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Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
12,521 backers pledged $1,464,706 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Brent E on

      Yeah the lightning-cable debacle and audio-out switcheroo really soured me on the intention and execution of this idea. You've left a huge opportunity for someone else like GroveMade to come in and solve the problem correctly with their dock.

    2. Rian on

      It has been wonderful experience with funding Elevation Dock project. Thank you for letting us be part of great project. I'd say iPhone 5 version of dock would be another great project. I am seriously missing audio-out for my dock, and on top of all the problems, lightening cable is still bit pricey. I wish I could change them without having much of a problem of literally opening the bottom of a dock. –perhaps too absurd request?– And, I know this is not exactly what I can vote for, I wish we could all find a way to drop the prices of Elevation Dock. It is still a great product, but I wish more people could share our enthusiasm for a great work.

    3. Tim Walbridge on

      I just wanted to say how glad I am I backed this project. I got my dock awhile ago and I got so busy I forgot to give it a shot. Well it is now proudly displayed on my desk next to my iMac and functions perfectly. It is the perfect angle for FaceTime and the speaker port sounds great. Love how substantial it is and I am able to grab my phone out even though it is a good secure fit. Thanks again and congrats to all of us that backed this to the first 1 Million Project!

    4. Vanchau Vc on

      I never got my dock. It's been over a year since waiting.

    5. Dan on

      I'll add my vote for a "native" version of the dock for iPhone 5. Waiting on Apple (at least), I know. But I think that is clearly the best "what to make next" answer.

      Thanks for a great product so far.

    6. Craig Jessup on

      Happy to report that I received my dock today (UK) - the first seems to have been lost by Royal mail, so I fired off a mail to asking about it - Sadie got back to me within 24 hours, confirmed my address and sorted out a replacement.

      They do seem to take a bit of a while to get to the UK, but are worth the wait! Very handy little dock, especially for those of us who need to frequently remove and re-establish connectivity when developing on the jailbreak side of things! :)

      I'm looking forward to an insert to solve the iPhone 5 connector's problem; an audio out, low friction lightning connection, rather than the current stop-gap. I'm planning to skip the current generation anyway, so this isn't a huge deal to me (Apple haven't released the "lightning dock" specification to 3rd parties just yet) - patience is a virtue!

    7. Missing avatar

      Edward Cruz on

      I ordered a second dock through the factories seconds program last thursday and it came in a few days later through Fedex. If anyone is looking for a second dock i'd highly recommend the factories seconds program. the dock looks great, i scanned the whole dock looking for defects but couldn't find one. I ordered a matte black iphone 4 model and i'm very happy with my purchase.

    8. Jeemee on

      Hi, I received my dock and I was really happy with the built and everything. However it was many months too late and i have moved up to iphone 5 by the time this dock reached me.

      I order the one with the audio out, so i could play music when im charging my phone, ever since i switched to iphone 5 I am unable to do so. Please, can you make the a lighting connect with a audio out and so i don't ahve to use 2 hands to pull my phone out from the dock.. Thank you

    9. William Graves on

      Very happy with mine! Good work! I think its great you attempted to accommodate the new 5 connector too. Sounds like its not such a great solution, but how could you have planned for that? I'd love to see what you plan to do with the new connector. Also, lessons learned with this project. Can't wait to see what's coming! Keep up the good work!

    10. Missing avatar

      Amar P on

      Despite the very long delay and the premium price I was happy with the dock when using with iPhone4 but really felt robbed having to pay $20 on top of that for the new connector which doesn't work that great in the original dock. I don't know what your reasoning was but half of what you charged for the new connector would've been a much better deal. Overall, although it might not be of anyone's fault given the role of bad fortune, I am not happy with the dock.

    11. Missing avatar

      Luis Ramirez on

      I backed the project at an early stage, never received the dock. Sent emails with my address change and no response. So far, money wasted, now I have the iphone 5 and chances are will migrate to the 6 and will see nothing. I regret to have backed this project.

    12. Aaron on

      I was blown away with the iPhone 4 original connection and usability, but after paying for the new iPhone 5 adapter I'm rather disappointed with the product. Awesome dock, but please fix the new connectors so they live up to previous standards.

    13. Michael G on

      Lighting connector with audio support please. Figure it this this way. You'll get new sales of iPhone 5 and later customers for your dock and get secondary sales from those with 30pin versions that want to upgrade. If you don't take care of your loyal customers you risk losing sales in the future.

    14. Kevin Myers

      Please please please fix the lightning dock connector! It defeats the purpose!

    15. Patrick Klein on

      I would like to see an iPhone 5 Dock+ adapter that can actually live up to the Elevation name. The 4S dock exceeded expectations and was a fantastic product. It was a solid, heavy dock, and the iPhone slid onto the dock effortlessly. However, the adapter for the iPhone 5--sorry to say-- made your product useless. Your entire premise of grabbing the phone with one hand was ruined. Not to mention the adapter removed the audio functionality from the Dock+ and required me to use my one and only Lighting cord.

      Sorry if this sounds like a complaint. Your product is still great and I'm glad I was a backer.

    16. Mike Troemel on

      Next project should be an iPad dock using the same design approach and style as the iPhone dock

    17. Keith Powers on

      No love for microUSB? That is on my wish list though. If there was a microUSB cable that had an enclosure size the same as the Lightning cable, theoretically, one could use the Elevation Lightning Adapter.

    18. Jean-Claude Hauchecorne on

      What I would like to see is a dock for the iPhone 5 with a audio plug. Ideally have the old 30 pin connector at the back (of course the lighting connector on the dock). In this way, I could still use the old pin connectors from my previous iPhones. But what I really want is the audio plug.
      Just a thought.

