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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
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    1. Mark Anderson on

      1) I don't own an iMac or an Apple Display
      2) I have never owned a Magic Mouse
      3) I current use my iPhone 4 with a Kickstarter Elevation Dock+ connected to a cMoyBB Headphone Amplifier from and i absolutely love being able to just drop the phone into the dock and be able to listen to my headphone at work.
      I am going to be upgrading to an iPhone 5 soon and would like to be able to have a similar option for audio out. Some kind of external headphone jack would work with my current setup, but another option (or addition) would be an external USB jack so that I could use an external USB DAC and then pass that analog signal on to my existing headphone amplifier.

    2. docwestin on

      Hi - I live in Portland and was one of the very early backers to the original Elevation Dock, I now have an iPhone 5S and would like to use it with the (older version) Elevation Dock. What are my options ? Can I just simply drive over to the Elevation headquarters and get the proper cable I need for using the dock with my iPhone 5S ? - Of course I expect to pay for what ever I need to upgrade it so that it is functional. Please call my work number 503.601.2099 or my work email

      Thank You,

    3. Franck on

      1) I don't own an iMac or an Apple Display ... but I would be curious to see a product designed to optimize the usage of my Mac Book Pro on a desktop
      2) I am using the Apple trackpad
      3) I am using the Audioquest DragonFly DAC. I use either Audirvana Plus, the Qobuz desktop app (Qobuz is a French high end music service) or iTunes

    4. Kevin Yank on

      1) Twelve South HiRise. I like it a lot, but the way the base of the monitor shifts around inside the HiRise makes it a little fiddly.

      2) At work I use an ageing Logitech mouse with a good feel that fills my hand nicely and plenty of programmable buttons. I only wish its scroll wheel wasn’t mechanical. At home I use a Magic Mouse which would get tiresome if I used it for long periods. I sometimes use a Magic Trackpad, just for kicks, and I don’t mind it at all.

      3) I swap between Sennheiser HD-535 canalphones (with an inline mic cable) when I want best possible sound quality and Sennheiser MM 450 when I want to go wireless, or when I’m just sick of having something in my ears. Both sound good to me, but I’ve never tried a USB DAC.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Barnes on

      1) I raise my Apple Display with a Twelve South HiRise. Ideally I would like height adjustable desk so that I can stand more often through out the day. But they are expensive and work is unlikely to replace my desk.

    6. Jannis Gundermann on

      Love that you guys still support the original dock (which I had just upgraded to the Lightning adapter) with these modular upgrades!

      Regarding your questions:

      1) Mac Pro user with non-Apple screens (can't stand the glossy)

      2) Yes, the magic mouse has terrible ergonomics. Been using a Logitech MX Revolution for ages then recently switches to a Razer Mamba which is awesome ergonomically.

      3) I'm using 3 separate DACs and amps, (1) Woo Audio WA-7, (2) Burson Audio HA-160D and (3) NuForce Icon Amp (for stereo bookshelf speakers). Source is either Rdio or iTunes (lossy v0 or 320 mp3s or lossless formats). Headphones DAC/Amps (1 and 2) output to are Audeze LCD-3, Modded Denon D7000 (LA-7000), Audio Technica M50 and Alessandro MS-1.

      Hope this helps with your hardware projects :)

    7. Genny Engel on

      Re: 2) Magic Mouse, yeah, I had to stop using it. What was specifically unworkable for me was the fact that it would register a left-click if my finger got within about 3mm of it, so I had to hold my finger abnormally high in order to be able to move the cursor and/or right-click without accidentally left-clicking. After holding my left finger up that high above the mouse for a while, my whole hand kinda seized up. Since then, I have the Magic Mouse sitting over there unused.

    8. Michael Quinn on

      LOL - watching your Craftsmanship 2.0 the one thing that popped into my head was I'm surprised they still use that annoying box to ship things. Nice to see it's been improved.

      How moveable is the Nano Pad? I know I'm always moving my dock around then desk to accommodate notebooks and things.

      Pro Tip: Apple 50cm lightning cords rock. Well worth the extra expense to save on clutter. I have them everywhere - desk, car etc.

      1. Nope. Just keep it on the desk. It's off to the left and the 27" ACD is in front of me also on the desk. I put the ACD in front so I only have the black border to look at and not the silver chin. Only thing I have thought of doing is slipping the rarely used USB DVD drive under the ACD to make the levels a bit more even.

      2. I tried so hard to use a Magic Mouse. Even forced myself to use it exclusively for 3-6 months until the batteries died. You will pry my Logitec MX510 red mouse out of my cold dead hand. Best. Mouse. Ever. Wish they still made them - still look in stores to see if they have old stock.

