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A 2-7 player NSFW game where you try to get the other players to guess your vulgar word without saying the other words on your cards
106 backers pledged $3,296 to help bring this project to life.

Video Update! 3 Day Check In

Posted by The Hosnovan Co. (Creator)

Day 3 in the campaign has ended! Thank you guys so much for the support thus far. 

We're not even close to finished yet!

So where are we now?

Check out the video below. Or don't... your loss. 

For real though, do. We want feedback from you guys! We want to run contests through here and our Facebook page so tell us what you'd like to see on the comments section here or via Facebook. Oh wait... are you not following us there? You should be!

Chris and the Hosnovan Co.

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    1. The Hosnovan Co. 6-time creator on

      Not sure of the financial logistics off of the top of my head, but what if we hit a certain campaign goal and made a Kickstarter crowd funded expansion where every backer gets to choose a word for the expansion?


    2. Emily Collaborator on

      @Jeremy Mercer: if you just do a search for hosnovan, you should find it! If not -

    3. Jeremy Mercer on

      Would love to follow on Facebook, but can't find a link!
      As for words, 80's or 90's slang would be fun themes! (for those of us that grew up in those years)
      I'd love to see more of the colour theme decks that went so fast too! Perhaps that would be a fun give away to random backers!
      Kickstarter exclusive pack would be great.
      Other than that, I am super excited to play this game with friends!

    4. The Hosnovan Co. 6-time creator on


    5. The Hosnovan Co. 6-time creator on

      @Raquel: Oh man! I love that idea. Add a word like "Jimmies" or "Raincoats" or something like that! We tried to think of some classic bad words, but a lot of them were incredibly racist, and we wanted noooooo part in that! Any old words you'd like to see specifically?


    6. Emily Collaborator on

      @Raquel: I love that idea! Though I have a feeling a lot of the bad words from our grandparents' era will be racist. Haha

    7. Giana on

      Maybe a themed expansion pack? Like...bad phrases from the 60s, or Bad words your grandma used lol something specific like that ! If those words arent already in there.

    8. The Hosnovan Co. 6-time creator on

      @RX-BOXCSKING: Hell yeah! I like that idea myself. Any suggestions for a word or two that you'd like to see, assuming it's not in the game already? Also, thanks for getting to us, we love the support man!



      Kickstarter exclusive card or 2 would be cool if we get to a certain funded level.