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A 2-7 player NSFW game where you try to get the other players to guess your vulgar word without saying the other words on your cards
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Information Regarding Print and Play

Posted by The Hosnovan Co. (Creator)
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Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of information after the question popped up over the past few days. 

"Where's the Print & Play?"

We all agreed as a company that we wanted to see physical backers start to get theirs in before we throw the print and play version of the game up. Those have begun shipping!

We have decided to start sending out and/or emailing out links for the Print and Play end of this week/early next week. 

Hope to see you guys playing soon! Feel free to comment with the different types of paper stock you're going to be using as well. I'm sure there's some people in here who have never done Pn'P and would LOVE some helpful tips. 

Thanks for the continued support,

The Hosnovan Co.

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