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Metahumans Rising is a tabletop role-playing game (RPG) embodying the drama, creativity and action of the superhero genre.
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System Overview 1: The Basics

Posted by HouseDok (Creator)

When designing the resolution system for Metahumans Rising our goal was to provide a framework for explosive action that allows characters to leverage their raw ability, talents, and powers to achieve success. Of course, success also isn't just black and white so it was important to measure degrees of success. To achieve this we established that characters would be measured by three major groups of characteristics: 

  • Attributes: Each hero and some major NPC possess a group of core Attributes such as Expression, Mental, and Strength. Every roll has a key attribute. This means that a player is always allowed to attempt a roll even if they lack a related Talent.  
  • Talents: These repent specific areas of knowledge or ability such as Brawn, Computers, or Tracking. Talents are added when they best fit the roll being made. 
  • Fighting Styles & Powers:  Defined by the players, Fighting Styles and Powers can be added to rolls they support. 

On a basic die roll the player takes an Attribute + 2 six sided dice. The value of the die roll is added to the Attribute and compared to the Difficulty of the roll. For the first Talent and Power added the character gains a bonus die. Willpower can also be spent to explode dice rolls or add a bonus die. 

Example: Nox is a formal criminal turned hero able to manipulate darkness. When attempting to hide Nox can roll her Attribute: Dexterity, Talent: Stealth, and Power: Darkness Control + 4d6. Thanks to her power, she is very hard to detect. 

Motivations are measured just like other characteristics. They are applied based on the narrative not the nature of the roll. Adding a character's motivations grant a bonus die and allow characters to roll up to a maximum of 6 dice. 

Example: After being forced into a hive mind under the control of Chimera along with her teammate Elf, Nox added the drive of Psychic Sister. After Elf goes missing Nox begins searching for her. Normally a character would roll their Sense Attribute and Tracking Talent. Unfortunately, Nox does not posses the Tracking Talent. However, because she is trying to find her psychic sister Nox gains a point of Willpower and is able to roll her Sense and Psychic Sister + 3d6. Nox spends this Willpower to explode her die roll doubling the result. 

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