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Easily capture cinematic clips, powered by unprecedented A.I.
Easily capture cinematic clips, powered by unprecedented A.I.
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4K Video Update

Posted by Zero Zero Robotics (Creator)

Hi everyone!

4K video demo today for you all :)

At the same time, we'd like to share a little more about the product development so you know what to expect over the next few months. As we've mentioned in the comments, the development process includes both concurrent and sequential processes, so demos will become available as the product "matures." We know everybody is eager to see all of the final features and effects. Some are not ready yet, which doesn't mean the product isn't on-track, just that there are more steps along the way. There are a number of hardware builds, each with more units being manufactured and those builds are designed to validate the product, ensure quality, and even work out manufacturing kinks! For an idea of timing, with Hover Camera Passport, we announced our product in April and launched in October with features exceeding those which we originally promised :)

Our team is working super hard to deliver a great product on-time to you all. We have more demos and some shots from the production line coming to you over the next few weeks and months.

In addition, we're getting down to the home stretch of the campaign so please help share our campaign so we can unlock our stretch goal which will make the translucent variant available to you all. We've partnered with Kickbooster, and for every person you refer who backs us, you'll get 8% of their purchase. There's no limit to how much you can earn, so get sharing! :)

Keep the questions and comments coming! We love hearing from you guys.


The Hover Team


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    1. Zero Zero Robotics Creator on

      @MartyDallas. Thanks for your comment :)

      1. Yes these will be available. We're finalizing details on this in the next few days.
      2. The battery must be charged directly with its own charger or through the charging dock (for multiple batteries at a time).

    2. MartyDallas on

      I find some of these comments, absolutely amazing. I have backed many programs. And this is why many of the kick starter programs don't communicate a whole lot because there is ridicule for development. These people are trying to be transparent in their development. Let's try to give positive feedback. Your supporting a kick starter program. Let's try to remember that. These people could take your money and with no additional communication produce a product and that's what you will have. With productive and constructive feedback, not criticism. You may get a product more enhanced and better than anyone expected.

      Regardless , this is a kick starter program, you are not buying a product you are buying the right to possibly have a product in your hand and to be part of a bigger picture in development.

      Team, please keep post coming really enjoy seeing development.

      1. Added curiosity will there be the ability to purchase the controller or additional batteries.
      2. Will the unit be able to charge a battery internally to the unit that flies i.e. if I plug a USB port into the unit Hover 2, and have the battery also connected, will it charge.

      What I'm looking for/hoping for is the ability to take the unit backpacking and have minimal amount of equipment with me to be able to use the unit over a multi-day backpacking trip.

    3. Zero Zero Robotics Creator on

      Hi guys, thanks for your feedback. We understand there are still concerns about the camera quality that we want to address. First of all, there is indeed some compression with Youtube that's causing some qualtiy loss. Also, as we've said before, camera tuning is a continuing process so what you're seeing here is not final. In fact, camera tuning is one of the last stages before product development is finished. We'll continue updating you here on Kickstarter as there are improvements. P.S. some of you commented that this looks like 720p. Make sure you're changing your setting to 4K :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Kaz911 on

      It looks reasonable IF you view it on a real 4K/screen and select 4k/2160p

      I tried on YT with 1440 & 1024 and video is not smooth.Jerky and lots of artifacts

    5. Khairul Izzat on

      why did you upload a 4k video in 1080p quality? and even at 1080p quality the image looks more like 3gp at this stage. seriously considering on cancelling my pledge...

    6. JayC

      Amazon is right now having a sale n an autonomous parrot drone that is less than my pledge. I think I’m out.

    7. Brandon Vipperman on

      I have a reminder set. I can't say that I'm all that impressed. If there isn't more to this I'll just save up for a Mavic Pro. I'm half way already. I would really love to see better 4K footage and a more stress test of the mechanical gimbal.

    8. Sergey Muravskiy

      Guys... I'm sorry but this video looks not so great, it's blurry and dull. Go ahead and compare it to DJI Mavic Air samples on Youtube. Also I can see that gimbal has issues as well.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Gerd Ehlert on

      I agree with what has been said about the average quality. It would be good to get a feedback on our concerns.

    10. Missing avatar on

      The 4K is particularly not sound impressive despite 4K reputation.

      The video showed no different from and 720p while I viewed in high quality video.

      I plague at 819$ for this quality I would not satisfied to stay.

    11. JayC

      I have to say that that video looked awful for 4K. If that’s the typical output, I’m cancelling my reservation before the project ends.

    12. Missing avatar


      That's 4K????

    13. Gizmo on

      Looks like it’s progressing nicely, I’m looking forward to being along for the ride!.

    14. Missing avatar

      Calvin Loh Kok Howe on

      Looks great to me. Thanks for the hard work.

    15. Obsidian

      Is that really 4K? It looks much more grainy than expected.