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Do you ever wonder what an artist was thinking? Do you want to know how something works? Start with the basics, Behind the 4 Elements.
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Sean A. Logan

31 backers pledged $1,750 to help bring this project to life.

A bump in the road

To my loyal fans and backers,

The dog and I and, most importantly, the artwork that we have all been tirelessly trying to get up to this year's ArtPrize did not find a home. I am personally bummed, but the dog took it better. She was quick to point out that Behind the 4 Elements was completely funded by you wicked cool people, and more people have become fans of the work itself.

Plus, not getting into this year's ArtPrize is simply that. There is next year, the work will get completed before entry, and will be even cooler than expected. PLUS, in the meantime, Carabiner "the google searching" Dog has been checking into locations that specifically cater to art for the blind.

All in all, the lemons are lemonade, just a little bitter still. We do want to thank you for your support and to keep up with us by becoming fans at Facebook.

Also, if you haven't gotten a chance to fill out the surveys, please do so. We'll get your rewards sent out right quick and in a hurry once we have all of your information. I do know that some folks had trouble responding to the surveys. You can always get a hold of me at Plus, I'll follow up with the last bit of folks individually too.

THANK YOU ALL for the support. Things are still rolling, just bumpier.

Sean and

Carabiner "the lemonade tycoon" Beagle Dog