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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 28 2019
pledged of $14,000pledged of $14,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 28 2019


Welcome to Wahterra, a world abundant in resources. You are the leader of a faction with the task to establish a stronghold in Wahterra. Unfortunately, there are others who have been less enthusiastic during the peace conversations. 

You are now assigned to completely obliterate any opposing force with your smooth dice rolling. You have the potential to be remembered in history as the greatest strategist. You will have to overcome your weaknesses in battle and fight through your opponent's strengths in order to achieve victory. 

Who will conquer in this World Siege?

World Siege is a world conquest game with 2-4 players battling over 42 different territories, separated into regions. There are 4 factions: Civilians/Cyborgs, Military, Aliens, and Zombies. Each faction is unique in accordance with their theme. The game ends when there is only one player left (or none).  

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List of Components:

  • Large Game Board
  • 374 Tokens
  • Rulebook
  • 3 Attacking Dice, 2 Defending Dice, 1 extra Civilian/Cyborg Dice
  • 42 Territory Cards

World Siege differs from other World Conquest games in the aspect that each player has a faction. From spawning units to combat, factions feel unique to their themes. 


Military are your all around strategic faction. With their tactical advantage they are not afraid of going on the offense. The Military benefits greatly from controlling territories and regions on the map. Strive to take over command centers for added bonuses. Will they be able to control the world?


Aliens are strategic attackers that must plan out their moves carefully. Rolling doubles or triples can explode territories or even entire regions on the board, however if played recklessly, aliens can even eliminate themselves from the game. They may not seem dangerous at first, but keep a close eye on those Aliens, it would be wise not to underestimate them! Will Aliens get lucky and blow up the world? 


Zombies are an all-around aggressive faction. With an unplanned Zombie breakout, they are the first into battle and will replace units while in combat. Zombies benefit greatly from controlling cities and command centers which helps them expand across the board very quickly. Their greatest strength of aggression could potentially be their greatest weakness. Will Zombies swarm the world?



Civilians are your high investor faction. They are extremely vulnerable early game, as every faction benefit from attacking them. However they can build walls to protect themselves until they are ready to convert into Cyborgs. Will Civilians become resources for the rest of the world?


Cyborgs are a sub-faction of the Civilians. They are the strongest faction in combat. Similarly to civilians, they benefit greatly in numbers and are an intimidating once they are created. Will there be a Cyborg takeover?

We have put a lot of thought and consideration of how we wanted to run this campaign. We thought about adding various pledge levels with extra benefits and having access to extra add-ons but after a lot of debate we decided that it would be best to simplify our campaign so we could deliver the game without any issues. 

Why Kickstarter Exclusive?

Outside of the board game industry, we have sold to retail in a professional setting. We are very familiar with logistics, volume/prices and retail markup. Unfortunately, as a first time Kickstarter, we weren't confident in being able to fulfill the volume requirements in order to have the game priced at our desired retail level. After a lot of debate and consideration, KS exclusive allows us to price World Siege at a more accessible price point and enable us to expand the game much easier with additional features as we progress throughout the campaign.   

We are currently using one fulfillment center to handle the bulk of our shipping and then sending smaller quantities of board games to carriers in EU and Canada. As demand increases for the game, we are open to the idea of adding additional fulfillment centers.  

Purchase additional copies of World Siege and save on shipping. Each additional copy only costs an additional $2 in shipping. 

We have some exciting stretch goals planned for our campaign! Check back to see updates on the game.


KS Video Credits:

A special thanks to Blake Kvarfordt for filming and help producing the video. Music can be found at

Risks and challenges

As our first-time project, there could be some issues with miscommunication with manufacturers or delays in the project. However, we are working with a manufacturer that has done works that we enjoy and we have taken a thorough effort on doing our research and learning by those who have been successful with crowdfunding projects. We committed to keeping our backers informed on all installments of the game.

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