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A 2-7 player NSFW game where you try to get the other players to guess your vulgar word without saying the other words on your cards
106 backers pledged $3,296 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You!

Posted by The Hosnovan Co. (Creator)

Thanks to you all, Bad Words is a fully funded reality!  

We are always confident in what we do, but we are still blown away by the love and support we've gotten from all of you on this project!  We have reached our goal and will be moving on to the next steps of getting this game in your hands!

Our next step is to gather the information from you, the backers, so we can make sure you get your games to the right place and the right time!  We'll be sending out surveys to everyone very shortly! 

Finally, we want to be open as possible about our steps along the way, especially for those who aren't familiar with Kickstarter campaigns.  We'll have 14 days from now of waiting for payments to be processed by Kickstarter from all of our backers.  We won't receive any of the pledge money between now and then, so we cannot begin ordering product until Kickstarter has sent that along to us two weeks from now.

In the meantime we're preparing all of the additional words and art files, getting the shopping cart for production full, and making it so once the funds come through we can simply hit order.

Thanks again for being so great!  We'll be doing more regular updates on our Facebook and website - but the major updates will still come here!

Have an awesome Sunday!  We love you,

The Hosnovan Co.

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