    19. Michael Lee

      First, congrats on the stunning success of the project, thanks for the Elevation dock, and thanks for sharing your product with us!

      "What would you like us to make next?"

      I've got to agree with the others: please make a custom, low-friction, well-integrated Lightning connector solution. Hell, I already paid for the B-Y-O-cable hack but will happily pay again for the real thing. If you build it, we will come.

    20. Francesca Varisco on

      You guys ROCK!! Congratulations, and the elevation dock is just soooooo cool :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Björn Herrmann on

      Lightning low/no friction connector. The current solution sucks compared to how easy it worked with the Dock connector and the iPhone 5! So please give us iPhone 5 users a better solution!

    22. HMC

      Here's a trivia for you Casey who won the "How many pounds of aluminum will be machined to make all these Docks? Closest to the final amount gets a limited edition Elevation Dock." So after all this time who won?

    23. Missing avatar

      Steve Rubin

      What would I like you to make next? A product that works. Your team made several attempts to replace parts, which was nice, but I still have intermittent problems (and I've read in the main project comments that others have seen the same thing), so in the end I have a pretty paperweight.

    24. Benni Klomfass on

      make a great iphone case that has 3 customization options (standard/thin for home/office, rough for outside/on the way and hardcore for extreme condition (climbing/watersports/sking etc) that can be added easily on top of each other so you don't have to change your case all the time

    25. Nick Smith on

      Q: "What would you like us to make next?"

      A: Low-friction Lightning connectors!


      But that would be nice. I sanded mine and although it's about as low-friction as your 30pin connector is (but not quite as smooth), I apparently shaved it too much because my iPhone 5 loses its connection if it's not properly centered.

    26. Roy Walker on

      Still didn't get my dock. Shame on you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Timothy Fowler on

      What to make next? .... How about a Dock for my Ipad 4. It would look great next to the Iphone Dock :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Necromanti on

      Not that I don't understand the complexity of the logistics and politics behind it all, but it is somewhat ironic that the solution for the iPhone 5 completely goes against the entire intent and purpose of the project to begin with. I really hope that a proper solution comes to fruition soon.

    29. Dan Bedford on

      +1 on Paul Merritt's comment:

      "I'd like a lightning connector add-in that allows the dock to serve its original, intended purpose: low friction insertion/removal. The workaround part is inadequate."

      The dock is beautiful, but really the biggest selling point for me, and I think for nearly everyone else, was the low-friction dock connector. Also, the biggest selling point in the initial pitch video was a dock that you don't have to use 2 hands in order to remove the phone.

      With the current Lighting connector workaround, the Elevation Dock is now just like any other dock. I have to use 2 hands to remove the phone.

      With that said, I have high confidence that you guys are already working on this. I assume the new licensing of manufacturing official Lightning connectors is the main hold up.

    30. Will on

      The promised upgrade path to iPhone 5 sucked and breaks the audio output. The halfway there solution is $20.42 to get to my door.

      Twenty dollars. And I have to buy a lightning cable to sacrifice, so add $19.00 (tax and shipping free let's assume.)

      You are asking customers to pay $39.42. People who wanted to support a local business. People who wanted to support good design. Given, I bought a dock for iPhone 4 and you didn't have to upgrade it for free. Engineering needs to consider price though. I believe you've way over-engineered this adapter and designed it in a vacuum.

    31. Mario Losasso on

      Just a reminder that apple hasnt licensed the lightning connector to anyone yet. Even Mophie is still waiting. It is not these guys fault that apple changed the connector and than refused to cooperate with all 3rd party makers. Just a case of bad luck.

      Its still a beautiful idea though. I hope once apple gets its act together you make one that i can buy that works as good as the original did.

    32. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    33. Oluseyi on

      I've gifted my Elevation Lab to a friend who has a 4S, now that I've upgraded to a 5. No complaints: I backed a venture to produce a dock that met it stated goal, and I got about a year's usage out of it. Not bad for $80 or so.

      I, too, would like to see a resolution to the Lightning connector challenges. I'd even buy another dock to use with my new phone. Ideally, this will employ a custom connector, so I don't have to sacrifice/bend a lightning cable to use the dock. Keep us posted.

      Congratulations on a hell of a year, and good luck in 2013 and beyond!

    34. Missing avatar

      Gail Russo on

      Thanks for my beautiful docks, i love them. But I too vote for a lightning adaptor that works perfectly with them! I'm still using my 4S but plan to upgrade this year.

    35. William ODonnell on

      If you redesigned your dock with a lighting connector, I would buy the heck out of it. (to replace the 6 30-pin Elevation docks I already have).

      I know you have your current lightning dock mod, but it is not really working very well for me.

      I don't know how you would do it, given the grippy lightning connector, but you guys are smart :-)

    36. Salvador Bettencourt Avila on

      erm.. I havent received mine yet..... Where is it?

    37. Tim Nguyen on

      +1 on Paul Merritt's comment:

      "I'd like a lightning connector add-in that allows the dock to serve its original, intended purpose: low friction insertion/removal. The workaround part is inadequate."

      It's also unacceptable that there is no way to contact you guys to voice this opinion and feel like we've been heard!

    38. Missing avatar

      Paul Merritt on

      I'd like a lightning connector add-in that allows the dock to serve its original, intended purpose: low friction insertion/removal. The workaround part is inadequate.

    39. Missing avatar

      John Baboval on

      Any chance you'd be willing to share how you did on margin? Did you at least end up in the black after all that work and all those materials?

    40. Missing avatar

      heck on

      A dock that works flawless with the iPhone 5.