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An asymmetric survival horror game for 1 Hero and 1-3 Evil masterminds.
An asymmetric survival horror game for 1 Hero and 1-3 Evil masterminds.
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Alone Invades Zombicide!

Posted by Horrible Games (Creator)

Dear backers,

we have a small neat surprise for you! In cooperation with our dear friends and partners at CMON Limited, we've created a crossover between Alone and Zombicide!

Sarah King, Jen Miller, Carlos Torres and Gwansun Costa, our beloved crew of desperate heroes trying to escape the dangers of the unknown planet they've crashed onto, are all now playable as a Gang of Survivors in CMON's latest entry in the acclaimed Zombicide series: Zombicide: Invader!

Gangs of Survivors are groups of themed character that all share a common rule. The "Get Alone Gang" members start the game with the "Hit & Run" ability as an additional Skill at Blue Level, for free.

The Get Alone Gang promo card set, including 4 ID cards and 1 Rules card that will let you play the 4 Alone core characters as Survivors in Zombicide: Invader, is now included by default with all our stretch goals. We can't wait to use the miniatures of the Captain, the Pilot, the Engineer and the Medic in our Zombicide: Invader games, and we hope you'll have fun with this nice crossover too!

Note: to use these promo cards, you need to own both the Alone core box and Zombicide: Invader.

the Horrible team

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    1. Midian on

      +1 on Deep Madness crossover. That would be super rad!

    2. Missing avatar

      Marcelo on

      Is it possible a crossover with DEEP MADNESS?

    3. Missing avatar

      John Austin on

      This has brought me in!
      Have you considered expanding the crossover to include some of the other characters in Alone as Zombicide heroes, or perhaps using some of the Zombicide content in Alone?

    4. Michael Brooke on

      @Midian, usually there's comparible skills, just need to make a custom card to fit the dashboards

    5. Missing avatar

      Xavon on

      Well this is what brought me here, but the game looks great on it's own, so I'm happy I found out.

    6. Thimothy

      Great news ... I'm happy for the owner of Zombicide:Invaders ^^
      Sadly, I have miss the CMON campaigne from last year - Hmmm... it will not be possible too to create in cooperation with CMON an *UltraMegaLate Pledge* for us ?! That would be the dot on the *i* :D

    7. Midian on

      Can these be used in the older Zombicide versions, as well, or only Invaders?

      I have the original + expansions & Black Plague + expansions but won’t be purchasing the new. I don’t mind if themes don’t match. I was just curious if there was all around cross over.

    8. Michael Brooke on

      Dario Ferretti -
      "Just to ask... the colored base rings of zombicide will fit in the alone models?"

      Black Plague ones fit the main & captain, but not the medic., whether the Z:I will be slightly different..

    9. Sascha on

      Not a great news for me. I'm not going to buy Z invaders :-/

    10. vash67100

      I Say it again: fantastique

    11. Pierre Godichal on

      Question: will there be translations for this crossover content (if we take kanguage packs)... in foresee of Z:I being translated as well ?

    12. Rackar

      Good news for English players...
      Zombicide Invader don't exist in French.
      CMON always keep exclusive kickstarter for English players.
      For me, it's not a good news...

    13. Missing avatar

      Josh myers

      Do you know if there is a way to get a kickstarter copy of that game as well?

    14. Steven Crane

      Nice! I backed Invader too so thanks!

    15. Flavio Mortarino Collaborator

      Yes BountyHuntA, you will get the cards but you won't get the miniatures since they are in Core Game that was kickstarted in the previous campaign and you would get in this campaign pledging the Rookie pledge.

    16. BountyHuntA

      included in Stretch Goal, So i will get these with the Survivor Pledge, right?

    17. Andrea Coletti on

      Great surprise!!! It is a nice idea! :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Ribbon on

      Holy Fuck, what for a supernice suprise!!!

    19. Dario Ferretti on

      Just to ask... the colored base rings of zombicide will fit in the alone models?

    20. Michael Brooke on

      Can we stretch to a full team (6)?

    21. Missing avatar

      Marchese on

      Really good news !
      This crossover is an excellent Idea !