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Metahumans Rising is a tabletop role-playing game (RPG) embodying the drama, creativity and action of the superhero genre.
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Interview with Accessible Games

Posted by HouseDok (Creator)

Recently, Dave spoke with Jacob Wood with Accessible Games to discuss how Metahumans Rising addresses inclusion and diversity. They look at how the Campaign Scope and team origin fosters group participation and inclusion, along with part of the inspiration behind the Steel Aces. 

Here's a link to the interview

That's not all we've been up to, Dave's been all around town showing off the Metahumans Rising One Shots. These are short one scene adventure starters to drop players right into the action.Don't worry about missing any of the action. Backers will receive a free PDF copy of the one shots along with any Digital Hero or higher pledge. (Don't worry, this includes our heroes who were First on the Digital Scene as well.)

Here's a picture from one of our recent demos at Maximum Comics in Henderson, NV. 


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