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FT (24) & Susanna (16) meet by chance on a parkbench in Central Park; their chemistry sustains their 50 years of love & the unexpected.

Their chemistry is off the charts. They meet by happenstance on a park bench in Central Park in the 1940's. Susanna, then 16, is a scholarship dancer for the Manhattan Ballet. Francis Taylor, then 26,  is an investment banker who has a deep passion for protecting the environment. 

When they meet on the park bench, they don't exactly hit it off. But, by the end of the exchange, Susanna has fallen head-over-heels for this perfect stranger. 

Fifty rocky years later, Susanna tells the whole story, showing ultimately how it was they even got together in the first place and why they stayed together.  Immense joy and challenge is twinned by intense heartbreak that culminates with the preventable diving accident of their beloved daughter, Jenny. Despite everything that should have separated the pair, Susanna shows how and why they stayed together. And how it is that they came to love each other so much. 

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PS: Here is the opening chapter: Don't Sit Here: Chapt. 1

You can also read the Park Bench Scene Here: Park Bench Scene

Some other stuff: 

The novel, DON’T SIT HERE, was nominated for a Pushcart Editors Book Award, and it was short-listed for the PEN/Revson Fiction Fellowship Award. The opening chapter was published in The Greensboro Review. Other chapters have been accepted by Raritan, Boulevard, and Confrontation. Nonfiction includes publication in The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution. 

From here, it's all sheer luck and blessing. And the best way you can help is to spread the word! Thank you so much again. 


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