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HOT Watch™: Turn your hand into a phone with innovative private calling. Touch screen, Gestures, Apps. Phone stays in a pocket or bag.
4,141 backers pledged $616,231 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


HOT Band, iPhone App and Firmware upgrade

Posted by HOT Smart Watch from PHTL (Creator)

Dear Backers,

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your incredible support now that we have finished all of our remaining HOT Watch shipments. Your feedback was focused not solely on expressing your concerns, but also on how the HOT brand can improve in the future. I do not take this relationship for granted. 

It is on this note that I am thrilled to introduce HOT Band ( ) an exciting new PHTL product which will go live on Kickstarter within 20 mins. More than a dozen PHTL engineers have been working around the clock to create this device in order to fill three major technological gaps: The Apple Watch does not provide privacy on calls since they are always on speaker; other smartwatches largely do not have calling features at all, and many people that would want private calling still prefer traditional watches to smartwatches. Hence, the HOT Band comes in the form of either an Audio Fob, a device that provides a private calling feature for use on any watch and can also be removed for use as a Bluetooth headset, or a Smart Fob that comes with a display to convert classic watches in particular into Smartwatches, as it provides fitness tracking, notifications, weather, music control, and more.

We of course understand that those that have experienced delays and hardware complications with HOT Watch may be hesitant to back HOT Band. I would like to assure you that we will deliver this product on time with absolutely no risk by providing the following guarantees: 

1) Money-back guarantee on any shipping delays: We are confident to meet all of our shipping dates and are providing a 100% money-back guarantee just in case this item does not ship on the promised ship date and if the refund is requested before the item is shipped.

2) Free Band: If you were a HOT Watch backer and would like to support HOT Band, you will receive an extra leather band from us, completely for free. Or you can choose a band which does not require a watch. Smart fob connects to this silicone band and can be used as a fitness device with smart features, without a watch.(This silicone band is not listed on KS)

3) -Technological Upgrades: HOT Band, in cooperation with CSR/Qualcomm, was specially designed to have a wireless connection that is both more stable and longer range. We have also worked diligently to ensure that the private calling feature is far more private.

4) Simple Manufacturing Process: Since HOT Band does not require any firmware, software or interior cables, this product will not encounter the manufacturing dilemmas that HOT Watch experienced. Not to mention that we are now working with far higher-quality manufacturers than before as well.

Separately from HOT Band, we also have two updates to share on HOT Watch to prove that we are following up on our commitment to constantly improve our product.

1) iPhone App: The new iOS app version 2.0 is in app store now. The user interface is completely redesigned with simplified screens and an improved Bluetooth connection. It will work with new or older versions of the firmware.

2) Firmware upgrade: We have released the new watch firmware version 1.6.1, which has double touch/tap to switch on the backlight on the main screen, a tilt gesture to switch on the backlight (in the settings menu, turn on all gestures for this to work,) and an extra communication protocol to support the iPhone App 2.0. 

Ultimately, there is no better way to demonstrate the genuine nature of an apology than to match words with actions. I am not requesting that any of you to take a leap of faith, but rather I ask that you look at how hard the PHTL team has worked to turn our past Kickstarter project into a productive learning experience. Any successful crowdfunding campaign relies on the intricate symbiosis between the creators and their backers, and in HOT Band’s success I look forward to showing how all of you have already made a difference. 


Shariq Hamid, PHTL CEO

All shipped and moving ahead

Posted by HOT Smart Watch from PHTL (Creator)
Dear Backers,

I am happy to announce that the final round of Hot Watches has been shipped. We have been working tirelessly with our manufacturers to quicken the pace of delivery, an effort that, beyond requiring the nonstop tenacity of the PHTL team, had also forced us to pour in our own financial resources and raise additional funds from private investors.

The buck stops with me as the CEO of PHTL, so let me say how deeply sorry I am for the HOT Watch shipping delays and also for any user difficulties some of you may have experienced with your watches. It is painful to think that many of HOT Watch’s backers, the very people that helped bring this project to life, had to bear this frustrating burden.

We hope and plan to rebuild your trust by showing you all how PHTL is committed to learning from past mistakes. We will continue to support and strengthen HOT Watch with software updates that incorporate feedback from our backers. We have already terminated our relationship with some vendors that had ultimately caused many of these issues and forged new partnerships with superior vendors.

Furthermore, by building on what we have learned, the PHTL team is thrilled to be launching several new products very soon. We have various patents granted and some pending, for gadgets that will further revolutionize the smart watch experience, and we are excited to reveal these incredible devices in the coming months. You have put PHTL on the path for innovation and success. As a token of appreciation, we will be offering special pricing or a bonus gift for our backers on these products. 