      3. No. Isn't the bigger question WHY they still make headphones in 2013 with headphone jacks?? iTunes / Spotify.

    9. Erik Berls on

      Yet another echo on the burn. I got 2 docks. One is in a drawer, the other is used only because of space constraints. I miss the audio out, and am annoyed by the friction. I'll probably turn the one in the drawer into a stand for an iPad once I get some free time to haul out the dremel tool. For my 5S, I'll just wait on the Dock+ to ship.

    10. Hugo Horta Ruivinho on

      1- Yep, i have it in a wall a bit higher then it would be on the original stand, that way i can pull it, turn around, tild, etc, plus this way it takes up no desk space

      2- Use Magic mouse all the time except when i'm on the crappy windows pc (donwloads and gaming machine)

      3- Not yet

    11. Chris Ainsworth on

      The "see how bad other products are!" bit in the video pretty much illustrates what it's like to use the original Elevation dock with the lightning adapter; we bought three and felt pretty burned by the experience, as echoed by others in comments below.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Bryson on

      I raise both my 27" iMac and my 27" display (separate locations). The iMac stands on an ikea half round galant segment with 4" or so legs (also from ikea). The Thunderbolt display stands on a couple of disused textbooks.

    13. K6RTM on

      USB audio -- I use an external USB DAC for audio with my MacPro desktop; it feeds a small mixer, amp, and studio monitors. Music source(s) can be the MacPro (iTunes, Pandora, etc), or other sources thru the mixer. At night I'll use headphones rather than the studios; they're driven from the mixer.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ryan Martinsen on

      I tried the Magic Mouse for all of 5 minutes the first time I got one. I don't like it at all.

    15. stephend on

      Well I still have a 4S, so it's no skin off my nose, but wouldn't a bit of Blu-Tack or some double sided tape do the job just as well (they stick to wood too)?

    16. ringmaster

      A couple of notes on the lightning adapter which I received last week and installed into my Elevation Dock:

      First, the build quality of the adapter is just as good as the Elevation Dock itself. I had no trouble installing the adapter. The adapter came with two allen wrenches for the screws that hold everything together.

      But beyond that, things go south...

      The "adapter" is a metal clamp that holds your *existing* Apple lightning cable in place within the Elevation Dock. The adapter does not include any electronic components like the original dock parts. You must use the lightning cable that came with your phone or buy one aftermarket, and it MUST be an Apple-brand $17+ cord, or it won't fit in the clamp properly. (Oh, if you find a brand of lightning cord that both fits in the adapter and doesn't set off the "unofficial product" warnings on the phone, let me know.) Do not buy a $3 cord and expect it to fit in this adapter properly.

      When I dock my iPhone 5s into the port, the rubber support no longer supports the phone like it did with the 4 and 4s. In fact, I can't insert the 5s with case (a thin iFrogz case) into the dock without removing the rubber support. What I'm left with is the entire phone resting on the lightning connector that extends from the base of the dock. There is nothing supporting the phone but the lightning plug.

      Why not adjust the connector down into the dock so that the phone can sit flush, you ask? Because to put the lightning connector into the dock in the first place, you need to practically crimp the cord at the stress relief sleeve just to get it to fit into the adapter. Simply looking at the strain on the cord at this point makes me cringe. I'm sure it's fine, because it's locked in, but it's really bent, and there's no room for movement.

      The extra cash I spent on the Elevation Dock with audio support? Wasted. There is no audio connection on the adapter. There is also no 1/8" headphone jack on the adapter to pass through audio. Thankfully the one audio dock (of the three I backed) will serve my wife's iPhone 4s well enough.

      One of the big selling points of the Elevation Dock was that you didn't need to push down on the Dock to remove the phone. Since the lightning adapter uses a standard connector, and the connector is designed to remain fastened to the phone unless using some force, the weight of the dock is no longer sufficient to hold the dock down when removing the phone. A Nanopad sticker is included in the package to affix the Dock to a surface.

      I applied the Nanopad to the bottom of the Dock, then placed the dock back in its original location. The Nanopad was successful in suctioning the Dock to this surface -- too successful. I had great difficulty removing the Dock after it stuck to reposition it. I was finally able to pry it up, but it is still disconcerting that this behaves so much like adhesive, which is what I was trying to avoid with the Elevation Dock in the first place!

      Also, finally, the adapter is red. No idea why. Not really an issue, but somehow unnerves me to know that it's in there... Being red.

      Generally, I like the look and build quality of the Elevation Dock, but I think some significant effort needs to be undertaken to update the lightning adapter to bring it in line with the quality expectation of the rest of the Dock. Hopefully you've got something good up your sleeves.

    17. Chris Carter on

      3) And, yes, I do use an external DAC/Amp with my headphones at work. It’s connected to my Mac via USB.

    18. Chris Carter on

      1) I do raise my Thunderbolt Display. Currently using a Twelve South HiRise.

