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A hip-hop concept album about recovery from drug addiction by the former drummer of Coheed & Cambria, Josh Eppard.
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Horris Records

252 backers pledged $8,875 to help bring this project to life.

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Sick Kids Is On The Way!

Hey Guys,
We have been shipping out all of your orders, and can't wait until you get them!!

Make sure to take a picture with your cd or gear, and post it all over our facebook wall!!


Weerd Science

New Track!


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We are rollin

Hey Guys, 

Thanks again for all of the support.  Kickstarter is not always clear in telling you what happens now, so we will...

Right now we have sent surveys out to everyone, and most have been filled, we will then use this info to put together all of your orders, and ship them out shortly... We will be posting pictures, of the hoodie and the t-shirt soon!


Dirty Ern

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We did it!! A very special thank you!

So after 28 days and about 1000 tweets our Kickstarter has come to an end. The Weerdscience team has been posting thank yous along the way that brief as they were, were always heartfelt and real. So anyway, rather than bore you guys with another thank you, I'd really like to tell you some of the reasons why this was literally a life changing thing for me. Have you ever felt like you let someone down? Remember what a shitty feeling that is? Well that's what Weerdscience became for me in a lot of ways. When we would do a show and 5 people would show up I always felt like it was my fault for not being famous enough or that people expected it to be a fucking Coheed show with thousands of screaming fans.(I do need to point out that these thoughts do not reflect how anyone felt there just my insanity and insecurity). Anyway, I have always wanted to do WS. Always. If that meant in conjunction with a band than that's great. The more music the better! WS to me is the most creatively fulfilling thing I've ever done. To me it is everything.Ok ok ok, so after the last few shows(before this year) were awful and the label doesn't seem interested in releasing "Sick Kids" I had basically given up. That was it. I wanted people to care but if they didn't what could I do. After awhile and a lot of hard work by the team(Neesh,Dave,Chris), my best friend and mgr. Ernie Falconer hooked the project up with Horris records and MC Lars. Lars was thrilled to help me put out the record. Needless to say I was over the moon!!! Pumped!! This was what we've been waiting for! After a few meetings Lars brought up the kick starter idea. I hated it. In Ernies basement in Queens Lars said it'd be a great way to see what kind of interest is out there. I thought " welp, this is the end of this. Lars believes in this thing so much but surely hell be bummed out when there is 50$ on the last day and it was Ernie who put it in there!" I was terrified. I nervously would say "Ok, but I hope any one gives a shit". A desperate attempt to warm Lars up to the idea that nobody will care. After the first day there was like $700 dollars! I was cautiously optimistic. It kept climbing and climbing and all of a sudden this thing that I was so afraid of became such a thrill!! Every time I'd look there were more people pre ordering the record. I honestly couldn't believe it and I thought even if it takes the full 28 days were gonna get to that 4k goal! Nothing could've prepared me for the next 20 days. Not only did we reach the goal but we doubled it. More than doubled it! Over 8,500 raised. I don't wanna get all sappy on you guys but in my heart I feel like this is all because I stayed clean and life makes more sense than ever. And that's priceless. When you guys ordered the LP, and the shirts and hoodies,etc.... it made me feel like I haven't in years. Hungry. Ready to get on stage and go as hard as I can. Harder than ever before. Thank you doesn't even sum it up. This changed my life.