There are still a slim few of you who have not yet provided shipping addresses, so if you are one of those backers, please contact us at or call us at (214) 504-2263 to provide this information and we will ship your watch right away.

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving us this incredible opportunity. With our new customer service department in place, I encourage all of you to contact us at for any questions, comments, and concerns that you may have. We have also created the support page on our website, Where you can create and monitor a trouble ticket online for any support questions. I look forward to demonstrating to each and every one of you how the HOT Watch team is committed to placing our backers first.


Shariq Hamid CEO, PHTL

Shipping status and firmware upgrades

Posted by HOT Smart Watch from PHTL (Creator)
Dear Backers,

We have almost completed production of all watch models except for leather bands. If you have ordered Curve, Classic or Basic your watch is either already delivered or will be shipped as we receive the final shipment from China next week.

We have mentioned in previous updates and through our regular posting on KS message board that if you like to switch from leather to PU band we will be able to ship earlier. It has been a long journey and we have encountered many manufacturing issues which caused delays but we are thankful to our backers for their patience and understanding. As you all know in our first few batches we have experienced serious glass bonding issues and had to replace many watches under warranty that caused us to be short on few (less than 200) glass/bezels for some curve and edge styles. But we have ordered the replacements and those will be delivered soon as well.

Recent firmware upgrades and improvements: 

• Bluetooth Connection Improvements

• Battery Life improvements to 4 days of use in energy mode

• SMS Reply List when Auto reply is selected for SMS (non iPhone for now)

o "Busy Right Now"

o "OK"

o "Thank you"

o "Call you later"

o "Custom" (Configurable string to be set in Phone App)

• Weather C and F unit support

• Better screen locking with lock icon and back light usage during lock.

• Improved watchface studio support with option to toggle original and custom watchfaces

• Several UI Improvements with backer inputs

Future upgrades and improvements:

• SMS Reply support for US mobile users using email gateway

• Further improvements to Bluetooth and BLE connections

• Android app improvements to support Lollipop 5.1

Watch face Winners:

We have many HOT Watch faces created and available on:

From all the Watchfaces submitted Chris Turner has picked up these three winners: 1st = Cappe for multiple watch faces.

2nd = Brett Le Roux, for his Pebble White Analog face. 

3rd = Harpdoc, for his Wild2 Analog face. 

Thank you Chris for maintaining the HOT Watch faces website and picking the winners.


New Firmware and updated Apps

Posted by HOT Smart Watch from PHTL (Creator)
Dear Backers,

The new firmware is now available for download.

Android and iOS updated apps have all been submitted to the app stores and should be available for download soon. 

Firmware download instructions:

Please make sure that Bluetooth and BLE are connected on the watch for few minutes before starting the firmware download. Open the HOT Watch App and go to settings click on “firmware update” HOT Watch will show firmware download progress and update should complete in 3-4 minutes.

If you encounter any issues during the update process:

When download fails, watch reconnects to Bluetooth (and BLE). Wait for few more minutes after this connection before attempting to download second time.

If download fails for 2nd time. Switch off BT both on phone and watch. Switch BT back on both devices and make new connection, wait for few minutes and start another download.

Watch should be restarted after the firmware update. BLE will reconnect after the contacts download completes.

Confirm the new version is downloaded by checking the version number from Settings->About-BT. It should read version 1.4

Private calls: 

Please do the following to make sure that the private call feature works for you:

 Make sure default volume is properly set in the phone app settings (default 5 in new apps, earlier it was set as 8). This is the volume that a call starts with. You can always increase or decrease the volume during call, for quiet rooms it can be lowered to 3.

Wear the watch as close to the palm as possible. If you wear the watch high up on the wrist the call will not be very private.

Cup the hand to ear and make room at the bottom of the hand. Try a position that best works for you. It may take you few calls to get used to the best position for clear and private call.


For iPhone users: 

BLE needs to be connected for notifications to work. Once BLE is connected you will see letters “BLE” under the Bluetooth sign on top left hand corner of the watch. To connect BLE make sure the HOT Watch app is running in the front. Once BLE connects the app is not required to stay in the front but it is still required to be running in the background for the notifications to come through. Draw a ‘U’ or click on shortcut 4 on the new firmware, click on settings and scroll down to the third page, make sure “iPhone: BLE” is checked and not “iPhone: SMS”

For Android and Windows users, please make sure HOT Watch app is running on the phone for notifications to come through.

Special Thanks to Chris Turner for creating some very nice watch faces and a website for other users to submit their ideas! You can visit Chris’s website:

Watch face studio: 

We are working on publishing an update to the Watch Face Studio! The main feature of this version is to change the screen numbers corresponding to 1-6 of icon 1. Few improvements have been made for icon alignment and other functionality. The studio is still a beta version to demonstrate functionality. Production version will be released in about a month with better UI and icon collection. Please make sure latest version of the watch firmware (1.4) is downloaded into the watch. The watch faces created in previous version of the studio may not correspond to proper location in the new watch firmware.

