks really nice compared to the previous one; viewing it on an actual 4K display it does seem better than 1080p but YouTube compression makes it hard to decide if this is native 4K or not. The tiny tree branches for example are kind of smoothed into the background, but since it's a moving image you can blame both compression or the movement for that.

      I do agree with @Aurelio & @Eric 's skepticism though. 17 seconds is very short, especially considering they show 4 different clips during that time. They obviously flew the drone for more than 5 seconds each time, but they could only cherry pick a few seconds from each because those were the only clips that met the standards of what they wanted to show. In other words, what they picked seems like the "best case" scenario to me, but then what are we actually going to get on average?

      I both agree and disagree with Marcin's comment. I agree the people developing the hardware should not be wasting time preparing demo materials too. But I also feel they shouldn't be the ones doing that in the first place. It's not a 1 person project, someone is ultimately going to be responsible for supporting or promoting the thing later on.

      I initially chose to back this because I can replace a much larger drone that I bought years ago and don't use as often as I intended. But the comments here made me learn that they have a competitor that's already available in a similar size and price range, so now I have 9 days to decide if it's worth even backing this one or if the other option is better. If the quality holds up as being roughly equal, this one will be the better deal due to the extra parts on higher tiers, but if the end product is worse, why would anyone want it?

      Any samples they can provide are going to be important in these final days to push people into their final decisions.

      The product description says the camera takes 12MP photos and they haven't even provided any samples of that yet. I like taking photos when I travel so aerial photos via blastoff mode is something I'd personally like to see in addition to longer cuts that give us a better idea of how stable the camera actually is.

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      Eric on

      @Marcin Unfortunately there have been a few drone campaigns that didn't deliver as promised. I was lucky to get my money back from the Hubsan Zino on Indiegogo. The camera supposedly records at 4k, but in a recent video comparing it to the Anafi back to back, the Anafi's 1080p was better than the 4k of the Zino. Not to mention Zano and a few others that didn't go as planned. The creators have to now show more that they have a feasible product for people to believe them.
      We don't want advertising videos, we want proof that they can achieve what they are claiming. But they came for people to trust them they can do this, they have to show that they can do it and not just put good videos together with footage from other drones.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marcin Karpiński on

      Looks amazing, @Aurelio Elias - it's better if they focus on the development instead of preparing demo materials. I'm personally more interested in getting good quality product than promotional videos.

      Anyway if this drone will live up to it's promises you are going to be the first company that will actually be able to compete with (or even be better than) DJI in case of small consumer drones.

    4. Missing avatar

      Aurelio Elias Talamantes on

      Really, 18 sec is all you got for us?

    5. Zero Zero Robotics Creator on

      Hi Zaidi,
      Hover 2 does have indicator light, but the white dots you pointed out were the lights indoor. Glad that you thought the video looks like taken by a professional camera. :)

    6. Marko Radosevic on

      Im not gonna investigate if this is a drone or some DSLR on gimbal but if it is...even the 1080 is flawless.

    7. Missing avatar

      Calvin Loh Kok Howe on

      Thanks for the update. Seems that you have better lighting condition this time.

    8. Missing avatar

      A.Zaidi on

      I saw some reflection on the windows with light probably from drone, so my question, did Hover 2 have light?

      Or did it shoot using professional camera?


      I just saw the "No." 4K video update!
      When the picture is enlarged, it is obvious that the child's hair is around (including trees),
      The resolution is slow!
      It is not very ideal to look at!
      Obviously the problem:
      1. Display the decoding capability of the VCR, which affects the smoothness of the picture.
      2. The connection screen exceeds the maximum decoding capability of the VCR.
      3. Recording and playback of the core chip itself is not strong processing power, will lead to screen pause phenomenon.
      Can you discuss improvement?