      2) I use a Magic Mouse at home and at the office. I do find them uncomfortable at times, but have found that to be the case with most of the dozen or so mice I've used over the years after using them for a while. I assume this is more due to my mouse hand being in roughly the same position for so many hours per day and not so much because of the particular position.

    19. James Kachan on

      I'll be ordering that nanopad for my v1 doc - im really impressed with your solution (and your approach to hardware in general - why hasnt Ive headhunted you yet for his team?!) - anyway

      1) Do you raise your 27” iMac or Apple display for better comfort/ergonomics? What do you raise it with and how high do you like it?

      — I use my macbook pro in clamshell mode, with two external monitors which are of the professional graphics sort, and they are adjusted to the perfect height to match my desk and chair height.

      2) Have you switched from a Magic Mouse because it wasn't comfortable? Maybe I'm the only one.

      — I just bought a magic mouse because of the (no solved) issues with Logictech drivers after upgrading to 10.9 - I like the magic mouse, but prefer my more professional VERY COMFORTABLE, and highly programable Logitech Performance MX mouse

      3) Do you use an external USB DAC with your headphones? What's your music source?
      — I do, Yes! - I have an Audioengine D1 24bit USB DAC - that is connected to Audioengine A5+ Speakers (bamboo!) - it's a really great setup, however, while for sure the speakers are amazing, and although I havent done a lot of testing, I havent really found much difference between using the DAC or using the normal Audio cord and the mac's internal soundcard. Still, It's a very well made product and the whole thing sounds amazing, but it's for sure a pro nerd level audiofile type thing, if youre into that, than do it!

    20. Missing avatar

      aparkar on

      Still no support for audio out? In interactions with your support people, they mentioned Q1 2013 for something like that. My dock is still sitting neatly in its box waiting for that.

    21. Jonathan Sweet on

      I'm with Jason on this. I bought an extra lightning cable and the adaptor to retrofit my dock. It was a crappy solution and my dock quickly went into a drawer. I found it was actually easier to just use a cable over the dock. It's truly a shame.

      I realize that there probably wasn't a perfect solution, but instead of "doing it right" you "half assed it". This sticky foot for the existing dock is fine, but I'm not really interested in throwing good money after bad, even if it's $7.

    22. Dan on

      My last reason for not upgrading my iPhone 4S may have just disappeared. :)

      1) Yes, using a two-arm, desk-mounted monitor stand (only using one arm).

      2) Yes, I use an Evoluent VerticalMouse.

      3) No, but I've shopped for them repeatedly.

    23. jason carlin on

      I got two Dock+s last time around and felt royally screwed. It's true: Kickstarter is not a store and there are inherent risks, but it was clear that Elevation Labs was not in a place to do right by their backers.

      I spent extra money on two adapters, two lightning cables, and two Dock+ upgrades, just to end up with a product that was missing not only all if the upgrade features, but the base model's flagship feature: the low-friction dock connector.

      These extras ran me around $130 ON TOP of the cost of two base Docks.

      So, no. I'm afraid you can't have any more of my money.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason W on

      I'd love to see you create a dock/charging stand for the iPad Air and mini. I don't like to leave either on the desk to charge for fear of accidentally pushing them off, and the cables, everywhere. None of the few options available are as elegant as the ElevationDock.

    25. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Joseph - Sure, stop by.

    26. Missing avatar

      Brent on

      I got a 'nanopad' to upgrade my original kickstarter dock. While it doesn't seem possible, it works great. I have it on my office desk, which is made of some kind of faux wood plastic laminate. I have to pull pretty hard on the dock if I want to pick it up and move it.

      The loss of one-handed undocking with Apple's shift to the lightning connector was the one black mark on an otherwise good product - so far, this seems to be a good solution to allow one-handed docking without a risk of screwing up the internals by using a non-standard lightning connector.

    27. Casey Hopkins + ElevationLab 2-time creator on

      Jonathan - Thanks. Not right now with Apple's all digital connector in the dock - we are working on something though for headphones external the dock.

    28. Rob Tsuk on

      You tease us with this dock and then won't let us order it! No fair! :)

      1) I had to lower my 30" cinema to put my eyeliner near the top third and the included stand wouldn't work. I had to get a vesa mount and a third party stand.

      2) Never used one.

      3) Yes. Pandora mostly.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tommy Thorn on

      Cool, I'll have to get some. BTW, I'm still hope you find a magic solution for attaching my headphones while my phone is docked (maybe I need to look for a Bluetooth solution).

      For the questionnaire: 1) No don't have that (do raise my MBP). 2) never had a Magic Mouse. Use a Razer Orochi. 3) negative, my iPhone is my music source.

    30. Joseph Wain on

      If I'm in Portland, can I swing by your office to check it out? Curious if my phone's case will fit.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Schellack on

      Any chance the ElevationDock2 will include a headphones-out port? Since the iPhone 5/5S put the headphone jack on the bottom, it's no longer possible to dock the phone and listen to music using headphones.