A jpg of the generated watch face is saved along with the hot file (same name as hot file)

A gallery feature will be supported in the future version of the app where these images are displayed for user to browse and select watch face.

International Shipping:

We are being asked that why HOT Watch is not shipped as a gift to international backers? We tried to send all watches internationally marked as a gift because in reality all of these are sent as rewards and it is not a purchase. But DHL told us that as a business we CANNOT ship any item marked as gift. Gifts can only be sent using personal account. As mentioned previously that each country has its own duties and tax structure and PHTL cannot control the taxes charged to some international backers from their local customs.

If you have already received a watch and have any technical question please email us at: or call 214-504-2263. All technical issues related emails and calls will be answered with 16 business hours. Please only email technical questions to this email address. All other inquiries should be sent to


The HOT Smart Watch Team

Shipping status and firmware upgrade

Posted by HOT Smart Watch from PHTL (Creator)

Dear backers,

We have shipped ALL of the following HOT Watch models:

All Edge watches with Small PU bands – US and International

All Classic watches with Small PU bands – US and International 

All Edge watches with Large PU bands – US and International 

All Classic watches with Large PU bands – US and International

All early bird Curve watches with Titanium bezel and Small bands – US only

All early bird Curve watches with Titanium bezel and Large bands– US only 

If your watch model is one of the listed above and you need us to resend your tracking information, please email the following information to :

First and last name

Email address used to order the watch

Order ID (optional) 

Remaining shipping schedule

Starting today we will be shipping to US & International backers:

Edge model Extra Large PU bands. 

Starting next week we will be shipping to US & international backers:

Basic model Large & Small PU bands.

All other watch models (Basic, Classic and Curve) with Extra large bands will start shipping in the first week of March. For international backers it will be Curve small and large bands as well. 

If you ordered a leather version of Classic or Edge and are willing to change it to PU then we can ship those out faster. Leather versions will not be ready until late March. Please send an email to to change the style from leather to PU.

New firmware

Thank you for your feedback. We have redesigned the interface for a better experience. The new firmware will be released on February 16th along with companion apps for iOS, Android and Windows, new firmware can be downloaded from within the HOT Watch App, click on setting, select download and send to watch. If you received your watch and are interested in beta testing, please email

Major changes in new firmware

Each of the four shortcuts above the screen now has the following functions:

Shortcut 1: Digital and Analog watch faces (Scroll up and down to change between 6 different watch faces). Previously this shortcut was for analog watch faces only. 

Shortcut 2: Recent notifications (Scroll up and down to see up to 6 previous notifications). Previously this shortcut was for Digital watch faces only. 

Shortcut 3: Redesigned built in apps, one app per screen for first four selections which can be customized thru the companion phone app (Weather, Fitness, SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Calendar, Stocks. Scroll up and down to change between apps). Previously this shortcut was for multiple apps in one screen. 

Shortcut 4: Main menu with access to dial out, messaging, apps, clock, Bluetooth menu and settings (Scroll up and down to access third part apps or built in Tic-Tac-Toe) Previously this shortcut was for Tic-Tac-Toe and third party apps only.

General improvements

- Tap Bluetooth icon on top left of the screen (watch face # 1 & 2) to refresh BT and BLE connection (HOT Watch companion app needs to be running on the phone for BLE to reconnect).

- Default main watch face is now changed to digital watch face.

- Tap and hold on the main watch face to display the seconds.

- Tap and hold notifications to read more or reply (supported phones only). Slide to go back to notifications screen. 

- Built in Apps redesigned: Weather, Fitness, and SMS.


- Lowered default volume for enhanced privacy. To change the default levels for private calling and speakerphone modes, use the HOT Watch companion App. During a call, you can also change volume settings on HOT Watch directly.

- Added ability to mute the phone ringer. Shake your hand during incoming call to silent watch and phone ringer (supported phones only).


- Now displays up to 380 characters for all supported phones. Displays 90 characters on iPhone as per Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS)

- Scroll bar added for long messages.


- Statistics will update independently once every 60 seconds.

- Step count information will update every 20 steps.


- Battery full icon size reduced in Digital Watch Face #1.

- SMS Reply button will be hidden when connected to iPhone. Bug fixes: - Resolved an issue where the watch could reset.

- Resolved an issue where some watch faces did not display correctly.

- Resolved an issue where the watch simulator would not synchronize. 

For any other inquiry which is not covered in this update please email us at 

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

 HOT Watch Team